Email Services Q&A

What is the service of Opt-In?

Opt-in is a service in which people sign up from different sources and receive the offers, as per their interest, via email newsletters sent by our company. We confirm these email addresses twice before we add them to our list. The users are also provided the option of removing themselves from this service by just a click on a link. Opt-in email, being the safest way to send email, is also completely free from spams and any risk of suspension of your website.

Does Opt-In email has good effects?

Yes, it has. There are plenty of options available on the internet to produce the best ratio in click to sale program but Opt-in email programs are the best among all of them. Most of the Opt-in email companies will help you sending out the newsletter email for you, but they can’t assure you the click-through rates as our company.

Why have we kept our prices lower than others?

All the high-cost Opt-in email services on the internet spend a lot of money on the collection of these Opt-in email names only. They need to invest more than $20000 to collect every 10000 Opt-in email addresses. So while they offer you their service, they include the charge of their investment in collecting the email names and hence are more costly.

But in our case, our company is a member of one of the biggest networks for online advertisement. Actual SEO Media, Inc. approaches millions of users every day with our advertising offers.  So the cost to collect a big list of opt-in email names is almost negligible for us as we are the owners of our advertising network, and operate ourselves and also the websites inside the network. Hence we don’t have to charge you the cost of collecting email names. Rather than that, we focus on our customers instead of focusing on the bottom line.

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Is this service a SPAM?

Absolutely not! The SPAM, a.k.a unsolicited commercial email, is defined as when a user sends a huge number of emails to clients who haven’t opted to receive any newsletter. By asking, while signing up, each opt-in member to get their email address verified with our company along with the kind of details or newsletters they wish to receive, our company guarantees that each email in the provided list is free from SPAM.
As a professional advertising agency, we would never risk your website by sending out newsletters in illegal ways like SPAM and UCE.

Will you accept HTML ads?

Yes of course. Actual SEO Media, Inc. allows HTML ads if you can host all pictures on your server by yourself. We do not send contents containing any type of  JavaScript or Iframe to the subscribers. Once you join us and receive username and password for your account, you can have access to sending both HTML and text contents in the administrator section.

Do you guarantee on click-through rates?

Yes. Our systems track each and every link clicked on through the email programs associated with it. The advertisers also have access to this details. We will continue sending emails until we reach the number of click-throughs that we have guaranteed without any extra cost. But we don’t promise that the desired amount of click-throughs can be achieved in the first time of mailing. The response you will receive is totally dependent on the type of content and the offers.

How you people collect the email addresses?

More than 2,500 websites with high traffic are partners of our company. Our company reaches more than two million different internet users each day. And we offer them to sign up for our newsletters as per their wish. It is completely free and they have to select the kind of newsletters they wish to receive from us.

When will you start my account?

There is a “calendar” link on the page of ordering email, and when you click on that you can see the available dates for placing an order and you can order by simply clicking on the date you like. Our email services will not be available on holidays and weekend dates. We limit the maximum to three orders per day in order to ensure good quality service.

Will you credit back for non-delivered emails?

Yes, for sure. Our company not only credits the advertisers for “non-deliverable”, known as the bounced back email address, but also credits them for removals of subscription. While the chances of a bounced back email addresses are pretty low, everyone is credited by us. The software used by our system manages the lists automatically to ensure that all requests for removal are handled immediately. The bounced back email names are also handled immediately. So sometimes the sent amount is more than the ordered amount because of this reason. The bounced back email or email requested to remove will be replaced by another email by our expert in email services department.

How do know about the delivery of emails?

Our company provides our customers and advertisers with real-time statistics which will show how many users have clicked on your link of website campaign. You can match that against your website numbers and also get updated daily about the number of emails sent through our email services.