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A look at who won in Rio when medal tally is adjusted for populations

It’s quality as much as quantity when it comes to who really won in Rio.


The Rio 2016 Olympics have drawn to a close and we’re left to ponder who actually won. We know who officially won, but winners come in many forms.

Officially the medal tally has the United States nestled firmly in first place, followed by Great Britain in second and China rounding up podium in third. But you’re forgetting one thing, United States, Great Britain and China! Population size.

The official medal tally for Rio 2016.

Image: Screenshot google medal tally

If one was to look at the medal tally adjusted according to “population per medal” the results would be very interesting. In the interest of fairness, equality and freedom for all, let’s discuss.

Ah-hah! According to the very SEO-friendly website Medals Per Capita the overall winners of medals per population size is Grenada, followed by the Bahamas and Jamaica, with good ol’ New Zealand coming in forth. Hooray!

Plus adjusting according to a nation’s GDP or “medals per $100 billion GDP,” means relatively smaller countries such as Grenada, Jamaica and Kenya take out the top three spots.

Interested in the medal distribution from1896 to 2016? Medals Per Capita has got you covered, with an interactive table of medals per population, GDP, team size and more.

The lesson? We’re all winners!

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