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Other marketing companies can’t compare to our excellent teams!

Of all the Internet marketing companies 77077 out there, the best is undoubtedly Actual SEO Media, Inc. Our Internet marketing agency uses only the most effective, research-backed SEO techniques to improve your SEO. We help business owners in Houston, TX and its surrounding areas to grow their business online through stellar search engine optimization (SEO) and other services. Our goal is to make your website as discoverable as possible by Google and other websites.

No matter the size of your business in Houston, whether it’s a large, mid-sized, or small business, you can still benefit from our stellar SEO services. Our digital marketing services and strategies are top of the line and guaranteed to boost your online traffic and enhance your brand’s visibility online. With our help, your website can attract more potential customers, thus growing your business and solidifying your online presence in general.

We offer plenty of online marketing services, including the following:

No matter what your marketing needs are, Actual SEO Media, Inc. is determined to be your one-stop shop for all your Internet marketing. Our online marketing strategies and marketing campaigns will ensure that your business can get a bigger name for itself online. We hope you consider us to be one of your trusted Internet marketing companies 77077.

Not All Marketing Companies 77077 Have Your Best Interest At Heart

Unlike happy families, Internet marketing companies are not at all alike. Some marketing companies prefer to pretend to optimize your website while they take your money and run. There are many red flags and warning signs to watch out for when you’re choosing an Internet marketing company to optimize your website.

First, you’ll want to be sure if the marketing agency you’ve hired is transparent in its practices. If they refuse to tell you about their practices, strategies, and techniques to boost your site’s SEO, then that is definitely a red flag. This indicates that the marketing company is not interested in working with you.

Secondly, a trusted marketing company should and will ask you for your account and website information and other pertinent information. Some information includes access to your Google Webmaster tools and admin access to CMS, Google Analytics, and social media accounts. This is so that we can begin to improve your website’s design and write SEO-friendly content.

If your Internet marketing agency doesn’t ask you for these, then that is a sign that they are providing your website with backlinks from a number of low-repute websites, a practice known as link farming. This will lead to a temporary spike in your Google Analytics, but don’t be fooled. Google is well aware and on the lookout for bad actors who employ “black hat” techniques such as link farming. In the end, your site’s SEO will tank into Internet obscurity.

marketing companies 77077

We can offer several facets of digital marketing work together to bring you success!

Other SEO Do’s and Don’ts

Another sign is if your company doesn’t have a verifiable track record. You shouldn’t be expecting results right away, but you should have an indication that your SEO company is doing something to improve your website’s standing. Examples include doing a comprehensive search engine optimization audit of your site, analysis of your website’s link profile, writing optimized content, and building reputable backlinks.

Finally, you should avoid an Internet marketing agency if they don’t give you any suggestions as to how to improve your site. These agencies may tell you that their strategies are proprietary and need to be confidential. They may even try to imply that they’re too complicated for you to understand and dismiss your concerns with condescension.

A reputable marketing company, by contrast, should be open and transparent in their practices and policies. We at Actual SEO Media, Inc. not only use effective, ethical strategies to improve your SEO but we also explain to you what those techniques are and entail.

Beware of Black Hat Techniques

Apart from link farms, there are many other black hat techniques that some online marketing companies employ. One of them is buying fake online traffic directly.

What these companies do is they have bots or software look over your website instead of people. This serves to boost your website’s view count artificially, tricking Google into believing the site is more popularity than what it really is. Another seedy technique is keyword stuffing. This refers to the practice of writing or “stuffing” a bunch of keywords into poorly-written, plagiarized, or even duplicate content on a webpage.

The problem with these techniques is that they can and will destroy your SEO in the long run. Google is aware of and is always on the lookout for bad actors, flagging websites that try these tactics. In the end, you will not only lose your SEO but also your customers and your revenue. For more information about “black hat” techniques, call us today.

marketing companies 77077

Hiring a marketing company can make or break your business in the modern era. For one of the best marketing companies 77077 around, contact Actual SEO Media, Inc.

Trust Actual SEO Media, Inc. Today

Whether you need help with your current Internet marketing campaigns or whether you need to have a whole new website built, Actual SEO Media, Inc. can help. Our business is devoted to serving business owners and helping them grow their business online. We work closely with you to ensure that your business has the best chance of success.

In addition, we can help improve not just your site’s SEO, but your site’s website design as well. We can test your website on as many devices and browsers as possible to ensure compatibility. Our other services also include maintaining and managing your social media accounts.

Actual SEO Media, Inc. operates its business with the highest standards of honesty, integrity, and excellence. We never will try to play games with your time and money through dishonest dealings and ineffective, unethical techniques. Our SEO team makes sure to follow Google’s SEO guidelines faithfully and denote any changes made to their algorithms.

Don’t leave your website to languish in digital obscurity. Call Actual SEO Media, Inc. today or visit us at our office location. You can bet that we are one of the most effective marketing companies 77077 that can help.

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