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Google Plus 1

How important is Google Plus 1 for your web traffic? If you have a website within the top 10 positions on Google, then you must be aware of the importance of this search engine.

There is the latest button introduced in Google Plus called the Google Plus 1 button. This option which resembles the Facebook Like button but, with some special difference. Google is very cautious and strict. When it comes to the ranking of a website in the search engine Google does not anything sneak through.

Google Plus +1


The Google Plus 1 button will hold a key role in the process of ranking a website. In this regard, Facebook Likes can’t even be compared with the Plus 1.

All +1 Services Are Not Similar

There are a lot of web services growing up who ask Google Plus 1 to be added to their website. Unluckily, most of the people take help of automated scripts from different fake accounts. In this process, your number will increase. But it will only last for a few days and then will disappear. The reason for this is the folks at Google will flag and delete them. But we offer different services in which Houston SEO Services distribute an invitation to persons who are really keen in the same markets your products, services, and website belong to. It has no effect on which market you posses as we have a turn around of over tons of targeted niches that we offer, and others don’t.

How Did We Compile All Of This Data?

It is very easy. As Houston SEO Services are in the marketing business for a long time, we’ve collected millions of real and verified email addresses, all with a great variety of interests. We automatically categorize the users who sign up for one of our offers by their email addresses. Also, when a user signs up in any of the websites shown as an advertisement on our website, he/she will also get an invitation by our system. We conduct research on the profiles of the users to find out their interests and influences. We generally update these details once in a month to ensure that the users visit their profiles.

What is the Time Frame for Delivery?

We know that every internet user that receives an invitation by you will not be interested in your site. A research conducted shows that out of each 100 invitations sent, less than five users give a Google +1 to your site. So this is the reason it is difficult to provide a precise time frame for your +1s  to be delivered. Those websites running bots or automated methods can give you definitive times but aren’t legal. But our company can’t as we follow the white hat methods for safety.

We will continue sending invitations until unless we meet your desired order. And it depends on your order based on which we will send invitations. If your order is large, we will send more invitations and hence will take longer to complete your order. We will ensure that your orders under 500 +1s will be achieved within a month’s time.


Our database is filled with millions of potential groups who will be providing +1’s each day. It is essential to understand that everyone wants to get the results immediately. But this process takes more time when done legally and correctly. Just think about it -when your website has a few Google +1s today, and sooner, it becomes 1000 or more. Then the Search Engines like Google might catch your website and block it forever.

You should know that most of the services offering a Google +1 normally get all the +1s deleted within a few months. It means what you have invested in is gone in vain, and you should forget about the benefits from those +1s you were expecting to have for your website.

But our company can guarantee you that our +1s will stay on your website for at least one year. We deliver all the +1s naturally, so there is no chance that you will see them disappear within a few days after they are added.

Maximum Exposure

  • Our company only invites users who have the Google circles of 500 or more people.
  • The +1s appear as links on the Google Profile page of the user, creating an instant back-link to your website from a high PR website.
  • As the number of +1s increases, Google will think that your web site is important, and chances of your website moving to the top position will be more.
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