How do freelancers get SEO work? Freelancers get SEO work in a number of ways, but they primarily stem from businesses unable to work on their own SEO. Freelancers have many benefits, and companies can hire them for a number of reasons. A freelancer may be suitable if:

  • Your business does not have time to learn SEO
  • Your business cannot keep up with the changes in SEO practices
  • You have no one to commit to SEO techniques
  • Your business cannot commit to an annual salary
  • You want an experienced person handling SEO

These are all great reasons to have a freelancer work on your SEO. In fact, most freelancers are freelance because they choose to be, not because they have little experience. Freelancers have a lot of benefits to them and can get the job done. However, a freelancer may need more time than an SEO agency. Keyword research, content creation, and overall site optimization is a lot for one person to handle. You are looking at months of work for one person, but a company can get these things done in weeks. Actual SEO Media is one of those SEO agencies.

How do freelancers get SEO work?

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We provide numerous services to varying sized businesses. We know you want to rank higher on search engines, and freelance SEO experts can do that for you, but Actual SEO Media is the best choice for your SEO services.

Boost Your Online Marketing

Online marketing is a highly competitive field. You want to be found on the internet, but you also cannot spend an arm and a leg for it. Actual SEO Media provides high-quality services at small business prices. We will customize your online marketing strategy to your company. We want to create good SEO for your website, and that customization is a part of that. There are a number of services we offer to clients to boost their online presence. Actual SEO Media offers social media creation, Google analytics, link building, web development, and content creation.

These services are only a few of what we have to offer, but they are the most common. These areas of focus will improve SEO and internet presence in the long term. Let us work for you full time and improve the current rankings you have now. Houston SEO is a highly competitive market, so you don’t want to be lost among the crowd. Actual SEO Media will make sure you stand out from the crowd and improve the current search engine ranking you have. There are a number of ways we can improve that ranking. Each of our services offers a boost in your online presence, which we know you are looking for.

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Our SEO company can handle every aspect of SEO.

Optimizing Your Website

The most significant part of boosting your online presence is through your website. Websites can make or break your business. If it is poorly designed or lacks informative content, then it will rank lower in search results no matter how well optimized it is. However, the website’s design and content play great parts of SEO.  A website needs to be appropriately designed with informative content for the user. The user wants to find what they are looking for quickly and have the content be informative.

If those checkmarks are not met, then Google sees your website as irrelevant. Furthermore, websites need to be mobile-friendly. The world of smartphones is more significant than ever. Your website needs to be usable on the phone, or you will lose potential customers.

How do freelancers get SEO work?

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Content is a significant portion of websites. You need content full of keywords and informative information for the reader. Google sees this as a plus, which in turn gives you a higher ranking. Our web developers work closely with our content writers to create compelling content. Web copy, blogs, and articles are just a few of the types of content they create. Content will focus on your business and any products or services you may offer.

Additionally, our content writers can perform research to make the most of your content. We will, of course, gather information from you, but external research is sometimes necessary. Our SEO specialists will also give our writers keywords in which they will use to develop such content. Overall, your SEO will increase across all webpages.

Let Actual SEO Media Improve Your SEO

SEO in Houston is a competitive market, but Actual SEO Media is the best choice. You can give us a call at (832) 834-0661 to schedule a meeting. You may also visit our website to find a full list of services we offer and more information about the company. We also recommend you visit our Main Office location page to see where we are located. Actual SEO Media can fill the SEO gap in your company.

How do freelancers get SEO work?

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