Houston TX Digital Marketing Specialist

Looking for an amazing Houston TX digital marketing specialist? Our company, Actual SEO Media Inc., is a digital marketing and consulting agency. We help our clients get to the top of search results on Google and other search engines. We do this by using proven strategies and techniques to optimize your company’s online content, website, social media, etc. By optimizing your company’s online presence, we make your digital content likely to be recommended by the algorithms that are utilized by search engines.

Through our techniques, we can expand the digital footprint that your company is able to project onto the internet. Driving traffic to your sites and socials and increasing the chances that your target audience will find you. We do this by working with you and researching your company and the clients/customers/audience you are trying to reach.

Houston TX digital marketing specialist

Benjamin Thompson, our CFO!

And, when your target audience has successfully been driven to your website, the chances are that they buy the product, good, or service that you provide.

Our marketing team works with our clients to help create a comprehensive marketing campaign to create strong keywords for your company based on what your customers are already searching for. And, then we tailor your marketing message to the Google algorithm. This ensures that your company is among the highest search results in Google for your area.

So, if you’re looking for higher conversion rates and excellent user experience, trust the number one SEO marketing agency in Houston for your next SEO campaign. Call us today at (832) 834-0661 or visit our website here to learn more about how we can drive business for you!

Digital Marketing by Digital Experts

Digital marketing overtakes traditional marketing strategies in every recent study. At the same time, your company might get some results from fliers and traditional advertisements. People tend to, by and large, these days find any goods or services they need through a Google search.

And, if your company isn’t showing up on the first page results, it might as well be like your company doesn’t exist. Because in the mind of the customer, it doesn’t. Your target audience can’t consider you if your digital footprint is absent the moment they need you.

That’s where our company comes in. We work with you to create a comprehensive digital marketing strategy that, when done right, will drive customers right to you without them being aware of it.

Explaining Google and Keywords

While it’s not easy, to sum up how exactly the Google algorithm and SEO work, the simplest explanation is keywords. Whenever someone does a Google search, Google looks at the words they used in the search and looks through millions and billions of results with those words. If some of the keywords are missing on/in a web page, that result will appear lower in the search results.

The more keywords that an article or webpage has that match the user’s original search, the higher that page is in the search results. However, there could be thousands or tens of thousands of pages that all have the keywords from the original search. That’s where Google and other search engines start looking for other requirements in web pages.

An explanation of how keywords have changed

Houston TX Digital Marketing Specialist

Actual SEO Media is proud to be your Houston TX Digital Marketing Specialist.

Once upon a time, Google and other search engines would put a result at the very top of a search based on how many instances the individual keywords appeared in a page/article/etc. However, companies and individuals abused this and started keyword stuffing. Companies and individuals stuffing keywords over and over into whatever content they had to appear higher in the list.

This resulted in the effectiveness of searches being watered down. Search engines throw out anything that their algorithm deems to have too many keywords. So, SEO is currently a tightrope that each company must walk to be recommended by the algorithm. Luckily, you have companies like Actual SEO Media, whose job is to research changes to Google and other search engines. And, we implement these changes to your digital content to keep you on top!

If you use our services for your digital marketing, our market strategists, content writers, and SEO managers will all be at your disposal to optimize your company’s digital footprint. Choose Actual SEO Media as your Houston TX digital marketing specialist.

Hire us to give your website a new life

Your website and its user-friendliness have a profound impact on how your target audience views your company. Studies have shown that target audience retention and web traffic are significantly reduced if your company/personal website is not aesthetically pleasing with a high-quality appearance and professional layout.

Our studies have shown that clients trust companies more if their website appears professional and well-maintained.

At Actual SEO Media, we’re proud to offer web redesigns and search engine optimization of your web pages. Our team of SEO experts and highly competent content writers will ensure that your potential clients and partners will react positively to your brand-new web-based image. Hire our Houston TX digital marketing specialist.

Houston TX digital marketing specialist

Actual SEO Media doesn’t outsource any of its contracted work to overseas companies. When you use our content writing services, you can be sure that our in-house content writers are 100% fluent. What’s more, they ensure all the content is grammatically correct and professionally written. This allows you to avoid any embarrassing typos that might lower the quality of the content your target audience sees that might undermine your authority as a respected business.

Houston TX digital marketing specialist

We offer a wide variety of SEO services to help your company stand out!

Are you located in Texas? We also offer social media management services if you’re looking to build a connection with your audience but don’t know how to drive the type of engagement you are looking for.

Let Actual SEO Media do the heavy lifting for your company when it comes to search engine optimization and watch in wonder as we drive new business for your company. Learn more about us here, or call us today for your free no-obligation quote on services. We’re your number one Houston TX digital marketing specialist!

Here are some fun facts about Houston, Texas!

  • Houston is the largest city in Texas.
  • Also known as ‘Space City’ because of its large NASA presence.
  • Houston is now the most diverse city in the US.
  • The city was named after Sam Houston, the first President of Texas.
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