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If you need a Lafayette, LA digital marketing agency, check out Acutal SEO Media, Inc. We are a Houston, TX-based company that has helped companies all over the place, local and national. With our tactics and expert team, we can help you market your business locally or on a global level. Actual SEO Media, Inc. knows exactly how to get you there, regardless of your business or how far you want to market your brand. You don’t have to be limited to a local Lafayette, LA digital marketing agency. Call our Houston office today. and schedule a free consultation to see how we can help market your company.

Lafayette, LA digital marketing agency

Even though you may be searching for a Lafayette, LA digital marketing agency, Actual SEO Media, Inc. over in Houston can still provide digital marketing services that can help you reach your marketing goals.

Lafayette, LA Digital Marketing Agency

Actual SEO Media, Inc. is a unique digital marketing agency. We can target your marketing to just about any area you need us to. We have the skills and experienced team to help reach your target audience. If you sell beauty products, you are not going to want your website to show up when someone is looking for lawn care services.

Likewise,  if you are a business that can only be marketed to your local area, you do not want to be showing up to an audience in another state. That comes across as spam, and Google will see it as such and could possibly make your webpage rank lower on its search engine results pages (SERPs). Therefore, you want to be careful about setting everything up when creating your website and web content.

What Actual SEO Media, Inc. does is use the guidelines set by Google and optimize your website and content to adhere to its standards. We continue to monitor these standards and make necessary adjustments until we get the desired results we are looking for. Whether you are looking for local SEO or a wide range audience, our team can handle the job.

What is SEO Exactly?

SEO stands for search engine optimization. It is the use of tactics and methods to help a website rank higher on a search engine. Most people use Google these days; however, SEO can be accomplished on any search engine. Our goal is to get your company as close to the top of the results page as possible. When most people look for services or products, rarely do they scroll to the bottom of the page. Even rarer do they often go to the next page. The further down the results pages you are, the less of a chance you will be seen by potential clients.

Our job is to help maximize our resources to boost your ranking. We do this in several ways, such as pay-per-click ads, content writing, social media management, and website optimization. Optimizing your website is the biggest factor in how well you rank. Google has a set of algorithms that look for specific variables in a website. These variables can either help you or hurt you. Therefore we can go over what you have already and optimize it, or we can build a website from scratch if you do not have one already.

Lafayette, LA digital marketing agency

With our expert team of researchers, writers, SEO specialists, and web designers, we will make sure your website is up to Google’s standards.

Web Design

As we said before, your website is extremely important. Your content, the layout, and your loading speeds are all extremely important. We have expert web designers that know exactly what to do to create a simple yet, attractive website that viewers will be able to navigate easily. Google loves simple websites.

They are easy, they load fast, and they can be easy to determine what your website is about. If there is too much on your website, it can be difficult to differentiate what you are about. This could potentially leave your website at the bottom of the results.

On the flip side, it could have the same effect if there is not enough. There is a middle ground that Google loves and ranks well. We know what this middle ground is and can help you make your website appeal to Google’s standards.

Content Writing

Every good website needs good content writing. This content will explain what your company is about and what you offer, whether it is a service, product, or both. Using the information you give to us, our content writers can match the tone of your brand to appeal to your target audience.

They know how to research just about any topic they come across. During our meetings, we will get vital information about what you want us to focus on, how you want to appeal to your target audience, and who you are looking to target. From there, our writers will take this information and provide polished articles complete with images, focus keywords that Google will pick up on, and links that lead readers to additional pages on your website.

Social Media Services

Using social media is a great way to attract new people and help maintain your current audience. People love relevant information. They like things that are new and up-to-date. Therefore, one of the best ways to stay up to date is to have blogs and post them on your social media sites. These blogs are similar to regular articles. However, these blogs will be much shorter and more focused on a specific topic. For instance, if you are a dog grooming service, your main articles and web pages will focus on your services overall. These blogs topic could focus on topics such as:

  • how to maintain your pet’s grooming needs in between visits
  • the best type of diet for a shiny and luxurious coat
  • the best skin care for pets
  • how to help your pet get over the fear of grooming

We would schedule your blog posts to your social media sites, such as LinkedIn and Twitter. We will post them on the best day and time so that you get the optimal amount of views to your site.

Contact Us Today

When you contact us, we will offer you a free consultation. During this consultation, we can give you a summary of how we can help market your business. We know we can help make your business rank higher, which will help you have a better chance of gaining more customers. So when you are searching for a Lafayette, LA digital marketing agency, check out Actual SEO Media, Inc.

Lafayette, LA digital marketing agency

Give us a call, and we can schedule a no-obligation consultation.

Fun Facts for Lafayette, LA

  • Lafayette was once known as St. Jean du Vermilionville.
  • Fifty years later, it changed its name to what it is today in honor of the war hero.
  • By 1884, it became incorporated with New Orleans.
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