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Are you a local business owner looking to expand your brand’s visibility with a Friendswood, TX SEO service? Actual SEO Media, Inc. is a Houston-based SEO company that has helped businesses throughout the nation grow with digital marketing. We are a dedicated service provider whose only goal is to improve your online outreach. We pride ourselves on our ethical practices and proven results.

Friendswood, TX SEO service

Actual SEO Media, Inc. can take care of your entire digital marketing campaign!

SEO or Search Engine Optimization helps your company appear at the top of the search engine’s SERPs (Search Engine Result Pages). We achieve this by creating evergreen content on your website. Evergreen content is articles or blog posts that are continuously relevant regardless of when they were posted. By creating organic content, Google will raise the ranking of your website. 

In this day and age, the internet is a vital tool for reaching new clients and customers. Research suggests that a majority of folks searching for businesses on Google are searching for local businesses. To ensure your business appears as one of the first results, we utilize keyword articles to demonstrate your website’s relevance.

When someone is searching for a business, they will usually type something along the lines of “donuts near me” or something to that effect. Your website must have articles and pages that use these keywords within the content on the page. So, at Actual SEO Media, Inc., our team of in-house writers creates keyword articles that your customers can find in their search.

By doing so, we ensure that Google ranks your website appropriately. By making your website easier to search for, you’ll experience a natural increase in traffic. An increase in web traffic will directly correlate to an increase in revenue. Contact us at our Sugar Land location to schedule a free consultation for Friendswood, TX SEO service today!

Some Friendswood, TX SEO Service Can’t Be Trusted

Friendswood, TX SEO service

Choose a Friendswood, TX SEO service you can trust.

While Actual SEO Media, Inc. takes pride in our transparent service, many digital marketing agencies will take your money and run instead. A business is only as good as its ethics. So, you mustn’t fall prey to a shady company’s practices. Learning the do’s and don’ts of online marketing will help you pick the right business for the job.

An easy way to catch these scammers in the act is to start asking questions. If they promise quick results but ask you to sign a contract before they begin working, be wary. Especially if they refuse to tell you their methods of achieving said results outright. If they refuse to share how they achieve their results or meet in person, this is likely a sign that they have something to hide.

What exactly could they be hiding about their results, though? They’re likely using “black hat techniques” that will ultimately destroy your website. “Black hat techniques” are SEO practices that deceive Google’s algorithm instead of utilizing it to their advantage. These techniques include bot farms, shadow link farms, AI-written “keyword stuffed” articles, and others.

What does that mean to you exactly? Bot farms are bots that create fake clicks on your search results. This tricks Google into believing your website is more visited than in reality.

Link farms create dozens upon dozens of pages that link irrelevant information to your website’s URL. Keyword stuffing is poorly-written articles by an AI program or an incredibly lazy writer that saturates the content in keyword searches to trick Google into thinking the content is relevant. 

Choose A SEO Service That Gets Authentic Results

Once Google takes notice of the tricks your website is using, you can expect severe punishment. You will likely never see your website return to the front of the SERPs again. So, needless to say, choosing an ethical Friendswood, TX SEO service should be a top priority. Actual SEO Media, Inc. separates itself from competitors by using multiple teams to accomplish the job.

We have an in-house web design, analytics research, and writing team. While you’re more than welcome to utilize all these services, you can use only the services you need. We offer:

And many other services that may be of use to you. Our analytics team will find the optimal searches for businesses in your industry. Our writing team will then utilize the keywords we’ve found to boost the rating of your website organically. This process will take more time than some other companies promise, but we can assure you that our results last.

Furthermore, we refuse to work with any of your competitors out of respect for your business. This ensures that we have no conflicts of interest because there can only be one number one search result after all.

Lastly, unlike our competition, we will not make you sign a contract for our services. We understand that online marketing needs change rapidly, and we want to offer the flexibility you need. Even if you change your service requirements monthly, we will happily oblige.

The Proper Website Design Can Boost Your Business Exponentially

Friendswood, TX SEO service

Improve your websites speed and boost revenue with Actual SEO Media, Inc.

Another factor to consider is your client’s time. In a world of instant gratification, we’re looking for the most relevant information and getting it as quickly as possible. When most people are searching for local businesses, they’re doing it from their mobile devices while they’re out and about. So, your website must be able to operate quickly and effectively on all browsers and mobile devices.

Our team of web designers can aid you in creating a fast, user-friendly website that is built with SEO in mind. Most folks will click away from a page within 400 milliseconds if it’s unable to load on a good connection. That’s the same amount of time it takes your eyes to blink.

It’s paramount that your website runs as quickly and efficiently as possible to retain users. Actual SEO Media, Inc. is more than qualified to build a website and aid you in its continuous growth with SEO articles.

So, for all of your Friendswood, TX SEO service needs, contact Actual SEO Media, Inc. for the most genuine and proven results in the greater Houston area!

Fun Facts About Friendswood, TX:

  • Friendswood was originally established July, 15 1895.
  • Friensdwood was founded by a group of quakers known as the Society of Friends.
  • Executive producer of the WWE, Bruce Prichard, resides in Friendswood.
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