September 23, 2021

How to set up your Google my business

As a small or large business, you’re looking for every way to get people to know that your business is out there. It is easy to use word of mouth or even have a website, but there is something that you can utilize that many of your potential clients use on a daily basis. Google is a platform that everyone uses to find whatever it is that they are looking for. This can be a random question or a specific product or service. 

Many businesses are aware that Google has a free space for them to give information about their business. Whether you put information about your business up or not, someone will at some point. But this specific platform, you get to regulate the information that the public sees about your business. This platform is called Google my Business, and it is very useful.

With Google my Business, you can add things like your correct business name, location, business hours, pictures, and much more. You might be wondering how do I get this setup? Well, let us give you the steps to set up your Google My Business account.

Set Up Your Google My Business

Before getting started, we suggest using a laptop or desktop computer to complete this setup.  

  1. Go to 
  2. Sign in to your Google account if you are not signed in already, then click Manage Now at the top right corner 
  3. Fill out the prompted questions
  • Business Name: Your business name may already be on Google. If this is the case, click on your business name in the drop-down menu
  • Set your physical business location & check whether you deliver your goods or services to your customers: If you do not have a physical location and have a service area click just fill out the address where you run your business and click hide my address. To set a service area, you can list the counties by clicking specific area or set a radius by clicking distance around business location. 
  • Choose the category that your business is in: Type in the kind of business or service that you provide
  • Set contact number: Fill out the number that you want customers to be able to contact you or your business 
  • Type website URL: Make sure that your URL is correct; you can copy and paste the URL if you need to. If you do not have a website click the option, I don’t need a website
  1. Chose the information that you want people to see. Click on the open circles on the side of the options. Information you want shown should have a filled circle. 
  2. Click on Finish 
  3. Verify Business. This process takes a couple of days. Sent to the address that you filled out earlier is a postcard with a personalized business verification code. 
  4. Wait for the postcard to come in the mail.
  5. When the postcard comes in, log back into your Google My Business Account. Type in the personalized business verification code and click on Verify

You have completed the Google my Business setup. If you ever need to change the information on your Google my Business, you can easily do this by logging back in and making the necessary changes.

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