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How to find a Reliable Houston SEO company?

Houston SEO company (713)737-5529  Because SEO is such a vast field and that there are many fraudulent companies selling their services, it can be difficult for businesses to find a reliable Houston SEO company.  However, with a little effort anyone can decipher whether a company is legit.  Consider the following questions when you search for a Houston SEO company:

How long will it take to get ranked number 1#?

his line is often in an SEO company’s pitch and they will be glad that you asked it.  However, a reliable company will not make blanket promises.  They will need to have a good amount of information about your company before even beginning to give you a timeline.

What is your SEO process?

Good Houston SEO companies will explain their process to you in whole.  If the company that you are soliciting is secretive about its techniques, step aware.  They may use outdated processes.  Sometime you may come across firms that use “black hat SEO” strategies that can get your site banned.

How often do you report your progress?

Some companies rarely report, others report monthly when they get around to it.  Never go for late reporting or check online for yourself talk.  A reputable Houston SEO company will furnish weekly reports to you—at no additional cost. There are a number of other ways that you can further your search for a reliable Houston SEO company, but this will get you in the right direction.  Actual Media SEO welcomes questions and Houston SEO  would love to discuss with you options for your next SEO project.  We are readily accessible at 713-737-5529Houston SEO Firms offer a free SEO analysis to every client and free one on one in Houston, TX.


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