Houston TX Williams Tower The Galleria

If you live in Houston, then there is no doubt that you have seen Houston TX Williams Tower The Galleria. This massive building is as iconic as it is rich in history. The Williams Tower was completed in 1983. It has been a remarkable landmark which demonstrates the prosperity found here in Houston. Containing 64 stories, and a three-acre parking lot adjacent to the base of the building, it is undoubtedly one of the busiest office towers in the state of Texas.

The Williams Tower near The Galleria is one of the most important and beautiful buildings in all of Houston. When you see it for the first time, you will be in awe by its sheer size. The Williams Tower is home to many prominent businesses and companies.

Houston TX Williams Tower The Galleria

Houston TX Williams Tower The Galleria

Williams Tower and Hines

Construction for the Williams Tower began in 1981, and it took an entire two years before it was finally done in development. Hines is a world-renowned international real estate firm. This real estate titan is privately owned and has been around for sixty years, providing the absolute best when it comes to customer service and real estate. Hines is responsible for building this beautiful piece of architecture but also is responsible for buildings in the following sectors.

  • Skyline-defining office towers
  • Corporate headquarters
  • Mixed-us centers
  • Industrial / logistics parks
  • Apartments and condos
  • Senior and student housing complexes
  • Master-planned communities
  • Medical Facilities
  • and much more!

Hines has a 133.3 billion dollar estimate on the worth of the total of its assets.

The History of the Williams Tower

It may surprise a lot of Houstonians that this sleek, modern business tower had a different name in the beginning. For over a decade, it was The Transco Tower. Between 1982 and 1999, the significant tenant here was Transco Energy Co.  In 1995, Transco Energy merged with the Williams companies. As a result, the Transco Tower became the Williams Tower. In 2008, there was a purchase made by Hines of 271.5 million dollars.

Some of the major tenants in The Wiliams Tower are Quanta Services, Valaris plc, Cadence Bank, and even the General Consulate of Denmark. It’s very easy to see why this beautiful, modern business tower has the importance that it has to this day. The significance The Williams Tower has is quite massive. The Williams Tower had the deep honor of being the “Skyscraper of the Century” in December 1999 by the influential magazine, Texas Monthly.

Features of The Williams Tower

In addition to its size and beauty, the tower serves as an anchor to the city’s uptown side. It helps cement Houston’s image as a business city that is always prospering. Because of tenant requirements, this modern office tower serves as two buildings on top of each other. Furthermore, each ‘building’ has its respective car, garages, elevators, and lobbies.  It has a staggering sixty-four floors and forty-nine elevators.

The award-winning team of Philip Johnson and John Burgee maximizes the tower’s space by adding more speculative space for multiple tenants. Additionally, the Williams Tower also offers all of its major tenants the privacy of having your own building while utilizing all of its land space. Some other popular features of this spectacular building have been the following:

  • An arched entrance made of granite that soars up to 88 feet in height, adding to its beautiful look.
  • The Gerald D. Hines Waterwall Park is a three-acre park adjacent to the building, which is home to a sixty-four-foot water wall. A fantastic location to take pictures.
  • It has two helipads approved by the Federal Aviation Administration.
  • The top of the Williams Tower has a 7,000-watt beacon that is visible up to forty miles away. It is similar to the Palmolive Building in Chicago, Illinois.
Houston TX Williams Tower The Galleria

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Energy Saving Building

A person may think that a massive building such as the Williams Tower uses a lot of energy. Because of this, Hines makes sure the tower that looms over the uptown district is energy efficient. Hines is a leader in the Environmental Protection Agency’s ENERGY STAR program. The program is to promote energy efficiency in products, homes, commercial buildings, and industrial buildings. Hines and the Williams Tower receive the ENERGY STAR label every year since 2000.

As a leader in the business world, Hines and the William Tower sets an example by promoting energy conservation. In more recent years, the building managers are working with the United States Green Building Council for certification in LEED. LEED stands for Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design. Hines and the Williams Tower take environmental responsibility seriously.

Houston TX Williams Tower The Galleria

The Williams Tower is one of Houston’s most iconic buildings.

The Galleria Mall in Houston, TX

Arguably one of the aspects of the Williams Tower location is that it is adjacent to the Galleria Mall. The Williams Tower conveniently connects to this popular retail outlet. The Galleria mall is officially the largest mall in Texas and the seventh-largest in the United States. With four hundred stores and over three million square feet, this mall has an annual average of over thirty-five million visitors per year! The Galleria mall opened on November 16, 1970, and has been a mainstay in the uptown district of Houston, Texas. It is one of the most visited attractions in the entire Greater Houston area. The mall has four anchors, which are Macy’s, Neiman Marcus, Nordstrom, and Saks Fifth Avenue.

The Galleria Mall isn’t just famous. It’s also innovative. There is a 20,000 square-foot ice skating rink inside its wall, making it the first mall ever to have a full ice skating rink. Additionally, there are over fifty eateries here and even a jogging track on the mall’s atrium. Both the Galleria Mall and the Williams Tower complement each other quite beautifully.

Houston TX Williams Tower The Galleria

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There is no doubt about it; the Williams Tower is a classic piece of Houston architecture. It has accentuated the Houston skyline with its steering height, modern design, and an outstanding beacon. Because of this, Williams Tower is one of the most impressive buildings in the country. In addition to being a central place of business, the tower offers recycling and bicycle parking to cut back on the carbon imprint. The Williams Towers continues to be a fantastic sight, no matter what day of the year it is. When you search for “Houston TX Williams Tower The Galleria,” you will be blown away by its fantastic architecture.

Houston TX Fun Facts

  • There are nearly 3500 restaurants on Westheimer Parkway
  • Houston has 4 professional sports teams that call it home
  • The JP Morgan Chase Tower is the tallest tower in Houston
  • Find out more about Houston TX by checking them out
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