10 Facts About SEO

August 2, 2018

10 Facts About SEO

SEO is a term that many may not be familiar with, but should be in today’s growing digitized world. Especially if you are the owner of a business. SEO stands for search engine optimization, which means it is the process of maximizing traffic to your website by keywords. Keywords are the words individuals type into the search engines that may be related to your product or service. Keywords are what makes your website visible on the different search engines. Without these keywords, your website would not be invisible and not known to others. Which is why SEO is so crucial to any business owner, without it you are losing customers and in turn profits. Now that you know what SEO is and why it is so vital to your business, we will highlight 10 Facts About SEO you probably did not know.

SEO Expert Here In Houston Tx

SEO Expert Here In Houston

10 Interesting Facts About SEO

  1. SEO Focuses on Overall Traffic.
  2. The top 5 URLS on the SERPs get 75% of user clicks.
  3. Google owns 65-70% of the search engine market share, which is why everyone wants to rank high on google with the help of SEO.
  4. In todays world, more than 80% of businesses consider their blog a very important asset to their business.
  5. Over 70% of users ignore the paid ads during search results, and instead focus on the organic results.
  6. Having a video on the landing page of your website makes it over 50% more likely to show up on page 1 of Google.
  7. The top challenges in SEO are link building and keyword research.
  8. Over 70% of users will never scroll past the first page of search results.
  9. Companies that blog have 200% more indexed pages. More indexed pages gets far more leads on Google.
  10. Over 60% of companies who are using social media for over one year or longer have improved search engine rankings.


As you can see, SEO places a huge part in how well your website will rank online and that ranking determines what page your website will be seen on. If you do not have SEO your website will not get much traffic. But, if you do and it is done right you can rank within the first two search engine pages when your product or service is searched by users. Driving more traffic and customers to your virtual doorstep.