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A couple days ago, Google sent some information via email to the owners of websites that have forms on the pages of their sites over HTTP.

Such pages Google has decided to make them as “unsecured” or “not secure” in Chrome 62, and this started on October of the current year 2017.

Even though we were warned about this before so this is not a new notification.

As Google mentioned, Beginning in October 2017, chrome now shows a warning on a web page in two different situations, first when a user enters information on a page that is http, and on all the pages that are http while in incognito mode on chrome.

The email that went out a couple nights ago the which had the subject line, “Chrome will show security warnings for” and in the which it explained where they need to add the https and a lot more information on how to proceed with it to get it done.

Here we have what is a copy of one of the email notifications : 


Here we have some examples of how the “not secure” or Unsecured warning looks depending of browser.

Here is how it reacts and looks when a person/user proceeds to fill out the information in a form.

“getting a warning, site not secure SSL”
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