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Digital marketing has become a prominent tool when you talk about online marketing. Digital media is an innovative way to connect your products or services to a wide range of people. Moreover, Actual SEO Media, Inc. has SEO strategists dedicated to going on the customer journey with you. Case studies show that most people don’t look past the first page when searching results for specific industries. Therefore, marketing tactics can significantly benefit you in the long run.

Social media marketing is valid and can get people to your site. However, if you don’t know the guidelines for such effective methods, your effort might be fruitless. For example, search engines have strict rules to abide by for companies. If you’re a business owner trying to get ahead with digital marketing activities, a professional SEO company is the way to go. Delegating the task to an employee or someone in your department will more likely than not leaving you feeling overwhelmed.

As an owner, you already have a variety of tasks to do. Why bombard your already high workload with additional work? This act ends up being counter-productive and will hurt you in the long run. As a business owner, you want to work on your bottom line. Actual SEO Media, Inc. will focus on your digital marketing plan. SEO standards can be much more complicated than you think. It will be useful to have a partner when it comes to search engine optimization (SEO).

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How Search Engine Optimization Benefits You

Search Engine Optimization is a crucial tool when it comes to the marketing channel. Email marketing, flyers, newspapers, and other forms of marketing are still relevant today. However, when it comes to customer experience, SEO is the way to go. Your social network will increase tenfold compared to traditional marketing methods. We understand the logistics of what search engines are looking for in your content. When you employ us, we ensure to get you to where you need to be when it comes to online ranking.

Search engine optimization increases the quality and quantity of website traffic to your business by improving its visibility. The amount of factors that go into your site’s profile can be nearly overwhelming. Articles, blogs, keywords, website design, mobile marketing, guidelines, tactics, and other features all factor into your online presence. Fortunately, Actual SEO Media, Inc. is here to develop your digital channels. After all, the digital market is crucial to your recognition.

The last thing a business owner wants is to put all their time into their business only for it to fail due to lack of attention. Additionally, there are still companies who believe creating a website and developing SEO content once will help them get noticed. Unfortunately, this couldn’t be further from the truth. The internet is always changing, and just because you are on top of search results initially, doesn’t mean you’ll be there forever. Therefore, you need a local SEO company to provide you with a constant supply of fresh content to remain relevant. Let’s look at what goes into the process of each step.

Search Engine Guidelines

Before getting started on your digital endeavor, you should note that search engines follow guidelines. You must abide by these rules when designing your website if you want organic searches. Furthermore, one of the things you want to do first is secure your site with HTTPS (Hypertext Protocol Secure). This program will protect the confidentiality of data between your computer and the website. A rule of thumb for any online venture is protection. The web is vast, and anything can happen if your site isn’t secure.

You also want to keep your URL structure simple. A simple URL creates fewer chances for Googlebot to consume more bandwidth than necessary. Qualifying your outbound links is another factor when speaking of search engine guidelines. Links marked with “rel” are generally not followed by Google, which is a good thing. You are telling Google your relationship with the outbound link. If the program has to follow the link, that means it detects suspicious intent. Suspicious activity is not the reason you want your site to get noticed.

There are more guidelines to consider, but a significant component would be browser compatibility. You want to make sure your site runs smoothly for as many browsers as possible. The ways you can ensure your website can run correctly is clean HTML, specifying character encoding, and accessibility. All of these components drives Google’s standards for guidelines. As you can see, you will already need a team like Actual SEO Media, Inc. to stay proactive about your site’s guidelines before even initiating your website to the public.

Online Business Marketing Houston

Online Business Marketing Houston

Website Designing for Marketing

After making sure your site follows the guidelines, you can start with your website design. Though not as crucial as content for your site, web design is the first thing your potential customers see when going to your site. Additionally, you want your website to look aesthetically pleasing, so customers are intrigued by your products and services. Factors like loading time, navigation, click feasibility, and others are all apart of web design. You want to make sure all criteria performs optimally.

Loading time, for example, is crucial. The attention span of the average consumer is about the time of an eye blink. If you don’t catch a person’s attention within the 400 milliseconds, it takes them to blink; they will lose interest. Therefore, making sure your loading time is efficient will benefit you greatly. After getting their attention, navigating a site makes all the difference to how long they stay on. Can you imagine clicking on links with hard-to-read text or unattractive images. It can be discouraging. Actual SEO Media, Inc. does professional work to make sure you are getting results.

Web design is an essential step to getting you the clients you need. Your targeted audience will thank you for it. When it comes to marketing, people want information readily available for them. Searching for the right products or services shouldn’t take hours to do. After all, we’re all busy and need to make the most of our time. This aspect contributes to the first page of search results. If you’re on that first page, the more likely people will interact with your site.

Keyword Research

A primary tool that will generate traffic for you are keywords. Keywords are the beginning of a lucrative business for you. They are used by consumers who use it in search engines to find what they’re looking for at that moment. For instance, typing “restaurants near me” will get you a first page of results that are the most popular in your area. As a business, that is the result you want when people type in key phrases related to your industry. We have a team of professionals who do keyword research into what people are typing in.

However, unlike some SEO companies out there, we don’t use “black hat” techniques such as keyword stuffing. This practice involves typing in keywords other businesses are using that aren’t even relevant to your content to increase your ranking. For an organic search, your online ranking must be legitimate. You want all of your keywords to relate to the topic at hand. Therefore, linking keywords to your business is crucial in getting you the views you need.

Other marketing departments know this and use this technique in all of their content. Keywords are how content such as articles and blogs remain relevant in the public eye. Without keywords, there will be content published but not recognized by readers that can tend to fall in the background of the plethora of web pages of search engines. One of the last thing you want is to fade in the background. After our research team has completed the task, it is passed onto our writers to develop content for them.

Article and Blogs

SEO Services for Houston

SEO Services for Houston

Articles and blogs are the content that will continuously generate traffic to your site. Can you imagine going on a site whose last post was in 2012? It can be offputting. Not only might some think your company is old and outdated, but even out of business. Therefore, content must is continuous for your site. Articles link to many keywords that will make it more likely to increase your ranking over time.

By continuously pushing out articles, you’ll be able to generate the traffic you want. More customers will also come to see what your business is about on web pages. Our team dedicates themselves to researching what you do before creating the content. For example, we’ll schedule a meeting with you to get to know your establishment and the ins and outs of your business. Even after meetings, our staff may follow up with a phone call to make sure they are representing your services accurately and efficiently.

The same principle goes for the blogs we do. When it comes to your online success, we make sure we are covering all the ends we need to, propelling you to victory. We’ll reach out to you concerning your blogs to cover the topics you want. If you do not have anything particular in mind you want us to go over, we use the content you have already established on your site. In this present day, your customers need a continuous update of what you’re doing and who you are. By generating media that appeals to their senses at a steady pace, they’ll remember your business and take notice.

Backlinks for Content

Your backlinks are essential to your content. By adding links to your content, referring back to your content, you’ll be able to establish a professional presence. It’ll give attention to your content while referring back to your site. It is an excellent way to promote your business while getting more people to view your content. You want your webpage to link to other pages to give you a higher probability of people finding you on their site. Search engines tend to rank your online media presence higher through backlinks.

There are even different phrases for backlinks associated with what type you do. For example, “link juice” is when webpages link to any of the articles or your site’s homepage. Actual SEO Media, Inc. establishes this same practice, so business owners like you can find our services online. When your content has keywords, your links become even more viable, increasing the chance of customers find you. When it comes to your notoriety, we do our best to get you the outcome you desire.

Anchor text is also an essential tool used in articles we produce. They are hyperlinks that create backlinks for particular keywords. By utilizing a software tool called Semrush, we’re able to embed these keywords into your content. These related phrases create a higher chance for your content to be looked up by a potential customer. Associating your business with relevant information, people are looking up in your industry is key to getting noticed. We are experts in our craft and will get you the attention you need to climb to the top.

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As you can see, all of the components discussed take time and effort. Trying to run a business and do SEO work yourself can become quite a chore, if at all possible. Call Actual SEO Media, Inc. today at (832) 834-0661 for your free consultation! We do everything the right way. You won’t need to worry about “black hat” techniques, short cuts, or underhanded tactics that will give you a penalty online. When you partner with us, we make sure you are getting top-quality service.

We have several locations, including our Houston main office and Williams Tower, Katy, and Sugar Land locations. You can visit us and see what we’re all about in person. You’ll be able to interact with our owners and team. We have a list of successful clients who are happy with our services. Why not be the next one to get your name on the first page of search results? Contact our office and choose us for your digital marketing services!

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