Search Engine Consultants

Search Engine Consultants 

Search engine consultants with expertise and the right tools can provide best results for search engine optimization (SEO). At Actual SEO Media, we have been producing top results for all of our clients. We work tirelessly to optimize websites and stay informed about shifts in algorithms. It’s virtually impossible for an amateur to achieve the same results. Any business owner who recognizes the importance of getting found on the Internet via search engines hires expert search engine consultants.


It’s essential for a website to promote strong signals that will get a website top ranks in any search engines. The factors that determine search engine results are numerous, and they are to some extent an enigma. Only expert search engine consultants with a focus on the industry can begin immediately making needed alterations in order to stay ahead of the competition. If algorithms change but SEO strategy doesn’t, the competition will gain an advantage every time.

Search Engine Consultants

Search Engine Consultants


Since the beginning, when search engines were launched, keywords have been used as the primary tool for identifying website content.

Google went online in 1997, just seven years after the very first form of Internet.

The goals of search engines are mind-boggling. The programmers strive to provide best results for what users are looking for on any topic under the sun.


Why We Are The Best In The Field

Only legitimate search engine consultants can be relied upon to use current white-hat strategies to achieve top page ranking in search engines.

Countless disreputable companies have used black-hat methods to temporarily get websites top ranking. Keyword stuffing is a to trick for search bots into giving a website top ranking. The problem is that stuffing involves using keywords excessively to the extent the web pages are of no value to readers. There are numerous other black-hat methods that involve keywords, as well. As search engines continue to progress and improve. Websites that use trickery to gain top positions, will continue to receive penalties.

Black-Hat Methods Penalized

Google Panda was launched in 2011 but not to the surprise of search engine consultants. Websites that use quality to users, will move up at this point. Subsequently, websites that were “thin” or did not provide quality solutions for users, will move down in page rankings. With the release of Google Penguin in 2012, no longer were keywords solely used to promote a website. Websites caught using black-hat practices such as keyword stuffing will continue to receive penalties. Business owners relying on search engine consultants at that time reaped the greatest benefits.

Google Pigeon was released in 2014, and it became one of the best common-sense changes in algorithms. This algorithm alteration placed local listings in a place of priority in search engine results. Search bots have only continued to get smarter.

Searches Become Interactive

Google Hummingbird was an algorithm change that tremendously altered search engine results. For websites managed by search engine consultants, this modification was nothing to be concerned about. The program adds extra emphasis to the priority of including website content that is both original and engaging, includes quality links, uses keywords moderately, and covers all other basics of SEO. Still, major changes have been in play ever since.

One aspect of SEO that Hummingbird altered was the significance of long-tail keywords. Websites now benefit greatly from directly answering questions users enter in searches. How-to pages, FAQ pages, and Q and A formats can yield excellent results on search engines.

With ever-changing online landscapes, you need Actual SEO media and the help of expert search engine consultants.

Search Engine Consultants

Search Engine Consultants