Internet Marketing Optimization

Internet Marketing Optimization

Internet marketing optimization is what we specialize in at Actual SEO Media. Search engine optimization (SEO) is the way for a website to get ahead of the competition.

Every business owner who realizes that consumers are going online to make purchases or find businesses more than 80% of the time invests in professional internet marketing optimization. Just as with any type of expertise, SEO specialists invest time, money, and resources to keep up with the industry. Changing algorithms are an inherent part of SEO. Failing to stay engaged with current trends gives the competition a huge advantage.

What are Algorithms?

The numerous factors that will determine which websites are rewarded with the top positions in search results are algorithms. Search engines such as Google, Yahoo!, YouTube, and Bing aim to provide the best and most helpful results to enquirers.

Their work in regards to determining which websites are in the coveted top positions is with users in mind, not the websites vying for exposure on the Internet. An essential component of internet marketing optimization is keeping up with changing algorithms.

The Role of Keywords

The evolution of search engines began in 1990. Google, the most popular search engine in the world, launched in 1997. Keywords are in the beginning to match a search with results. Countless scammers abused the system, using keyword stuffing in their internet marketing optimization. This is just one of numerous black-hat methods that center on the power of keywords. Keyword stuffing is when a page uses the same keyword excessively for the express purpose of sending strong signals to search bots. The problem has been that keyword scams don’t produce quality results for readers. They are nothing more than manipulations of the system, and they are not used by professionals in internet marketing optimization.

The changing algorithms of search engines have largely been about shutting down black-hat strategies for ranking well on the search engine results pages (SERPs).

Black-Hat Methods Penalized

Up and running in 2011, Google Panda starts. This was one of the most significant changes in search engine algorithms. From this point on, sites that weren’t bringing quality answers for users were lowered in ranking. No longer were keywords alone the measure of a website. The program also began penalizing websites caught keyword stuffing and using other black-hat practices. Websites relying on experts for internet marketing optimization benefited most from this change.

Another common-sense shifts in algorithms occurred in 2014, with the release of Google Pigeon. Local listings will move up in search engine rankings with that key change.

Beyond Keywords

Google Hummingbird was an algorithm modification that significantly changed the landscape for internet marketing optimization. This algorithm was a huge turning point as regards keywords. Previously, keywords alone were used to place websites in their various positions on results pages. With Hummingbird, another element was introduced. Intent of a search can now change the results provided. This is also known as a “semantic search.”

The Hummingbird update also made long-tail keywords more effective in producing desired results. A tweak in effective internet marketing optimization resulting from this change includes focusing on pleasing users. In order to improve ranking, since that time, it is advisable to create the following types of pages:

  • How-to blog posts and articles
  • Frequently Asked Questions or FAQ pages
  • Question and Answer or Q&A pages
  • Articles titled with questions beginning where what, why, where, etc.

In addition, search queries can also produce results based on other trending searches at the same time and which sites have the highest click-through rates. The entire context of searches is now taken into consideration.

Algorithms continually change, which is one of many reasons to hire the experts at Actual SEO Media for internet marketing optimization.