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This Blog Post From The CIA Reveals The ‘X-Files’ Are Real After All

The Central Intelligence Agency has officially entered 2016 with a blog postin the form of a fun-loving, SEO savvy listicle.

This ultra-shareable pop culture moment began its life in 1978, when the CIA declassified hundreds of documents that dealt withUFO investigations — aka, the real “X-Files.”

Here I was, thinking the CIA had too much spy sh*t to do to take up blogging, but apparently, they’re all about it.

They organized a handful of the documents, which date back to the ’40s and ’50s, into two lists: “Top 5 CIA Documents Mulder Would Love To Get His Hands On” and “Top 5 CIA Documents Scully Would Love To Get Her Hands On.”

Referencing “The X-Files?” Pitting Team Mulder and Team Scully against each other?!

If titles like those can’tget hella clicks, then I don’t know what will.

The documents themselves are a bit of a slog to read through, but these retro pics are pretty cool:

And in case you’re looking to delve deeper into investigating UFOs for yourself, theCIA has another listicle just for you called, “10 Tips When Investigating a Flying Saucer.”

I guess we’ll have to wait forthem to declassifykitty cafe investigations before we can get a cat photo post.

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