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Take these 9 online courses to help boost your resume

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It’s a developer-eat-developer world out there. If you want to stand out from the pack, you’ve got to show potential employers that you are well-versed in the latest and greatest trends and technologies. These 9 skills are often mentioned in job post requirements, and mastering them will give you a good shot at beating those fools just touting their college degrees.

1. Master the intricacies of Microsoft Excel

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Excel is pivotal to financial roles, sure, but knowing how to write complex formulas, create reports, and automate processes could also help you work smarter and speedier in most positions. Find out how spreadsheets can improve your life with eLearnExcel. The CPD-certified diploma you’ll earn is a recognized achievement that will prove that you’re more than just talk. A lifetime subscription gives you 24/7 access to eight courses and more than 280 lessons.

Buy now: $39, formerly $999

2. Build your own site with WordPress

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WordPress is one of the most popular platforms for website publishing, and one that many employers will ask you aboutso get to know it with the 2017 WordPress Hero Bundle. It includes seven expert-led courses covering everything from monetizing your site to building your own plug-ins.

Pay what you want to get a sample of this bundle. Beat the average price to get all seven courses.

3. Learn to speak Spanish

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Putting your bilingual abilities on a resume can certainly make you stand out, but it can also provide unique career opportunities for those who want to travel or work abroad. If that sounds like you, youll want to enroll in this Spanish mastery course ASAP. It covers four levels of instruction beginner, elementary, intermediate, and advanced via 109 hours of lectures and videos.

Buy now: $18, or 63% off the regular price

4. Take a crash course in product management

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Whether youve got a product management gig, or you just need to learn how to shepherd big ideas from concept to launch, this product management course could help you navigate this increasingly vital skill set. Its 13 hours of content covers key decision-making, defining new products, building a business case, and lots more.

Buy now: $39, reduced from $145

5. Conquer your fear of public speaking

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Everybody knows that one of the most common fears people have is public speaking. It falls right next to sharks and spiders. All the more reason to master it, then. This Instant Public Speaking Master Class will teach you valuable strategies for coping with anxiety, developing an authoritative voice, and crafting strong job interview skills.

Buy now: $47 after an 84% discount

6. Get artsy with Adobe Creative Cloud

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The Adobe suite of apps is pretty much the industry standard for creatives, but you dont need to be a graphic designer or videographer to put it to good use. This Adobe Creative Cloud Essentials Training Bundle can help you add universal skills like photo retouching, typography styling, and video editing to your repertoire or take you into advanced territory like poster design or illustrating caricatures.

Buy now: A $1,197 value for only $29.

7. Understand site numbers with Google Analytics

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The truth is, you can create a great product, devise a brilliant marketing strategy, and spend tons on advertising, but if you dont know your audience, it can all be for naught. Thats why professionals use Google Analytics to learn how users engage with a site and what keeps them coming back. Stay in the know by enrolling in this Google Analytics Mastery Course, which provides seven modules covering conversion tracking, report generation, and lots in between.

Buy now: $29, marked down from $334

8. Become an SEO guru

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The entire e-commerce ecosystem lives and dies by Googles search algorithm. Smart companies optimize every stitch of their content to be palatable to the Google crawlers, but it can be difficult to know exactly what those bots are looking for. Wield that sacred knowledge with the Complete SEO Course. With more than 122 lectures and 15 hours of content, itll school you on Googles standards and can help you increase any websites search rank (and customer base) exponentially.

Buy now: $19 after an 87% price drop

9. Learn how to code

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Knowing even the most basic coding skills is like having the keys to the secret locked doors of the internet. Coincidentally, many of those doors lead to high paying jobs, so it would behoove you to work on those web dev chops, post haste. That’s where the Complete Web Developer Course comes in. With 28 hours of instruction on HTML, JavaScript, MySQL, and more, it can help give you the skills needed to build impressive websites and an undeniable resume.

Buy now: $14.99, down from the regular price of $199

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