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How Does Google Find The Right Sites For You?

Do you understand how Google works? There are hundreds of algorithms and very complex calculations being created daily to make searches better and better. New techniques arise frequently and methods of data gathering are updated without delay. There is a never-ending process of analysis and recording that keeps the google pages filled with the useful information you need.

Who Decides What Is Shown On The Front Page?

While the programming google does ultimately determine who gets to be on the first page, there are several factors it bases decisions off of. Understanding those factors is key to getting your website on the first page. This type of work is Search Engine Optimization (SEO). It’s a modern way to promote and market your work which directly integrates with Google.

What Is SEO?

When you make searches, all of the algorithms will compute millions and millions of keywords and phrases to determine what option will best suit you. See, your work is competing with hundreds, sometimes thousands, of other competitors who are also doing their best to get popularity. That’s why it’s not just social media that gets your attention. Getting a first page on google can do ten times the leg work, with half of the effort. Our company Actual SEO Media revolves around understanding the inner workings of Google and what they determine to be “the best”.

When you make a search, the keywords you use will determine what google will pick for the front page. We study all the possible options that a customer in your market could choose from and make sure it leads directly to your website. This is a long and arduous task which is ongoing and must be monitored constantly. Google is always changing and evolving and therefore, so are we. Yet, at the end of it all, it’s our diligent work that decides whether your website is #1 on Google’s front page.

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What Happens To My Business If It’s #1 On Google?

When we work with clients, we are building an online presence that Google will love. It will recognize your website as an exact match for the kind of searches your customers are making. Since your website or pages are optimized by Actual SEO Media they will not only be a popular search that Google promotes — they will be the first choice on the page. As a result, this is a huge asset for companies. That’s our reputation, after all. The internet is the largest and most lucrative platform on earth with billions of users around the clock. Actual SEO Media makes sure you’re in control of it.

There are countless people who are looking to buy just about every kind of product imaginable. To be able to command your sector or market’s attention and dictate whether they see you or your competitor’s websites first is critical. If they are not visiting your site first, chances are you are losing money. Yet, when your website is the first choice on Google’s first page, you’re a bomb ready to blow. It can bring an unprecedented amount of business which can make lucrative and sometimes even permanent changes to your company. For, in this case, you’re not only making money from the customers in your industry but any new customers who stumble upon similar keywords will also see yours before any other. It’s a small price to pay for an elite level of access to the market — right at your fingertips.

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Actual SEO Media is the best search engine optimizer in the City of Houston. We are your modern marketing service. No more pay per click, we stay up to date with the Google index so you don’t have to. With us, their web search will reach your web page. This no gimmick and no exaggeration, we continuously bring our client’s websites to the very top of google searches. Google is the most popular search engine in the world.  So it’s no surprise companies flourish when you can control searches as we can. The result is almost always an incredible surge in business and popularity for our clients. Its a standard for us, and we cherish nothing less.

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