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Actual SEO Media can help increase your Twitter followers you have using a handful of tips. Most businesses say they use their Twitter account as the number way to engage with customers. Social media is bigger than ever, and it will most certainly grow in the future. With the growth of social media comes the increase of businesses and companies on social media.

These businesses want to obtain business through their social media accounts. Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter are covered in business accounts because people are on them regularly. They are all great places to be when running a business, but it can be hard starting out.

Luckily, Twitter is one of the most accessible platforms to get started on. Natural or organic growth is created through these following tips. There is no need to use bots or spam your customers because these tips will generate Twitter followers over time.

If you are too busy for Twitter or would rather have a professional team handle it, then you can also contact Actual SEO Media. We offer many services apart from social media coordination. Our SEO services are some of the best in the Houston area. We hope you will find that to be true when working with us.

Tips For Increasing Twitter Followers

Each social media platform has its own tactics for increasing followers. Twitter is an excellent place for customers to receive quick updates or snippets about their favorite things. A lot of people use the platform to receive news because it gets straight to the point. A link can be posted as well. Images, videos, and gifs are more likely to gain recognition than just text tweets because they are more eye-catching. Be sure to follow the tips below to increase your Twitter followers.

Tweet Often

One of the best Twitter strategies to follow is to tweet often. Some accounts may tweet up to fifteen or twenty times a day. Depending on the content, this could be very beneficial for you. A news outlet may tweet this many times a day, but other companies may stick to the recommended three to seven.

This technique will give Twitter users a better chance of seeing your tweets. If you have high-quality content to post, then post as much as you can, but be sure not to spam your followers. You do not want to be the only post that fills their Twitter feed. Be sure to tweet throughout the day rather than a chunk of it.

Have Timely Tweets

There are optimal times to tweet during the day. Research shows that you should tweet between 12 p.m. and 3 p.m., with the most significant peak hitting at around 5 p.m. Of course, this varies depending on the audience and your location, but it shouldn’t differ too much.

You target audience most likely have jobs, and so they will check their social feeds at lunch. Then, they most likely won’t get off work until 4 p.m., which then leads them to scroll through social media afterward. If you are having a tough time tweeting during these times, then schedule your tweets. Tweeting during these peak times will slowly grow your Twitter.

Include Hashtags

Hashtags are one of the most important aspects of a tweet. Hashtags are used to connect people with similar interests. If you use hashtags in your tweets, then that leads to expanding your reach. Tweets with at least one hashtag gain 12.6% more engagement than tweets without them.

However, there is a thing called too many hashtags. Adding a third, fourth, fifth, or even a sixth hashtag does not increase your chances of being seen. Typically, only one or two hashtags will work. You also have to adamant about not adding too many hashtags that you can’t add text for your tweet.

Take Advantage of Visual Content

Twitter is a great place for content marketing. Most social networks are, but Twitter is a very visual place. Tweets with visual content receive more attention than those without it. Images, videos, gifs, memes, and infographics are just a few options you can select from. The content needs to be relevant to what you are saying in the tweet.

Video content is more likely to be shared, so think about investing in creating such content. This can be hard for small businesses, but Actual SEO Media can help you out. We offer all sorts of services to our clients. We can help you generate content for your business and gain a more prominent recognition online.

Increase Twitter followers with Actual SEO Media

Actual SEO Media can help clients out with Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

Optimize, Optimize, Optimize

It is estimated that about fifteen percent of tweets are bots. That means your business needs to stand out from those suspected of bot nature. Optimizing your account can make your account more followable and more engaging.

Your account should have a crisp and clear profile photo. If you are a business, then your logo will most likely do. A picture on your profile gives your account a face or identity. Furthermore, your bio should use relevant keywords to the industry you are in. What exactly does your business do? As your explaining your business, give them a taste of your personality.

Yes, even if it is for a business. Businesses need their own taste and style to stand out from the rest. The less the account sounds like a faceless robot, the better. Finally, add a link to your Twitter profile. The link should be to a relevant page on your business site. Don’t pick the homepage because there are more exciting places.

Give Actual SEO Media a Call Today

Actual SEO Media is an SEO agency in the Houston area. We offer several services to varying sized businesses. Small businesses can find comfort in our prices for the types of services we provide. Increase your Twitter followers with these tips, but also hire us to help optimize your website. Give us a call today at (832) 834-0661. You may also visit our website for more information about our services. We also recommend you visit our Main Office and Williams Tower location pages. Actual SEO Media is excited to increase your Twitter followers and improve so much more.

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