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There are a lot of ways to increase the number of Pinterest followers you have. Apart from hiring Actual SEO Media, there are a number of ways your business can improve their Pinterest following. Pinterest is an underestimated social media platform for many. The big three, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, often take up most of the social network space.

However, business accounts have found a way to thrive on the Pinterest platform. Pinterest marketing has only grown in the past few years and will most likely grow moving forward. Entrepreneurs, bloggers, and businesses have found the wonders of this massive platform.

Pinterest has 200 million people on its platform, which will only grow moving forward. Similar to other platforms, Pinterest is a high-visual platform but features unique mechanics that can be used in favor of businesses.

Pinterest Followers

Take advantage of this missed opportunity that is Pinterest.

Use these social media marketing tips for Pinterest, and you will slowly gain more followers on Pinterest. If you do not have a Pinterest account now, then get one immediately and start implementing these tips. Your business will gain more web traffic, which will hopefully increase business. You may also get in touch with Actual SEO Media to set up a Pinterest account for you.

Why Should I Use Pinterest?

You may still be asking yourself, “why should I use Pinterest?” That is a fair question considering a lot more people are on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Well, there are several reasons to tackle this bizarre social media platform. First off, it’s free to use. Along with those other social networks, Pinterest is also free to use. Free marketing is a nice deal.

Additionally, it gives you another place for potential customers to discover your business. The more places you are, the more people see you. That is a beneficial strategy to use. Wit h you being in more places, you are most likely gaining more web traffic on your website. That is always a plus because it increases the chance for business.

So, before you tackle this new platform, take a look at these tips for handling the platform.

Create and Post Infographics

Pinterest is a very visual place, so infographics fit right in. In fact, infographics are thirty times more likely to be read than plain text posts. That is an insane statistic that should be taken advantage of. Start creating infographics around your services or products to increase the number of eyes on your posts.

If you are unable to create such graphics, then give Actual SEO Media the reigns. We can develop numerous types of content for your business to use. We know what works best, and we can be sure to make your Pinterest account better.

Keyword Research

Pinterest Followers

Pinterest also uses hashtags, like Twitter and Instagram.

Keyword research is a service Actual SEO Media performs, but you can do it yourself using Pinterest. Use the search bar to see what people are typing in. Similar to Google, Pinterest will give you suggestions when you start typing. Use this to your advantage to see what people are searching for.

Create posts centered around these keywords to increase eyes on your account. Pinterest also creates smaller subsections for keywords, so you may want to create posts around these smaller sub-sections. Tacking on the section’s title to the end of the keyword will do just fine.

Promote Yourself On Pinterest

Pinterest users see all sorts of promoted ads on the platform. Ads are on every social media platform, so why not take advantage of them. Pinterest allows businesses to promote their pins. Promoting pins will increase the views of your business on the platform.

If more people see your content, then there is a higher chance they are pinning said content on their own boards. That further increases the presence of your business on the platform. That is the goal in the end. Take advantage of those ads to spread your viewership.

Increase Pinterest Followers with Hashtags

Hashtags are on every platform,  but they can greatly increase your post’s popularity on Pinterest. Fill your pin descriptions up with relevant hashtags. Pinterest even gives popular suggestions when you type “#.” Use these suggestions to your benefit.

Don’t forget the hashtags should be relevant. If the hashtags are loosely related to the pin, then it made hurt your reputation on the platform. People may be less likely to pin your blog posts if the content does not fit what they are looking for.

Optimize Your Pinterest Profile

With any social media account, companies to need to optimize their accounts. A clear image as your profile picture and an informative bio. You can even optimize your Pinterest profile name by including keywords with it. It could give more information about what your business does while increasing traffic. Use the search bar keyword suggestion to lock down the few keywords you’d like to include.

Pinterest Followers

Remove underperforming pins, so Pinterest doesn’t penalize you.

Kill Underperforming Pins and Revive Good Pins

Pinterest will penalize accounts who’s accounts have underperforming pins. The pins are not doing anything for you, so it is best to delete them from existence when you can. This includes pins that may not fit your business any longer. Get rid of them to streamline customers to the right pins.

Some pins may feature evergreen content, which is content that is always relevant to the reader. This content is excellent to revive from your Pinterest board. Pinterest pins usually last a lot longer than posts on other platforms. Repost those successful pins because it will gain more traffic to your blog. It may take a few weeks or even a year for these pins to really take ahold of the community, but keep giving them new life.

Call Actual SEO Media Today

Actual SEO Media can handle your Pinterest account and numerous other social media accounts. Give us a call today at (832) 834-0661 to schedule a meeting with us. We would be happy to improve your online presence through several platforms. You may visit our website for more details on the services we provide. We also recommend you visit our Main Office and Williams Tower location pages. Give us the opportunity to improve your online presence, along with increasing your Pinterest followers.

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