About Our Traffic

About Our Traffic

Do you know the origin of the web traffic coming to your website? This question is something we often receive and are happy to answer. First of all, it’s essential to realize that all of our traffic is REAL traffic. We don’t employ bots or scripts to deliver worthless traffic to you.

All of the targeted visitors we send to your site come from expired domains through domain redirection. As a result, this process is automatic and 100% under the radar to online surfers or visitors. So, when a visitor uses a link to an expired domain that we have selected, our client’s website will appear instead. Quality web traffic control is an excellent example of local SEO services in Houston.

Is Traffic From Expired Domains Safe?

Absolutely! Tons of domain names expire across the world every day. Many times they are meant to expire or were neglected to get renewed on time. In many cases, the expired domain names continue to receive traffic, which is the result of the previous owner’s efforts. Today, we have software that alerts the users about recently expired domain names. By using a number of specialized tools, we can gauge the traffic by demographic and economic values to determine its value.

Therefore, if a particular domain name that has expired shows value (a consistent traffic flow along with a mentioned target market/domain), we add it to our network. As a result, we then direct the traffic to our server, which in turn will redirect visitors from those domain names to our traffic customers, showing their website.

Everything is 100% safe. Try our Paid Website Traffic now!

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