Are SEO Services Worthwhile for Businesses in 77493

Are you wondering if SEO services in 77493 can help boost your brand on the Internet? Let Actual SEO Media, Inc. answer that and help you figure out if SEO is right for you. We have about ten years of experience helping companies, regardless of their market, boost their visibility online and increase their organic traffic.

We are experts in digital marketing, local SEO, and even managing an online reputation. It is no wonder so many companies all over the Houston area, and even some outside of the state, have flocked to us to help them reach their marketing goals.

Give us a call and we can set up a free consultation right here in Katy, TX. We would be more than happy to go over all our SEO services in 77493 and what we can do for you.

SEO services in 77493

Whether you realize it or not, SEO services in 77493 plays a huge part in how businesses gain traffic.

Basic Overview of What SEO Services in 77493 Are

You might be new to SEO and what it does. Let us explain-SEO stands for search engine optimization. It is optimizing a website for a search engine. In our case, that search engine is Google. It is the most used search engine on the net, with over 90% of internet users prefer Google. That is because Google has been unbeatable when it comes to organizing the massive universe that is the Internet. There are about 64 zetabytes of information. For those who do not know what a zetabyte is, one zetabyte is equivalent to 1 trillion gigabytes. It would take over 28 million years or so to go through everything one by one-ain’t nobody got time for that!

So, to keep from turning into dust whilst trying to search for the best crockpot recipes on the Internet, Google has hundreds of complicated mico algorithms to search and sort out all that information for us in a matter of seconds. It uses a combination of user habits and a set of ranking factors to bring up the most relevant information. These ranking factors encourage businesses and website owners to follow these ranking factors and help weed out information no one asked for. So the next time you search for the best crockpot recipes, you can thank Google’s little algorithms you aren’t getting information about potted plants.

SEO services in 77493

Searching the internet back in the 90s was a bit of a gamble at times. You had to know what to look for to avoid harmful sites.

The Wild West of the Internet Before SEO

The Internet has always been an eclectic collection of information. Some of it has been really useful. Some of it is just plain entertaining. And some of it has left you questioning humanity, life itself, and how we got this far. However, finding the information you want has not always been easy.

Before SEO was invented, more or less, it was a bit of a crap shoot of what would show up. You had to be pretty specific about the information you typed in to be able to find what you wanted. Google may not have been the first search engine that you could type in a question, and it produce answers for you, but it has been the most successful at it compared to others.

Back in the 90s, there was no telling what you could come across. It was easy for scam sites, phishers, and other ne’er-do-wells lurking about waiting to catch an innocent intent surfer into their web. There wasn’t any policing or organization to search engines. There were some search engines that helped pave the path of a navigatable internet, but none were as successful as Google.

When Google came on the scene, it was pretty successful at creating algorithms that could help sort out the growing amount of information. People could find businesses in their local areas. Relevant information was easier to access when typing in only a few keywords. This was all due to search engine optimization.

Google was not the inventor of SEO, but they are the most successful at using it. In fact, there is an interesting rumor about how SEO was first created, and it started with a band called Jefferson Starship.

The story goes that the band manager of Jefferson Starship was trying to talk up his new band to a club promoter. Apparently, it didn’t seem to go too well because, allegedly, the band manager could not find the band’s web page until page four. What happened next resulted in a 3 AM phone call to the senior vice president of audience development at Cybernautics and a lot of shouting with words we shall not repeat. The next morning the very groggy vice president dragged his team into work to figure out how to master search engine ranking, thus starting the road to SEO as we know it today.

What Does This Have to Do With You and Your Business?

Why are we telling you all of this? Because without SEO, it is going to be very difficult for your audience to find you. Whether you are a brick and motor business or you are solely online, you need to consider SEO to help reach your audience. There is too much information today on the Internet. If people had a hard time finding what they wanted with only about 100,000 sites back in the 90s, imagine how difficult it would be to find your site with almost two billion to sift through.

However, if you optimize your website, your audience will have a much easier time finding you, thus turning clicks into customers. The more people see you, the better your chance of growing your business. SEO is extremely effective and can have an excellent return on investment.

That being said, SEO is an investment in more ways than one. It can cost money. Whether you choose to try it yourself, higher your own in-house SEO specialist, or if you higher an agency such as Actual SEO Media, Inc., it will cost money to do. It will also cost time. SEO can take time. Moving up the ranks in anything is not an instantaneous maneuver. It takes patience, persistence, and consistency. But, once you reach your goal, it is not hard to maintain as long as you monitor Google’s SEO requirements. If SEO is not properly maintained, it could cause your site to drop in ranking and result in losing traffic.

Therefore, to answer the question of if your business needs SEO, the answer is yes. Call Acutal SEO Media, Inc. today to speak about our SEO services in 77493.

SEO services in 77493

No matter your business type, SEO will help get you in front of your audience and help you grow.

Fun Facts for Katy, TX

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