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Discover excellent Lafayette, LA SEO marketing strategies when you contact Actual SEO Media, Inc. We are a digital marketing agency that can strengthen your business’s online presence and brand. We offer stellar marketing services, including website design and social media marketing and maintenance.

Actual SEO Media, Inc. works our magic by improving search engine optimization (SEO). Lafayette, LA SEO is the ease with which search engines such as Google are able to discover your website. The more your website is SEO-optimized, the easier Google et al. can discover your website and include it in their search results pages (SERPs).

While there are plenty of SEO agencies out there, few have the honesty, integrity, and effectiveness of Actual SEO Media, Inc. We work to improve your online visibility so that you can attract more online customers your way. In addition, our in-house team works hard to keep and maintain your online reputation through our stellar services.

Our company is proud to serve our Lafayette, Louisiana communities. If you are ready to take the plunge and begin improving your brand, call us today or drop by our office location. We offer a free consultation, keyword research, and website assessment.

A Lafayette, LA SEO Company You Can Rely On

Actual SEO Media, Inc. strives to improve your online marketing with cost-effective SEO strategies. We use result-oriented, research-backed techniques that can enhance your brand visibility, attract more customers, and increase your revenues. Our SEO services are not only effective, but ethical, eschewing some of the seedy, “black hat” techniques of our competitors.

We deploy an in-house team of content writers to write content for you in the form of articles, blogs, and web copy. In addition, we improve upon your web design and development so as to attract and retain more online users. All of these components – SEO, website design, and content writing – work in tandem to improve your business’s standing on the Internet.

Lafayette LA seo

Actual SEO Media, Inc. can help take your business to places you’ve never dreamed of!

Why Digital Marketing?

Traditional marketing strategies such as mass email marketing, brochures, and cold calling still have their place in modern society. However, they often require more resources and manpower than online marketing. With online marketing, you can reach both local consumers through local SEO or even consumers nationwide, and at a fraction of the cost!

With 93% of shoppers looking online before making a purchase, it behooves businesses to go where the people are. Fortunately, maintaining an online presence is easier than ever. Most businesses can build a website and open social media accounts at little to no cost to them. In addition, opening a Google My Business account is requisite in order to put your business on the online map.

Unfortunately, not many business owners know how best to use the relatively new tools of the Internet. SEO is a complex subject to master, constantly evolving to the wills and demands of the market. With one billion websites out there, it can be hard to make your website, and even your business’s customers and services, stand out from the crowd.

That’s where we come in. Actual SEO Media, Inc. can optimize your website, enhancing its online visibility and attracting new customers. But that begs the question: How does SEO work?

How SEO Works

Although SEO can work with just about any search engine such as Bing and Yahoo, the most popular search engine is still Google. Thus, our company makes sure to follow Google’s SEO guidelines faithfully, and note any changes made to their algorithm.

SEO works through the identification of keywords, which are words or phrases people type into the search bar of a given search engine. When they do this, Google then loads up the ads and search results most relevant to that keyword.

For instance, say your business offers coffee products or services. One of your relevant keywords would be “coffee shop.” With SEO, Google will then know to include your website in its SERPs.

The higher the ranking of your website on Google’s SERPs, the more online users and potential customers will click on your website link. In fact, 68% of people will click within the first five results, while 75% of people won’t go past the first page at all. Therefore, it’s advantageous to reach as high a ranking as possible.

Black Hat Vs. White Hat Techniques

We at Actual SEO Media, Inc. work to improve your SEO through “white hat” techniques such as keyword research, backlinks, content creation, and link building. Unfortunately, not all SEO companies operate aboveboard in their practices. Some “black hat” techniques are artificial, inorganic means for boosting web traffic. These include the following:

  • Fake web traffic
  • Link farms
  • Keyword stuffing
  • And cloaking

The problem with these techniques is that they are not tenable in the long run. Google and other search engines look for and punish websites who use these techniques, ranking them lower in their SERPs. As a result, your website would lose its ranking, the faith of its customers, and thus your revenue.

Lafayette LA seo

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Online marketing is definitely the way of the future in terms of cost and effectiveness. That said, not every business owner knows what they need to know regarding how best to market their products and services online. For both general and local SEO, hiring an honest, effective SEO marketing company is recommended.

That’s where we come in. Actual SEO Media, Inc. takes care of the elbow grease work so that you can stay focused on running your business. Whether you are a small or large business owner, we believe that anyone can benefit from our high-quality SEO services. Moreover, we also offer web design and social media marketing services for your company.

Don’t let your website languish in the dark recesses of the worldwide web. Call Actual SEO Media, Inc. today for your free consultation! We strive to maximize your website’s potential while minimizing your costs. If you’re looking for Lafayette, LA SEO marketing companies, you won’t regret choosing Actual SEO Media, Inc.

Fun Facts About Lafayette, LA:

  • Its original name is Vermilionville.
  • Lafayette has more restaurants per capita than any other U.S. city.
  • Come to the Mardis Gras!
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