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StumbleUpon Promotion

StumbleUpon Promotion is by far one of the most popular websites for bookmarking for driving significant traffic. Add StumbleUpon to your site. When using StumbleUpon, a lot of people are getting good results.

Similar to retweets, the content of websites can also be stumbled. Likewise, similar events take place on Google +1 and Google Plus. All in all, StumbleUpon has proven itself to bring great traffic to any online site.

Increasing Your Web Traffic With StumbleUpon Promotion

To drive exceptional traffic to your website, your page content needs to be well stumbled several times. When deciding on a place to promote your website or product, you must choose the best place, and here it is. You only have to select the proper category while submitting an article.

The search engines like Google and Yahoo will index your piece of content as soon as your article gets promoted in the social bookmarking websites. Call us now to order your StumbleUpon and start receiving immediate benefits. Actual SEO Media does the best StumbleUpon promotion.

Having The Right Content

Before we move on, it is essential to share the main secret to success of StumbleUpon. For any company to thrive, they must continuously share great content. Great content is not only engaging but also informative and easy to read.

However, you might be wondering what makes certain content better than another. Well, continue reading to learn more.

StumbleUpon Promotion

StumbleUpon Promotion

It is easy for people to come into contact with your articles or blog posts, but the quality of the writing will determine if your business succeeds. That will drive people to either click the like button or the dislike button. To ensure that your content is liked, there are some tips that we offer at Actual SEO Media.

With StumbleUpon, you can find the most popular media around. To do so, use the search query URL and type Make sure to change the word ‘keyword’ with your industry or niche. Once you do, you will find everything from tutorial videos, infographics, images, and much more.

If your content thrives on other websites, more than likely, you will achieve success on StumbleUpon. As we move on, you will learn how to get your website more StumbleUpon traffic.

Achieving Organic Stumbles

One stumble is all it takes to go from nonrecognition to fame. Through their analytics, several company owners are learning the power of StumbleUpon. If a person finds certain content amusing, they can stumble it and significantly increase the number of views. For you to achieve such triumph, add a StumbleUpon badge to your online site.

You can visit our StumbleUpon badges page, obtain coding, and insert the badge onto your website. More so, this page offers information on integration for Blogger, Movable Type, Word Press, and more. All in all, Actual SEO Media will do the most so that people can find your company’s content. After all, the more people to stumble your content, the more your content will be stumbled.

Share Content On Other Websites

An essential aspect of StumbleUpon is, its own URL shortening system. Once you sign up and log into your StumbleUpon account, you can enter a message or URL. In doing so, it will send as a status update. Also, it can directly post it to any social media platform, like Twitter or Facebook.

By posting your content to such platforms, you can get people to visit your business web page. Even better, any Stumbleupon users can easily use the toolbar to like your shared content. Another option that the toolbar will give to your viewers is to share your content on other social share networks by clicking the sharing button. Apart from obtaining StumbleUpon traffic, you will also achieve online marketing solutions.

StumbleUpon Promotion

Bring your company to your customers with the click of a button.

Building A Following Base

Although you can leave the work to Actual SEO Media and StumbleUpon, you can also take matters into your own hands. One simple thing to do for improved traffic on StumbleUpon is to share with your followers directly. In other words, once you have some followers, you can reach out to them by sharing your content instantly with them.

Similar to Twitter, you have to follow people on StumbleUpon and hope that they will follow you back. Finding followers with similar interests as yours is simple. Like with the URL shortening system, you will need to replace the keyword with the topic of choice. After you have done so, you will find people interested in the same topic.

To learn more about the user and the shared interest, you can find a little graphic by the user’s profile. This graphic will inform you how much you and the user have in common. Depending on the number of people they follow, determine if it is likely for them to follow you back. With this tool, you are well on your way to building a great following base.

How to Increase Followers?

If you are concerned about the amount of followers you will receive, we can offer some helpful tips. The best way to get followed back is by creating a StumbleUpon profile. By filling out the basic bio section, you can tell other people more about you and your interests. To select your topics of interest, click the setting button, and manage interest.

Additionally, add a profile picture to your StumbleUpon. An excellent way for people to recognize you on other media platforms is to use the same profile picture. That way, people can stay connected with you anywhere they go.

Constant Sharing

Once you are set with a good following base, you can use the StumbleUpon toolbar to exchange shares. If another user sends you a page, we highly suggest that you like and respond with a thank you, or other personalized note. Not only will they appreciate the note, but they are also more receptive to stumbling your content.

Since we recommend not stumbling your own content, have a trusted friend to help you out. Your friend can take the initiative of stumbling your content. After your content has been strumbled, you can directly message any followers you’d like. If you have a large number of followers, make sure to send your message in groups.

Using StumbleUpon Paid Discovery

Whenever you are not obtaining the results you wanted, you can look into our StumbleUpon Paid Discovery. With this option, people with the same interests as you will be directed straight to your page. If you are considering this option, there are three plans available for choosing.

Select the plan that works best for you and agree to the terms and conditions so that you can enjoy it soon. Before starting, there are five steps that you have to complete for setup. With the following steps, you will organize your StumbleUpon account for the best success. You can do everything from targeting a specific audience, setting up a budget, and following a detailed schedule.

The Basics

One, you will enter the URL for stumbler users to visit. When using Google Analytics, you can track your campaign accuracy by entering utm_parameters. For more information on setting up, visit us online, or contact us through the phone.

StumbleUpon Promotion

Talk to the best SEO team in Houston.

Choosing Your Topic and Audience

Two, you must let StumbleUpon know your interests. You can choose up to ten topics, split your campaign, or have all topics in one campaign. Regardless of your choice, sharing your interest is a vital step when setting up your StumbleUpon Promotion.

Also, we give you the option to choose your target audience. Anything from age, gender, location, and more, is up to you. Having a target audience from the start is a great benefit. It allows you to create content that will be specifically designed for their attention.

Priority and Budget

Next, you can decide on our priority option. With this option, you can jump ahead from other companies targeting the same audience. Depending on your budget, we will determine how many visitors your website will receive. You can decide on your budget and even upgrade your plan.

Creating a Schedule

Lastly, you can set up a schedule to follow. StumbleUpon will let you set up a start date and an end date for your campaign. After reviewing your campaign, do not forget to add funds to your account. When all this is complete, you are to a great start in improving and growing your business.

StumbleUpon at Actual SEO Media

Actual SEO Media is here for you and your company. We want your business to succeed in all ways possible.

Since people do not fully understand the way StumbleUpon works, they tend to pass them up. However, there are various benefits to setting up a StumbleUpon account. To learn more about this great opportunity, visit us online or call at (832) 834-0661.

Many companies are well aware that for their business to succeed, they must have an online presence. While they promote their services and products on several social networks, they tend to overlook one unique social media network. StumbleUpon Promotion has become one of the most popular websites for promoting content!

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