Search Engine Optimization Strategies

Search Engine Optimization Strategies

Search engine optimization strategies used by experts such as the professionals at Actual SEO Media are diverse. Just old any Search engine optimization (SEO) will not be a success if one area is the focus and another is not given a glance at. It requires a significant investment in time, resources, and focus for a company to consistently provide the best current search engine optimization strategies. The importance of being vigilant is largely due to algorithms. Ongoing modifications will continuously be up to date. This is to determine website ranking in search engine results.

Changing Algorithms

The numerous factors that together determine the order of web page ranking by a search engine are the algorithms. All effective SEO takes such changes into consideration. The competition can quickly get the advantage over you if your website doesn’t account for current algorithms.

Prevailing Search Engine Optimization Strategies

There have been some components of successful SEO that are very consistent. You can never go wrong as long as your website has content that is both original and engaging. Links from authoritative websites to yours boost your ranking. Using keywords in all the ways that count but using them in moderation is another of the top search engine optimization strategies.

Since search engines were first launched in the 1990s, keywords have been a central factor in search engine results. Unfortunately, abusing the power of keywords is a very common mistake. Some prevailing strategies for SEO have involved black-hat methods. Before search engines evolved over the years, for a long while it paid to cheat the system with such sneaky tactics as keyword stuffing. These deceptive search engine optimization strategies now routinely get websites seriously penalized.

Evolution of Search Engine Ranking

When algorithms change, web page ranking changes, too. There have been some monumental program launches over the years that affected search engine results. For business owners who have hired professionals with expert search engine optimization strategies, all of the major changes have typically been beneficial for their websites. The news hasn’t been good for companies using deceptive practices.

Google was released in 1997. Like all search engines at that time and since, keyword stuffing and other sneaky strategies have been major disruptions. Here the search engines are trying to provide quality answers to legitimate questions, and manipulators have used the loophole of keyword power to throw a wrench in the operation. But numerous issues persist in the various changes in algorithms. All steps along the way have been advantageous and work hand-in-hand with professional search engine optimization strategies.

Panda, Penguin, and Pigeon

Results on search engines began to be significantly different with the launch of Google Panda. This 2011 algorithm change moved quality websites up in the rankings. At the same time, websites that were built solely on keyword stuffing or were otherwise “thin” were pushed down in the rankings.  Black-hat search engine optimization strategies began to be penalized with the release of Google Penguin in 2012. The new algorithms built into the program flushed out such issues as keyword stuffing. Websites caught in deceptive methods may have the penalty of being removed from search engine results for a certain period of time or of being permanently banned. These penalties are devastating to online marketing efforts.

Google Pigeon, an algorithm with a 2014 release, made changes in local results. This common-sense modification puts local listings in priority spots at the top of search engine results.

Then Came the Hummingbird

Google went into liftoff with the Google Hummingbird algorithm change. No longer do search engines now base results purely on keywords found on web pages. With Hummingbird, more creative and meaningful methods began being used. For instance, the entire context of a search began to be considered, expanding the potential for more balanced results.

Grasping the intricacies and implications of these changes requires experts with winning search engine optimization strategies.