Why Google Is Not Against You

August 31, 2018

Why Google Is Not Against You

When business owners are not able to see their website on the first page of Google when searching. They immediately think that Google is against them. But in reality, Google is not against you. You just need to understand how Google works. And in this post, we will highlight Why Google Is Not Against You.

Purpose of Search Engines

Search engines have two functions. Building an index and providing search users with a ranked list of the websites they have determined are the most relevant. Now, you are probably asking, Well, how does Google determine which websites are relevant. Because there are over 1 billion websites on the world wide web. Not every website is going to be visible. And Google determines which sites are relevant to SEO. Which stands for search engine optimization. And it is a measurable process that is used to send signals to search engines that your pages are worth showing in the top pages on Google.

How Google Works

Basically, Google uses an algorithm to give a score to every website. And the higher your score, the more visibility you have. When you were in school you had to get good grades to be seen and work for that. And it is the same way with Google. You have to build up your site you high-quality content, blogging, and posting to show Google that you are relevant. You also need to have relevant keywords, titles, tags, and meta descriptions. Once you have all of these components you will see that Google is not against you. It just wants you t have quality and up-to-date information for your audience.

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How To Have A Quality Website

Now that you understand that Google is not against you. And just wants you to have certain specifications. You are probably asking the question, How do I build a quality site? Another easy answer, you employ an SEO firm. SEO firms are well versed in online marketing, SEO, and Google specifications. They are able to transform your site to rank higher on Google. And bring more traffic to your doorstep.

At Actual SEO Media, we are Houston’s top SEO firm that can transform your website. And you never have to think again that Google is against you. We will get your ranking higher and higher. And during this process, we will be driving new customers to your site. It is time to get on Google’s “good side” with the help of Actual SEO Media.