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You may have heard of pay-per-click marketing before, but do you know what they are? Pay per click is a marketing strategy used on search engines. When you search for a product on Google, you may see “sponsored” results in the first few links. Those are pay per click ads. It helps generate clicks for businesses that do not want to earn them organically. There is nothing wrong with PPC ads because they can generate a lot of business for companies. It is a strong form of digital marketing that Actual SEO Media takes advantage of for clients. Pay-per-click ads garner more clicks than other search results and can boost web traffic. There are many forms of online advertising, but there is a lot of success found in pay per click display ads. Actual SEO Media offers several services and customized digital marketing strategies for every business. Pay per click ads may or may not be a part of that strategy. Every advertising model is different from the last. Actual SEO Media prides itself on developing different strategies for different businesses. There are many pay per click benefits that any business can use. Actual SEO Media can give you the best services alongside pay per click advertisements. Our SEO services pair very nicely with PPC ads. They both increase your online presence, web traffic, and business as a whole. Actual SEO Media has many techniques it implements to improve your web traffic. Our team, comprised of skillful SEO experts, can help you rank higher in Google search results.

How Does Pay Per Click Advertising Work?

Pay per click advertisement is simple. You will pay the search engine you are being sponsored a small fee for every click. You may be thinking that these fees can add up, but if your strategy is designed well, then you won’t have to worry about such costs. Pay per click ads can really boost a business’s online presence and sales. You may be worried about the small fees but take this example. A price of a click could cost $25, but the person who clicked it may have spent $500 for your products or services. These advertisements are certainly beneficial because they are more likely to be clicked on than other search results. Pay per click ads is beneficial for everyone. They offer a lot of great benefits for consumers, businesses, and search engines.
Pay per click services

Pay Per Click ads benefit everyone who interacts with them.

Consumers Benefit

You may think that consumers find sponsored ads annoying, but that is not the case. Searchers do end up clicking on sponsored advertisements because search engines have a good way of making the content relevant to the keywords. A person will not get an ad for a lawyer when searching for leather jackets. Many people use search engines to search for products and services, so sponsored ads are relevant to them. In fact, the sponsored ad may be what they are looking for. Consumers will then benefit from your pay per click ad because it provides what they were wanting.

Search Engines Benefit

Search engines like Google and Bing take advantage of PPC ads by giving the searchers what they are looking for. That is their ultimate goal. However, they also gain revenue from sponsored ads, which they need to stay up and run. Users are the way they make money even though they are not the people paying them directly.

Your Business Benefits

Sponsored ads increase your web traffic and make you more visible as a whole. The small fees for each click are worth the price when it comes to the benefits. Your business is given a great chance to put yourself directly in front of potential customers. That is a tremendous real estate your business could be using. Furthermore, you can measure how well these advertisements are performing. Other marketing channels are not as clear because they are not monitored as PPC ads are.

PPC Ads: Custom Expert Design

Getting into and creating pay per click ads are fast and easy. Businesses that are miles behind their competitors can find ease in Google’s ad program. Most of the work is done within the platform itself, so it keeps it self-contained. PPC ads also cast large nets over people who may have never heard of your business, unlike email or social media marketing. Additionally, Google ads give you as much control as possible. There are default settings at the beginning, but these can be changed to meet your needs. You also choose the keywords you want to focus on. It helps target a specific audience you are looking for, which can be tough on other channels. PPC ads also allow you to stop or turn up the heat anytime you want.


Pay per click ads works well with search engine optimization (SEO). These two areas of marketing typically target the same audience, so they can be used together to maximize web traffic and web presence. You may have PPC ads that target keywords that have already been targeted with other page content. That said, your business could be several search results for certain keyword searches. Actual SEO Media works in both of these areas and can help you obtain improved web traffic. Pay per click advertising is only one service we offer to our clients. As you can see, it has many benefits for every party affected by it. Our team at Actual SEO Media can provide an improved online presence. We are able to do that through pay per click ads and other SEO tactics.

PPC Preparation

Before you jump into pay per click advertisement, you have to prepare. Actual SEO Media has many services that can help you with the phase. Keyword research is everything with pay per click ads and SEO in general. Targeting what people are searching for is a great way to increase your brand awareness. Keyword research is a big part of preparation because you want your ads to trigger on Google.
Pay Per Click services
Actual SEO Media offers free consultation and free keyword research for clients. They can find comfort in our thoroughness with SEO. We accept your goal to increase web traffic, and there are many ways we can do that. Organic SEO and pay per click advertisements work really well together. Actual SEO Media wants to implement many different techniques for your business to maximize growth overall. There are a number of ways Actual SEO Media improves SEO. They might not all be for your business, but that is for us to decide. Each marketing strategy is different for every company. Digital marketing is no different. Get in touch with Actual SEO Media to find out how you can improve your online presence.

What are Keywords?

Keywords are an essential part of PPC ads and SEO. Keywords or phrases are what people type into the search bar of search engines. Google will then load up the ads and pages that are the most relevant to the keywords. For example, a person may search “leather jackets.” Google will then load up any PPC clicks at the top and then organic results below. Actual SEO Media can help you reach both of those places. Sponsored ads get attention, but it is also important to reach the top five links on a page of search results. 68% of people will only click within those first five results, so it is beneficial for you to reach that ranking. Our digital marketing agency can help you reach those rankings. We not only help with pay per click advertising but also organic growth, which is considered the most reliable type of SEO.

Organic Growth at Actual SEO Media

Organic growth is considered the strongest and ethically correct way to improve SEO. Other techniques like paying for traffic or link farming are considered to be black hat techniques. These mechanics do not work as well and will not hold up under pressure. They are also not viable options when wanting to generate true business. Actual SEO Media practices what is called white hat SEO, which is organic growth. Imagine a plant growing from a seed. It starts small, but over time it grows larger and larger. Organic SEO is just like that. You must start somewhere and grow gradually rather than overnight. Actual SEO Media is the gardener trying to help your business grow through online marketing. It will take some time, but we will get you to where you want to be.

White Hat Techniques

As aforementioned, Actual SEO Media only practices white hat techniques. Our team of content writers, SEO specialists, and web developers create information and relevant content for your visitors. There are many techniques we use to make your business grow as a whole. Below, you will find a few listed.
  • Keyword Research
  • Backlinks
  • Content Creation
  • Link Building
These techniques are steps toward a more substantial web presence. There are many black hat techniques that you should be wary of from other SEO agencies. We will discuss those later on in this article. You already know about keyword research from earlier. For now, we will go into more detail on these white hat techniques.

Content Creation

Actual SEO Media has a full team of content writers who can develop informative and accurate content. They are able to create many forms of writing, such as blogs, articles, web pages, and product descriptions. Our content writers can research your industry and business to create the best possible content for your business.
A Complete Guide to White Hat SEO tips Sugarland

Actual SEO Media only practices white hat SEO.

Relevant and readable content greatly boosts SEO in several ways. First, Google will crawl through your website and analyze the content. It will determine if it is easy to read and relevant to what people are searching for in search bars. From there, it will index the web pages from your website. Our content writers fill the content they write with keywords and similar terms to increase their search result ranking. The content writers are creative and can make sure your content is compelling yet informative. They use select programs to ensure the material is written to SEO standards. For example, content with external and internal links helps your content rank higher. This is because Google wants you to take readers to other relevant areas. Of course, this is only one example of the many features they include in the content.


This technique is driven by good content. Backlinks are incoming links to your website. Meaning other websites are linking your pages on their site. This is mostly due to your content being good. Backlinks from popular and more authoritative websites are the best. They are more likely to lead more people to your website because they have higher web traffic.

Link Building

Obtaining backlinks is a part of link building, but there are many other aspects to this technique. Web developers and SEO specialists want to ensure that users can traverse their websites easily. A complicated website will rank lower in search results. Pages should have links to other pages on the same website, which are called internal links. Websites should also feature external links to gain a more authoritative ranking. These links improve the visitor’s experience, which Google supports.

Black Hat Techniques

There are many black hat techniques businesses should know in order to find the best SEO agencies. These techniques will sometimes use illegal techniques, but a large portion of them are unethical. Black hat techniques usually provide false results to earn your trust. Actual SEO Media does not perform these techniques. We promise to use organic growth and ethical techniques. Here is a small list of black hat techniques.
  • Link Farms
  • Keyword Stuffing
  • Cloaking
  • Duplicate and Poor Content
Again, these are only a few techniques they use. Black hat SEO is strictly forbidden by webmasters who set the rules for search engines. That said, you should follow white hat SEO techniques to keep from being penalized on search engines.

Link Farms

Link farms are a collection of websites or simply a single website that is used to build links. This website or several websites will have links to the real websites they want visitors to reach. This technique is used to create backlinks that they cannot get through white hat SEO. Link farms almost always have poorly written or plagiarized content with several links throughout the text. Search engines, especially Google, can easily recognize these malicious techniques and punish the websites.

Keyword Stuffing

As we have mentioned before, keywords are what people are typing in search bars. Black hat SEO takes advantage of those keywords by shoving a lot of them into poorly written content. Google defines keyword stuffing as lists of phone numbers with no added value, blocks of texts with cities and states, and repeating sentences or phrases that are unnatural. Most content that is suffering from keyword stuffing is poorly written and could be written by a bot in some cases. Actual SEO Media focuses on using keywords properly by providing informative information to the reader. Our content writers do an excellent job of developing content that sounds natural and hits the white hat SEO checkmarks.


Cloaking is used to hide user content from search engines. They use this technique to hide from search engine bots crawling through their websites. The bot does not see the content as being wrong, so it ranks higher. However, the content actually displayed to users is awful. Spam sites use this malicious technique all the time. Changing content depending on the group of users is not frowned upon. For example, a website that sheds some features for mobile users is considered acceptable and understandable.

Duplicate & Poor Content

Google forbids duplicate content. Websites will be severely punished with duplicate content, and black hat SEO techniques always do this. The content is either stolen from another website or is poorly written. Regardless, poor content is not good SEO. Furthermore, some black hat websites will fill webpages up with invisible text to rank higher. This is usually done by changing the color of the text to the same as the background. These techniques are inadequate and will not last long by Google’s standards.
Pay Per Click services

Actual SEO Media’s content writers will develop informative and relevant content.

Why Choose Actual SEO Media

There are many SEO agencies in the Houston area, and there are even more in the United States. Actual SEO Media is one of hundreds and thousands, so why would you choose us out of the entire crowd? Firstly, your SEO agency doesn’t have to be located near you. It may be beneficial if you decide to move outside of your geographic area. Actual SEO Media has experience working with clients from all over the United States. We have worked for clients in Florida and San Francisco. Local and organic SEO can be done from anywhere, and our portfolio proves it. Secondly, Actual SEO Media provides great business services with small business price tags. We know every business is on a budget, and we want to work with every size of business. Small businesses especially have a strict budget. They are already competing with a saturated market, so we want to help them out. Let Actual SEO Media develop a marketing strategy for your business. We will help you stand out from the rest of the crowd. Finally, our team of SEO specialists, content writers, web developers, and client supporters will give you the best experience possible. These teams have different tasks to help develop the best SEO possible for your website. Each team is comprised of professional and experienced people who are knowledgeable in their field. The content writers fully grasp what needs to be featured in content, while the web developers know the best practices for web design. Your business will receive all of our teams’ expertise if you decide to move forward with Actual SEO Media.

SEO Specialists

Each of our teams is special and plays a vital role in search engine optimization. However, SEO specialists need to have a tight grasp of SEO and the ever-changing landscape. Our SEO specialists are who you will be talking to when you meet with us. They will recommend the best tactics for your website and will be performing many tasks dedicated to your page rankings. SEO specialists will find the keywords needed for your website and will implement many of the white hat tactics we discussed earlier. SEO specialists do a lot more than just keyword research and monitoring web traffic. They also must keep up to date on the current SEO trends. They must also understand business models and how people think. These elements greatly affect how they implement all of the aforementioned techniques. Think of them as the coaches of the Actual SEO Media team. They lead the team to what needs to happen to gain a successful page ranking.

Content Writers

We have discussed our content writing team a lot already, but there is a lot of work they do. They develop content for numerous mediums to improve SEO and bring potential customers in. A website is nothing without content on it, so this team is essential to our company. Content writers can write web copy, product descriptions, blog posts, and articles. There are many smaller elements they work on within these mediums, such as links, images, meta descriptions, and alt tags. Our content writers do an excellent job of creating original content for clients of many industries. Small details like alt tags and meta descriptions go a long way for SEO. They benefit the ranking on Google, but they also help people decide if they should click on your page. Meta descriptions are the black text under the blue link. They are supposed to give some detail as to what the page is about. They can affect if a user clicks on your website or not. Our content writers craft these descriptions with skill and creativity.

Web Developers

Of course, there is no content without a website. That is why every team at Actual SEO Media is as important as the last. Our web developers work closely with content writers and SEO specialists to create an optimized site. The layout and design of a site can significantly affect how your website ranks on Google. The code needs to meet the standards for HTML. If Google has a tough time reading it, then it will rank your website lower. Web developers also understand how important mobile sites are.
Pay Per Click Ads

Our team is eager to work with you!

Websites must be mobile-friendly, or they will certainly rank lower and lose potential visitors. Smartphones are more prevalent than ever now, so websites need to function on them as well. If your website runs poorly on an iPhone, then you will lose that viewer. They don’t want to try and maneuver your poorly designed website. That said, our web developers will create a mobile-friendly version of your site that will only help its search engine ranking.

Client Support

Actual SEO Media’s client support team provides the best possible customer experience to those who choose us for their SEO purposes. The client support team is able to work with you to handle any questions or concerns you may have. SEO is not easily understood, but they do a great job of providing the details you need to understand. Our client support team not only works with you to ensure a great experience, but they also handle social network accounts. Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn are just a few social platforms our client support can help you with. They will assist in creating your account for these platforms. We push social media hard because they increase SEO and are free to use. Free marketing is never a bad thing. Our team of support will also help you set up a Google My Business account if you do not have one already. This account will boost your local presence by appearing in local searches on Google. It greatly affects your web presence because it puts more eyes on your business.

Actual SEO Media is Your Best Option

Whether you need pay per click ads or improved SEO as a whole, Actual SEO Media can help you. We are the best option when it comes to search engine optimization services. We offer a full suite of services for any sized business. They will find comfort in our experience and skill level. Our multiple teams work closely with clients for maximum results and satisfaction. What we do is ultimately up to them, but we trust them to let us do our jobs. After all, not everyone can create great SEO and PPC. Take a look at our PPC Checklist to see where you can begin with your business. If you are interested in what Actual SEO Media has to offer, then give us a call at (832) 834-0661. Our client support team will work with you to find the best time to come in and meet us. We are excited to work with you to achieve a common goal. Be sure to visit our location sites online for more information. Our Main OfficeWilliams TowerKaty OfficeHouston Office, and Sugar Land Office location pages are great sites to visit for more detailed information. We look forward to hearing from you.
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