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Having a well thought out website design, which includes photo editing, is essential to bringing in more traffic and potential customers. This is even more true when that website contains engaging content to which people can relate or find interest. In the digital age we live in today, it is ideal to have a website that has a desktop and mobile version. Many people prefer to browse the web on their phones as opposed to a computer.

Actual SEO Media has experts in the area of website design who can help you present a professional image to those who visit your webpage. With site designs that work for all browsers and top quality SEO results, we offer exceptional services to help your business succeed.

The Basic Elements of Website Design

At Actual SEO Media, we have experts who can help you design a website that is both engaging to your audience and pleasing to the eye. One of the essential elements of website design is ensuring that any traffic that visits your website will stay there and browse. This means that the site must run smoothly and operate efficiently.

The last thing you want to happen is to have someone try to access a page on your website, and it is running so slow that they leave the site. Our website designers have access to creating algorithms that can help make this happen. If on the surface, your website doesn’t run smoothly, it could be a problem with the coding. We can help you improve that as well.

The Visual Power of Photos

Leverage the visual power of photos for your business!

Have you ever been standing in that place, the one you’ll never visit again? Like the Eiffel Tower, or a sunset on the beaches of Vietnam. Today, our phones allow us to snap a photo and, in an instant, capture a memory. Later, we share these memories with family, friends, and social media. And for years to come, we go back and look at them, reflecting on those life moments. Pictures have an innate visual power that organically draws people in. As a result, it can be an incredibly powerful tool for your business website. Product photos can be a useful tool for marketing particular items or brands. These photos can are usable for almost any product.

Photo Editing Tools

Many photo editing tools be useful for preparing a picture for your website. Many of the apps which are downloadable to a mobile phone are free. There is also editing software where you can pay a subscription fee for extra features. Should you do this, keep in mind many of these paid subscriptions will include a certain amount of software storage space. This allows you to access those photos from anywhere, which is convenient for business owners who are always on the move.

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Photo Placement

Each photo you have on your website should be strategically set up. When a company sells its products at a supermarket, they have the choice to pay a specific fee for that product to be in a strategic place on the shelves. If it’s a toy, it’s probably on the lower shelves where kids can see it.

Similarly, a selection of snacks is on display near the checkout to remind customers of the fact that they are thirsty or hungry. It serves as an invisible nudge and typically results in a sale of one or more of those products.

The same is valid for photos one your website. Product listings and their corresponding images ought to be set at strategic points. If you are selling a newly released book, have it near the top with a larger image, a compelling summary, and a secure link for purchase.

The same goes for if you are promoting individual books that are for sale. Amazon utilizes one of the most effective book-selling tools; the ‘look inside’ preview. This feature allows a potential buyer to view and read several pages inside the book before purchase.  It is made possible by the fact that the ebook platform has caused most books to be digitized.

Whether you are selling a book or car, the same rule applies; place your photos strategically on the page. If you have text overlay on the images, make sure it is fully discernable. Many business owners can find organizing and designing a website very time-consuming. This is why it is ideal to hire an expert web designer who can meet or exceed your expectations.

Actual SEO Media’s web design team puts experience and an excellent work ethic to work for you. We can help you design a website that stands out and markets your business in the most effective way possible. Click here to learn more about our website design services.

Choosing Your Website Photos

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Actual SEO Media can help you with your photo edit needs.

When considering what photos to use on your website, always choose the ones that best reflect your professionalism and values. For listed products, it is essential to have clear, well-focused images. A professional photographer is ideally suited for accomplishing this. Professionals know how to arrange and display your item so that it has maximum visual appeal.

For example, if the product you want to highlight on your website is a piece of clothing, an effective way to promote it is to have a selection of pictures potential customers can view. This selection should include, at the very least, include photos of the front and back of the piece. Additional images of any detailing on the article would also be a great way to show its uniqueness. Furthermore, using a live model can make the item more visually appealing to a buyer.

Different items require different approaches to photographing the subject. If you are trying to launch a new model bobbin for a Singer sewing machine line, you will want to give a buyer an idea of the product’s size. To do this, you can place the item on a stable, light-colored background, next to a coin. Bobbins are small, so photographing one next to a quarter would give your site visitor an idea of its size.

In the posting for an item like this, it is essential to have the part number listed as well. Occasionally, because everything is prone to human error, a part number will be mistyped. In this instance, a photograph that depicts the item could clear up any confusion your customer has. That said, always edit your product listings and check them over for inaccuracies.

Basic Photography

For those who choose to take on the role of photographer themselves, here are a few tips to help you take exceptional pictures. There are three elements of a photograph to consider: location, lighting, and display.

When you have a product to photograph, the location and displays are crucial factors in the overall photo. A simplistic picture might have the object displayed on a white backdrop, as it might be in a museum or a photography studio. Always make sure the backdrop is a solid color, or at least does not wash out the object itself. If you are going for more flair in your pictures, you can always change the location. Perhaps you display that Yeti style coffee mug on the shore of a bubbling brook because you want your customers to know the Yeti will keep their water cold no matter how long their hike is. Use your picture to represent the object and its most basic purpose.

Lighting is another element you will want to consider when taking your photographs. There are countless studies on how light affects a photo. However, we will keep it simple. Certain positions cast shadows when the sun is out. Therefore, where you are located will affect where these shadows are. If you are in an open field with no trees, there will be few shadows. However, should you take your picture the woods, expect spotty pieces of sunlight to show up in it. Time of day also matters. Many professional photographers will do their sessions in the evening toward sunset. This low-level lighting has a glowing effect on their subjects and makes for a less frustrating lighting experience.

Professional Editing from Actual SEO Media

While photo editing can be done without hiring professionals, it can be a long and tedious process to figure out editing software. A professional photo editor is already familiar with their software and capable of providing you with exceptional results; pictures that will resonate with those who view them on your website. At Actual SEO Media, our photo editors have the benefit of editing experience in addition to the process of web site design. Our team of experts can help you find the right editing style to suit your needs. Photos add a dimension of reliability and visual appeal to your website. For more information on how Actual SEO Media can help you, give us a call at (832) 834-0661. Or you can click here to browse our service options.

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