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What Corinne Remembers From The ‘Bachelor In Paradise’ Incident Makes Everything More Complicated

I think I’m going to change my title from “Betches Staff Writer” to “Betches Senior ‘Bachelor in Paradise’ Sex Scandal Correspondent” at this point because I am on this shit like white on rice. No piece of news, no matter how small or outrageous, is getting past me without me reporting on it. Case in point, some sources close to Corinne leaked spoke to E! News about what Corinne remembers from the infamous pool night with DeMario. Like, I don’t know, I personally don’t doubt Corinne blacked out but even if I wasn’t buying it, I’m not sure how a secondhand account of what she does and doesn’t remember is going to change my mind. But since I’m doing this for the page views and SEO people, let’s get into what Corinne remembers from that infamous night. Side note, we really need to get this event a name because this is proving to be a huge cultural touchstone and “the night Corinne hooked up with DeMario in the pool on just doesn’t have a good ring to it and is super long to type out.

Apparently, a source close to Corinne told E! News that Corinne’s last memory of that night is of taking a shot of tequila. Sounds a lot like my Saturday night tbh. Corinne also had two cups of Champagne in the limo (classic Corinne), a dirty martini, and a shot or two of tequila and she barely ate throughout the day. Again, sounds a lot like what I got into this weekend and a definite recipe for blacking out. Now we know how much Corinne had to drink that night, how much do you want to bet the next questions people demand be answered are what she was wearing and if she was asking for it? Just saying.

Here’s where it gets interesting, though. According to Refinery29, “Some of Olympios’ fellow cast members have told her that she was too intoxicated to walk and she fell down a flight of stairs. The source also says she fell face first in the Jacuzzi and is still covered in bruises, but has no recollection of these events.” If that’s true, it’s obviously very serious, because I shouldn’t even have to tell you that someone who’s too drunk to walk obviously cannot consent to sexual activity. This account also seems to contradict what Jasmine told E!. I don’t know who to believe. It’s all very confusing.

The source also claims that Corinne was blacked out for the majority of the night and hasn’t seen the tape of the incident with DeMario. FURTHERMORE, Corinne allegedly had nothing to do with the complaint that was filed by the producer. No charges have been filed at this time, and the source insists that this isn’t about what happened with DeMario, but rather, with the show’s production. The source reiterated that Corinne wasn’t able to give consent, and she wants to stand up for herself and other women who’ve been in the same situation.  

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