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Increasing the number of Instagram followers, you have can be a daunting task. There are so many other businesses out there trying to gain attention from Instagram users. There are many ways you can improve your follower account. These tips are best used on Instagram rather than on other social networks. Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn have their own suggestions for posting.

Instagram content consists primarily of pictures and short videos. Instagram stories are also another great way to generate more followers. There are specific rules to follow when creating an Instagram account and creating posting. The last thing you want is a post with a big block of text. Users will certainly not read that text, and they are more interested in the images rather than the text.

Instagram Followers

Instagram receives more engagement from users than any other social platform.

If you are busy running a business and cannot afford the time, then Actual SEO Media can help you with these social platforms. Social media is only a small portion of our services, so you can access all of them when you contact us. Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter can generate great web traffic, which increases business. Actual SEO Media can generate traffic in several ways: web development, keyword research, content creation, etc.


Increase Your Brand with Instagram

Instagram has grown out of its simple social media niche and has become an exceptional place for marketing. In fact, the engagement rates for brands on Instagram are 58 times higher than the next social media platform, which is Facebook. That sounds like a perfect place to promote your business, but it means nothing if you can’t obtain Instagram followers.

Here are the best tips to follow to increase your Instagram engagement and followers.

Create a Unique Hashtag

Hashtags are everywhere on Instagram and Twitter. They allow users to find posts they are interested in seeing, but they also allow users to engage with the brands they love. Do some brainstorming to create a unique hashtag for your business. It could simply be your business’s name or a motto you have. It should also be short and to the point.

Once you have your hashtag, start spreading the news that you have a hashtag on the platform. Go offline and create advertisements with the hashtag on it, so people know it exists. Additionally, printing it on products and packaging is a great way to get it out to the customers. Leave it in your emails or newsletters for customers to find. This will generate momentum toward more followers.

Increase Instagram Followers with these tips.

Find your voice and style to stand out from others on Instagram.

Get Good at Hashtags

You can use Instagram hashtags to generate more views for your posts, but they mean nothing if you are using the same hashtag over and over. Get creative with your hashtags. Make them funny, exciting, or just weird. These will get people interested in your posts and may even post content to the same hashtag. Hashtags are your friend, so be sure to use them.

Caption Correctly

Every Instagram account has a voice. If your business has not found such a voice, then give it some time. It never hurts to experiment. Your caption is really going to determine the voice of the business you are looking for. Instagram is primarily visual-based, but some accounts create exceptional captions for their content.

Depending on your product, you may want to stick to shorter descriptions or use a witty tone of voice. Wendy’s does a great job of this on Twitter. They get a lot of engagement because they have found a voice that works for them. Find the voice that works for your business and then run with it.

Improve that Instagram Profile Bio

Grow your Instagram brand by making the most out of your biography. Users will be interested in the profile page if they are interested in your posts. Let people know about your company. What do you sell? What is your purpose? You only get 150 characters to tell customers what you care about, so make sure it counts.

You also need to make sure you link to your website in your bio. Be sure to change the link every few weeks to other pages on your site. Maybe you have a new product, and you want to give it some attention. Make a post about it and update the link in the bio to take users to the product. It will generate traffic and engagement with followers.

Instagram Followers engage more than any other platform users.

Bios are important on any social platform.

Develop a Style Once you Have a Voice

Instagram requires brands to stand out in order to have a following. If your posts are run of the mill, then you will quickly disappear in the sea of companies. Once you have found your voice for your captions, lean into it to find your style. Style can be found in a number of aspects of Instagram posts.

The way you present your images, and the way they are shot are just a few examples. You can get in the same rhythm of posting similar styled posts, so you have a cohesive brand after a while. Users will find your voice different from others and will express interest in your posts.

Call to Action

Targeted audience members need to have some kind of push towards your product. Using call to action statements will drive traffic toward your products. Get people involved with your posts. Ask them to repost or tag you in their posts with your products. Discover a fun way to get the audience to participate and share your content with others.

Let Actual SEO Media Improve Your Instagram Followers

If you truly want to increase the amount of Instagram followers you want, then contact Actual SEO Media today. We can generate engaging content while also providing you with many other services for your company. Give us a call today at (832) 834-0661. You may also visit our website for more information about our company. We also recommend you visit our Main Office and Williams Tower location pages. Actual SEO Media wants to increase your Instagram followers and create a better online presence for your business.

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