SEO in Houston

SEO In Houston

Analyzing the Performance of Your SEO in Houston. Is your SEO in Houston doing a good job? That’s a question that only you can answer. In this article, we give you a set of parameters to keep in mind when evaluating the performance of the online marketing agency in Houston.

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Search Engine Optimization is critical to your business. Here’s why…

The success of your small or medium-sized business is directly based on search engine optimization. Optimizing your website is very important, which is why you must choose only the best firm in Houston. You should not hand over control of your website to just about anyone.

How to find out if your SEO in Houston is doing a great job?

How to know if you’re working with a legit agency or a scam agency? Here are some tips you might want to follow…

Do your research

Learn as much as possible about search engine optimization. Stay on top of the changes introduced by Google. It’s possible the agency hired by you is still following outdated techniques. In that case, look elsewhere.

Be patient

You’ve probably been working with the firm for 2 to 3 months and have become restless because nothing much has happened as yet. Well, be patient, this takes time. However, you should expect the SEO in Houston to give you a list of deliverables and tell you exactly what they have been able to accomplish these days.

Your responsibility does not stop 

You should keep working with the firm even after you’ve signed the contract with them. Search optimization is a team effort, which means your responsibility does not stop with that. You will need to share some of the burdens. They are going to do most of the work, but that doesn’t excuse you from doing anything.

You should not expect any guarantees, or for that matter, a refund

An SEO in Houston is not selling you a product; they are essentially a marketing organization. Just as you wouldn’t expect an ad agency to refund you if an ad fails to catch the attention of the public, it’s the same with online marketing agencies as well.

SEO In Houston Tx

The reason for this is that no Google specialist is privy to the secrets of Google. They can work according to the standard best practices on Google, follow Google’s Webmaster Guidelines and take decisions based on their experience. So you cannot expect the agency to guarantee that they would get your site to the top of Google’s SERPs within a set time frame.

You should have a clear understanding of what you expect an online marketing agency to do

It is very important that you are clear about the limits of optimizing your website. You cannot expect an SEO in Houston to do something that they feel uncomfortable with, or consider to be unethical.

You should expect the agency to optimize content, create link back opportunities, perform an audit, optimize your website for local optimization, monitor your social media channels, track your link profile and optimize conversion elements.

Keep tabs on the SEO in Houston

You should keep tabs on the agency and find out how well they are doing. They should send you weekly or fortnightly reports. Read the reports very carefully and try to make sense of them with the help of your account manager.

How to Analyze the Success of Your Campaign?

There are a number of factors to consider when analyzing the success of your campaign, whether the agency running it has done a good job or not.  The first thing to understand is what the SEO in Houston would do for you.

Optimization is very complex, but you shouldn’t be under the impression that you will get the moon for a minimal investment. There are literally hundreds of Google specialists out there, even in Houston, many of which have little or no understanding of what Google is looking for. The main thing in optimization is link building. That decides how successful your campaign is.

What’s the Link Building Strategy of the SEO in Houston?

You should have at least some idea of the agency’s link building strategy. One of the link building strategies used By the Google specialist is to generate streams of fresh content and add it to the website and your social channels, such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram and Google+.

Good optimization takes time, so does link building. It is about improving your natural or organic listings. So, link building also has to be natural and organic. It is closely connected to content marketing – with the addition of every fresh content, you will have new link building opportunities.

The entire campaign should be considered to be a long-term investment, done over a 12 month period. Whatever you do, never encourage the SEO in Houston to go for paid links or look for links flow-qualitylity link farms. This would be in violation of Google’s Webmaster Guidelines and can get you quickly penalized by Google. You should not expect people to get quick results. Google tends to be suspicious when a website’s ranking shoots up too high, too fast.

How well is the online marketing agency doing?

When it comes to an SEO in Houston, there are some companies that are really good – those that work hard, and stick to the widely accepted ethical standards when building links. This is something that takes time, which is always at a premium. That’s why you should be patient when analyzing the performance of the agency.

However, you should be mindful of the lazy and good for nothing online marketing firms that are nothing but a waste of your time and money. There are just too many bogus businesses that claim to do optimization work. You should be able to identify them quickly using the tips given in this article.

Remember, a good agency can make all the difference to your business. So take your time and do your research when looking for an SEO in Houston.

seo in Houston

SEO In Houston

Seo in Houston cannot be successfully achieved with just any methods, even if used by countless businesses. There are many strategies that will get your website basically blackballed by the search engines. In other words, certain behaviors can strike a blow to your website’s ranking in search engine results. This is the last thing any business wants. Successful SEO in Houston cannot be achieved by way of shortcuts and tricks.

The “search bots” are too smart to fall for “black hat” methods for very long. Black hat search engine optimization (SEO) is an unscrupulous tactic for trying to achieve higher ranking on a search engine results page (SERP). These often work well at first, but then they lead to getting a website penalized or banned altogether.

Common black hat strategies to be sure your company’s SEO expert avoids

Article Spinning

Although article spinning has been very popular, it is very much a black hat approach to seo in Houston. Article spinning is when an article is entered into software and a computer program spins additional articles using the same information but with different words. The layout of the content is also altered, and then the spun pages are posted on the Internet. The goal is to create the illusion that a website has plenty of fresh content. Ultimately, it’s just an attempt to trick the search engines into awarding a higher rank to a site that hasn’t used legitimate means to deserve a top spot.

Keyword Stuffing

Keywords are definitely a chief component of successful search engine optimization in Houston, but keyword stuffing is a black hat approach. This is a method that is very often used and ultimately ends up getting websites seriously penalized. It simply involves adding keywords into the content in an excessive manner for the purpose of getting the attention of the search engines. However, if the information provided on the page is very much secondary to stuffing in keywords, it’s a big no-no and can eventually get the website banned.

Invisible Text

If your website has text that can be viewed by a search engine but that is invisible to readers, an illegitimate approach to SEO in Houston is being used. The hidden text is usually there to incorporate keywords that are needed for ranking but that are irrelevant to the other text on the page. In some circumstances, hidden text is fine, such as alt-text for images; but it is not there as a black hat approach to optimization, which is why it doesn’t get a site penalized.


Cloaking is an outright deceptive technique designed to trick search engines and should not be used for SEO in Houston. It shows different content on a search engine than what will actually be found when a visitor clicks to the link. For example, the user may think they are clicking through to information about a sale on boots when, actually, the page is about cruises to Alaska. Because search engines use many different search algorithms to flush out such illegitimate practices, there is a high probability of getting caught and punished.

Social Media Spam

An important part of successful SEO in Houston involves social media, but not by any means. Many SEO companies seeking to find a shortcut to giving their clients (short-term) success use social networking in irrelevant ways that ultimately amount to spam. For instance, leaving comments on a related site but actually for the purpose of posting a link back to your own website is social networking spam, and search engines consistently penalize websites for doing it.

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