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If you’re searching for ways to buy website traffic, you should definitely contact the content marketing experts at Actual SEO Media, Inc. Regardless of what service or product your company provides, you won’t get far if you’re not attracting any traffic to your site. This is where our page SEO services come in. We can help bring in more traffic to your website through creating content strategies, link building, google analytics, and social media blog posts. Above all, we’ll work towards using our experience and vast knowledge to help clients currently on their path towards their commercial objectives. Reach out to us at your earliest convenience to learn more about what our services can do for you and your business.

In today’s globalized world of business, online visibility is extremely important. There are millions of online consumers searching for products and services on a regular basis. As such, a solid and growing online presence could be extremely beneficial to get more viewers to your website. We have tons of valuable experience working with many types of clients on increasing the effectiveness of their online platforms. We do so by using research-backed and results-oriented techniques. Typically, professional agencies can be of great help when looking for ways to grow a business in both the short-term and the long-term. Actual SEO Media and its team of SEO experts are always ready to get clients the results they are looking for. We’re excited to hear from you and start discussing the best ways to manage your marketing campaign.

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To put it simply, the more people viewing your website, the more business you’ll probably have. Conversely, if no one is on your website, you probably won’t be making as much money as you should, regardless of what your products or services are. This is where Actual SEO Media comes in. We’ve helped clients in all sorts of fields, including law firms, pet resorts, dental clinics, home remodelers, mechanic shops, and many more companies in all sorts of fields.

All of our experience has given us valuable insights into the world of digital marketing. The aim here is to use our experience to help clients increase leads through their online platforms. Every client is different, though, and we’ll provide unique and personal attention to each project. We’ll work diligently towards finding a suitable digital marketing campaign for you and your company.

Organic traffic is something every business should aim to increase, as it can be extremely helpful in getting you more business. With a professional digital marketing agency, you’ll have online marketing experts working on the sole mission of getting you more organic traffic. We use research-backed techniques that will help your business grow for many years to come. Contact us at your earliest convenience to learn more about how our SEO experts can help you increase leads through your online platforms.

Don’t Wish for Results, Work Towards Them

Similar to other aspects of business, you can only get so far by only wishing for results. Simply put, it’s not enough to have a live website and some social media accounts. The best bet in this regard is to have websites and social media accounts that work for you. Obviously, this is easier said than done, as business owners can be extremely busy taking care of other aspects of their companies. As such, a professional marketing agency can be greatly beneficial by saving clients tons of time. With Actual SEO Media’s vast experience and high work ethic, we’re confident in our ability to achieve great results.

Whether it’s fast and user-friendly website design to high-quality content creation, we have everything you need to improve your web presence. Moreover, we place great importance on keeping clients informed on all the progress their marketing campaign is making. Above all, we aim to help businesses who are aiming for their commercial objectives. To put it simply, we have the team necessary to help businesses who wish to improve and grow for a long time to come. Here are some of the many ways we can help you and your business achieve constant growth for a long time to come.

Research-Backed Techniques

The landscape of digital marketing is constantly going through changes. As such, it’s very important that you keep up with all the updates. Actual SEO Media’s research department is constantly researching the latest and most effective techniques in search engine optimization. We work diligently to stay current with the latest updates to Google’s algorithm. This constantly-changing algorithm determines which sites should rank higher than others and takes into account quite a few factors.

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Although the exact algorithm is kept a secret, there are ways to find effective techniques. Our research department is constantly searching for techniques that are effective in attracting organic traffic. The mission is simple; find the most effective techniques and implement them into our marketing campaigns.

One thing to keep in mind is that every client represents a unique project and, as such, requires specialized attention. We’ll do our part to make sure your marketing campaign is comprehensive for you and your company. Through careful planning and great attention to detail, we’ll create a suitable plan for you and your business.

Quality Blog Posting

One great way to build up your businesses’ brand and reputation is consistent blog sharing. Quality blogs provide followers with useful and interesting information regarding what a company does and what it offers. Moreover, blogs can help you shape the tone your company decides to present itself with. Whether you choose a fun and playful tone, or you prefer a more professional and formal tone, we can create the content for you.

Our writing department has tons of experience writing interesting and SEO-friendly content for a wide range of companies. Clients we have helped include law firms, dental clinics, pet resorts, home remodelers, engineering firms, and much more. Consequently, this experience has given our writers valuable insight on how to research and write for a wide range of fields.

Even more, combined with social media sharing, blog posting can help you attract a growing online following. By blogging high-quality content on a regular basis, you can work towards making your company’s brand and voice a leader in the field. We are proud to offer writing content services that’ll fit your company’s needs and specifications. Contact us today to learn more about our blog writers and how they can help build your social media following.

Beautiful and User-Friendly Website Design

Another big part of what we do is making sure our clients have good websites in terms of SEO guidelines. Google’s algorithm determines which websites follow the correct guidelines, and will rank them according to those guidelines. Fortunately for you, our web development team is experienced enough to develop websites that are both beautiful and SEO-friendly. We have created websites for clients such as dental clinics, pet resorts, law firms, martial art dojos, and lots of other clients in all sorts of fields.

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Our vast experience has given us valuable insight into how to best create websites for all of our clients. Additionally, our web design team is extremely responsive. For example, if your company is awarded recognition for achievement, and you want it to be mentioned in or portrayed on the website, we can do that in a speedy fashion. All you have to do is contact us and give us the details. Our expert web designers will get on the task as soon as possible, all while staying in constant communication with the client.

The goal here is to make sure our clients get what they wish for. Obviously, there are some guidelines we must follow for SEO reasons, but we’re always ready to incorporate specific requests into our website designs. Simply put, we aim to stay in constant communication with clients to ensure that we’re on the right track in satisfying all their needs. Contact us today to learn more about how our services can help your website rank highly on search engine results.

What Exactly Is SEO and Why Do I Need It?

One of the questions we come across frequently about what exactly SEO is. Clients are oftentimes unsure whether they truly understand what SEO really means and how it works. Furthermore, for businesses that are in the process of building a website or going through website design, SEO can seem a bit intimidating. Fortunately for those clients, the experts at Actual SEO Media are here to help.

Even without much experience in SEO strategies, you can still make positive changes that can improve your search engine rankings. And with a little knowledge of the SEO landscape, you’ll be on your way to improving your company’s brand awareness and online ranking sooner rather than later. We’ll run through a bit of what SEO means and how you can use it to increase your website traffic.

SEO Overview

To start, SEO is an acronym for search engine optimization, the process of optimizing online platforms in order to increase organic traffic from search engine results pages. In simple terms, SEO strategies make certain changes to the content and design of your websites to make it more attractive to search engines such as Google. The goal here is to get your website to appear as a top result on the search engine results pages.

Though sometimes complex, the basic process of SEO is not too difficult to understand. There are several factors that’ll impact your ranking, but the overall goal remains the same. Search engines aim to give online searchers the best results possible. As such, they work to provide searchers with sites that are high in quality and also relevant to what the searcher was aiming to find.

Search engines will crawl, or scan, numerous websites to understand what those sites are about and how they can help searchers. By doing so, they are able to get more relevant results to those searching for certain keywords or topics. Likewise, search engines will scan sites to determine how easy they are to read and navigate, rewarding sites that are more user-friendly with higher rankings on search engine results pages.

User-friendly web design

Easy-to-use web design

How It Affects Business

Organizations go through the process of SEO to help make sure their online platforms are ranking high on search engines for relevant phrases and keywords. For example, imagine that you have an article on how to make a turkey sandwich. In order to get your content to the people you are targeting, you’ll want to optimize your blog post so that it will show up as a top result for anyone searching for the phrase “making a turkey sandwich.”

Keep in mind that there are tons of benefits that come with SEO, especially for businesses. When you improve your SEO, you’re essentially expanding your visibility to search engine users. By doing so, you’ll increase your chances of reaching and engaging with more potential customers. And when you create more engaging and effective SEO-focuses content, you’ll be more likely to bring in more targeted organic traffic.

Factors That Impact SEO

Now that we’ve gone the basics of SEO and how it works let’s go over some of the many factors that can impact your company’s search engine optimization ranking. Keep in mind that Google keeps the algorithm that they use for their rankings top secret. However, SEO experts still have a pretty good understanding of some of the factors that can greatly impact search engine results page rankings. The factors for SEO include both off-page and on-page factors, which we’ll go into greater detail below.

Content Marketing

Before we dive into factors that affect your SEO, let’s take a look at how content plays a role in all this. Content is an effective way of attracting search engines and helping your company create connections with site visitors.

The more relevant and high-quality content pieces that you have on your website, the more chances you’ll have of being ranked highly on the search engine results page. Furthermore, the more engaging and effective content on the site, the higher the chances of visitors spending more quality time on the site and even making a purchase. Creating content that is both search engine-friendly and interesting to readers is very important. You can do so by creating a variety of different types of content that are well-written and relevant to your audience. Below you’ll find a few of the types of content you can focus on. These types of content can help you improve your content offering and, consequently, your rankings.

Good Types of Content
About Our Traffic

About Our Traffic

  • Articles and blog posts
  • Social media content
  • E-books and whitepapers
  • How-To Guides and Tutorials
  • Videos and audio recordings
  • Infographics and other visual content

Another big factor to consider when creating content for your site is phrases and keywords. SEO keywords and phrases are those that search engine users might type when searching for answers to their questions or their search for relevant products and services. By creating high-quality content around SEO keywords and phrases, you’ll give yourself higher chances of ranking well for these phrases on the search engine results page.

Yet another big part of the content, and thus search engine ranking, is how fresh the content is. In simple terms, freshness essentially refers to how often your organization shares and posts new content to your website. Keep in mind, though, that creating brand new content is not the only method of keeping your site’s content fresh. You could also focus on freshening up your content by rewriting them to keep them relevant, updating posts, or adding new information and statistics over time.

Although time and resource-consuming, creating content will pay off in the end. Search engines such as Google love great content, and consumers look for high-quality content to gain a better understanding of the value your company can provide. You can start off by creating a few blog posts. Then you can work to build a following on social media. Your first step should be to have a group of loyal followers. Afterward, you can work on creating various types of media to engage with and attract new leads.

On-Page SEO Factors

There are plenty of on-page factors that you should be aware of. These factors are elements that happen on your company’s website. Moreover, these are things that you can completely control. As such, you can work to increase these factors over time by following good practices for SEO. Keep in mind that on-page factors go beyond just your content marketing. In fact, on-page SEO can go into deep levels of your site’s HTML.

Some On-Page SEO Factors to Improve Your Search Ranking
  • Title Tag – A site’s title tag tells search engines what the site is about. A title tag should be 70 characters or less and should include both the focused keyword and your business name.
  • Meta Description – The meta description on sites go a step further in telling search engines what each page is about. Additionally, meta descriptions are also used by readers to understand what the page consists of and whether it’s relevant. A meta description should include your keyword while also providing details that tell the reader what the content is about.
  • Sub-heading – The great thing about sub-headings is the fact that they make content easier for visitors to read. Even more, they can actually help with your SEO. H1, H2, and H3 tags are great for helping search engines, and readers better understand what the content is about.
  • Internal Links – Building internal links can be of great help to your site. By doing so, you’ll help search engines learn more about your site. For instance, say you are writing a post about the value of a product or service you offer. You’ll want to link to the product or service page in your blog post.
  • Image Name and ALT Tags – If you use images on your site or in blog content, you’ll want to include the keyword or phrase in the alt tag and image name. By doing so, you’ll help search engines index your images, which can lead to them appearing when users search for an image of a relevant keyword or phrase.

Things About On-Page SEO to Keep in Mind

When in the process of placing your SEO keywords and phrases on your site, you should avoid over-optimization. Search engines are actively penalizing sites that attempt to use keywords too frequently throughout their content. Additionally, you should aim to make sure that each content piece focuses on one or two phrases of keywords. By doing so, you’ll help ensure that the content is relevant and specific. Attempting to tackle too many keywords in one piece can negatively impact your optimization, as it often makes for content that is thin and unfocused.

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Another important factor to keep in mind is your site’s architecture. You should aim to use a web design that makes it easy for search engines to crawl your content and sites. A great to improve your site’s crawlability is by building links between your pages and creating a site map. This type of link-building can also help search engines a better understanding of the content on your site.

When it comes to a site’s architecture, a factor to keep in mind is if the site is mobile-friendly. Consumers are constantly searching for information, services, and products on mobile devices. As such, you need to make sure that these online consumers are able to view, read, and browse the site from their mobile devices. By doing so, you’ll not only impact the user experience, but you’ll also help your SEO.

Off-Page SEO Factors

Aside from the on-page SEO elements that you can control, there is also a wide range of off-page SEO factors that can impact a site’s ranking. Although you can’t directly control these off-page factors, you can improve the likelihood of having these factors work in your favor. Here are some of the different types of off-page factors that can affect your search engine rankings.

  • Trust – One of the increasingly important factors in site ranking is trust. Google and other search engines aim to determine whether you have a site that is legitimate and that readers can trust. A great way of improving your website’s trust is by building quality backlinks from websites with legitimate authority.
  • Links – In the SEO landscape, a popular way of building off-page SEO is through backlinks. Keep in mind that spamming sites with your links can lead to getting your website banned from search engines. Instead, you should take time to create relationships with fans and influencers who create quality content, and that will link back to your site in their content.
  • Social – Another huge factor in off-page SEO is social signaling, such as likes and shares. When aiming to boost your SEO, you should aim to get quality shares from influencers. The more high-quality content you share, the higher the chances of getting people to share your content with other social media users.

You can increase the likelihood of improving off-page SEO by creating content that real people will find valuable. If the content is interesting and relevant, website visitors are more likely to link to your content and share it with others on social media. As a result, you’ll increase the amounts of quality traffic, consequently leading to higher conversion rates.

Black Hat and White Hat SEO

In SEO, there are two different approaches that companies take in order to optimize their websites. The two SEO approaches are black hat vs. white hat. Some organizations focus solely on SEO to rank their content quickly and make some money in the short-term. Those looking to optimize content only for search engines will sometimes turn to black hat tactics. These organizations don’t consider the human element in SEO. Even more, these companies will bend or break the rules in order to improve their rankings fast.

Quite frankly, the black hat SEO approach produces pages that are oftentimes hard to read and look like spam. Although these sites can rank highly quickly, they are often penalized and even banned by search engines. Overall, this shortcut-like approach ruins the organization’s chance of creating a site that is sustainable in bringing leads for many years to come.

On the other hand, white hat SEO is essentially the opposite of black hat. This type of approach is used to optimize websites for search engines and building a sustainable online business. Even more, this approach focuses on the human audience that will browse the site and read the content in it. The aim of white hat SEO is to produce quality content that’s easy to read navigate while also adhering to the search engine’s guidelines for optimization.

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