Detailed Reporting

One aspect of marketing campaigns that you should never forget to ask for is detailed reporting. Whenever you hire a marketing company, you should make sure they are able to present campaign data to you in a comprehensible way. By doing so, you’ll stay informed on the progress being made by the marketing campaigns you’re paying for. With Actual SEO Media, Inc, you can expect consistent reports on aspects regarding your marketing campaigns. We work diligently to ensure that we provide relevant information in addition to any requested information on our reports. Comprehensive reports are a great way for clients to see that our methods are working and that we’re achieving positive results.

When we create reports, we take into account what progress the campaigns are making. In doing so, we create reports that present data to show progress in the following aspects:

  • Generating more traffic to the site
  • Increasing overall sales
  • Improving rankings
  • The rankings of a specific set of keywords
Detailed Reporting

Detailed Reporting

Regardless of the client’s business objective, we create reports that are concise, straightforward, and easy to understand. These types of reports are great for reminding clients why exactly they are investing in SEO. We keep reports as concise as possible, as we understand that business owners don’t have time to decode complex reports. With that being said, the reports still include relevant data that shows the performance of all our projects.

Detailed Reporting

When creating SEO reports, we take into consideration what the objective is for the campaign in question. The goal of a good report should be to convey all relevant information to the client in a truly comprehensible way. If your current marketing company presents reports that appear as pure gibberish, you may have a problem. If you can’t understand what your money is doing for you, you shouldn’t be paying. Here are the steps we take when creating reports for our clients:

Determining the Campaign’s Objective

The first step in any type of project is to determine what the objective is. We’ll outline our SEO objectives for the client’s campaign. For instance, marketing campaigns can have several different goals. For one, a campaign could be focused on increasing rankings for specific keywords, increasing overall search visibility, or creating more inbound links. Even more important, we’ll make sure clients have a good understanding of what our objectives will do for their business.

Some business objectives that we’ll go over include the increase of monthly revenue, or drive more traffic to your website. Regardless of the objectives, we make sure you know why we’ve chosen those particular objectives. We understand that clients deserve to be informed about what their campaign consists of and what it’s working towards. When you acquire the services of Actual SEO Media, you can expect a comprehensive outline of what we’re working towards and why our progress we’ll benefit your business.

Forming a Plan of Action

When putting our SEO report together, we consider the plan to accomplish our client’s business objectives through our SEO methods. We put deep thought into what needs to happen to ensure our clients’ expectations and business goals are met. For example, if a client wants to increase the overall organic search traffic that comes to a site, we’ll focus on improving their keyword rankings.

When presenting our plans of action to clients, we often get asked, “How exactly are you going to do that”? To answer this question, we outline our plan of attack and what we believe will have the most impact, such as ensuring that each page has proper meta descriptions or that they have good title tags. We’re always prepared to answer these types of questions as they are important for our clients.

Effective Internet Marketing

We’ll keep you informed on your internet marketing campaigns

Furthermore, our reports present a clear idea of our procedure, our way forward, and also includes the relevant information that directly affects our clients. We take our time when it comes to outlining our process of work. We do so because we understand how confusing SEO can be for clients who are unfamiliar with the field. The goal here is to make sure clients are in the loop and understanding what our services are doing for them.

Outlining the Procedure

Our reports are also where clients we’ll find the work that we’ve done to meet their business objectives and goals. In the outline of the procedure, we’ll include SEO goals that we’ve achieved, such as fixing missing descriptions, resolving issues with 404 pages on the website, or pages that have been optimized for certain keywords. Through our experience, we’ve found that people want to see evidence on what their investments are working towards. Our procedure outlines will remind clients of what the client is paying for and how effective our methods have been.

Recording Observations

In our reports, you’ll also find an observations portion to show real, tangible data to your client. Outlining what our methods are doing for them is one thing, showing them the results of our labor is another. Here are some of the observations we’ll report on:

Keyword Performance

The idea here is pretty simple. We aim to show our clients the ranking improvements made on their keywords. Additionally, we’ll present how their search visibility has progressed since their last report. In terms of transparency, we’ll include data on keywords that may not have performed as well. Moreover, we’ll go over what our plan is on tackling these low-performing keywords.

Internet Marketing

Internet Marketing

Inbound Traffic

Showing clients the number of people heading to their site is a great gay of showing them the progress being made. Our reports show clients where the traffic is coming from, whether it’s from higher keyword rankings, new backlink generation, or other factors related to our work.

Link Generation

In some instances, our goal is to generate more backlinks for our clients. In this aspect of our reports, you’ll find what exactly we’ve accomplished. We’ll inform you of what types of links we’re looking for, and what they’ll do for your company. We’ll also make sure to share our strategy on how to earn more links.

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