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SEO Services is no longer an opportunity you can pass up. If you’re a business or small firm, other companies are pushing their content online to get more notoriety. Therefore, to stay competitive, you need to hire an SEO agency that can deliver online marketing content for you. Actual SEO Media, Inc., specializes in page optimization and can take your SEO campaign to the next level. Your products or services can’t get the recognition you want without a solid SEO strategy for your content marketing.

We provide search engine optimization, web design, online marketing consultations, and other local SEO services. When it comes to SEO, look no further than Actual SEO Media, Inc. We excel in high quality. Moreover, optimizing your site is our main priority. Some owners make the mistake of trying to perform SEO services themselves. They will either put more work on themselves or coworkers to get the job done. Delegating these tasks to your coworkers might seem beneficial at first.

However, most companies tend to fall outside of the guidelines of Google’s and other search engines’ standards. There are guidelines for concepts such as keyword research, link building, and your overall SEO plan. Thinking you can handle all the work yourself can ultimately end up in disappointment. As an owner, you already have a variety of responsibilities to do. Why put more pressure on yourself or the staff by taking on more than you can chew? Let our SEO team carry some of the burdens.

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Your Partner for SEO Services

Allow Actual SEO Media, Inc. to be your partner for SEO services. Social media is always changing and a constant presence in our society. It would be a disadvantage not to utilize it for your business. Technical SEO is a bit complicated to understand. Professionals like us will dedicate our time to get you on top of the ranking for search results. Gaining traction for your site through organic searches is the best way to make sure you are getting real-time traffic.

Hence, everything we do in terms of service is genuine and organic. For example, some companies like to buy web traffic to give the appearance that they are accessible and relevant to consumers. However, if they can’t live up to their online status, it will end up hurting them in the long run. Not to mention, if they use their money to buy traffic, and yet, no one still engages with their site, they lose even more revenue. We generate organic traffic for you without purchasing any artificial ones.

We help large and small businesses in the long term. SEO is a commitment a company needs to invest in if they want results online actively. Business owners will not be disappointed in our services. Since we dedicate all of our time to content optimization, you can focus on your bottom line. We’ll be able to develop a mutualistic relationship that will benefit both of us in the long run. We want your business to succeed. Let us be your partner throughout your business endeavor.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

If you’re new to SEO, the term stands for search engine optimization. Imagine your typing a generic phrase into the search bar, such as “stores near me.” Through search algorithms, the sites which rank who are associated with that keyword will appear on the first page. The first page is the result you want for your company because statistics show that most people who browse don’t go past the first page of search engines. Unfortunately, this concept means no matter how much work you put into your business or website, there is a high probability no one will see all of your efforts.

This result can be devastating. After all, some owners put all of their time, money, and effort into their business. Can you imagine doing all of that work for it to be for nothing? Actual SEO Media, Inc. won’t let all of your hard work be in vain. We can develop marketing goals toward optimizing your site. SEO marketing is more than just typing the right phrase in and hoping people will find you. There is a formula for search engine results. We’re an SEO company that looks at Google Analytics, traffic leads, targeted keywords, and more.

Quality content happens with passion. Fortunately, we have a passionate team ready to publicize your products or services. We employ a plethora of different techniques such as link building, meta tags, and keyword research to help you out in the long term. Social media is a great tool to use, and we will use it to its fullest potential. Experienced SEO specialists will know how to grow your online business exponentially. Let us help you get the results you’ve dreamed of today.

Keyword Research Team

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One of the teams we have dedicated to your success is our keyword research team. Keyword research is fundamental in getting you the words people are typing in to find for your type of industry. These keywords include phrases or key points your potential customers are using to find these products and services, as well. Our team uses software such as Semrush to generate organic results of those keywords. Semrush is a tool that will allow you to type in one phrase and make other words associated with that phrase.

Typing SEO services, for example, will display seventy more phrases associated with that term. These additional phrases are terms other people type into search engines to get the same result or a similar one. However, it isn’t easy as typing in a random word and getting organic results. Those results have percentages, showing you how many people use it. Also, research needs to be done beforehand to make sure the keyword typed will give you the optimal results.

As you have probably surmised, this process takes time. Any SEO company that claims to get your rank fast is most likely not being forthcoming about their practices. Search engine optimization is also continually changing. Local SEO services are needed if you want your business to get ahead. Your online presence will aid you much, and you want your business profile done right. Actual SEO Media, Inc. can allow your site to look the part of a prestigious website as well as rank in status.

Content Development

Once you research keywords, it is up to our writing team to produce high-quality content surrounding those keywords. By implementing blogs, article writing, and even web content, our writing team will make an impact for you through their words. We take the information you give us about your business and turn it into written content audiences can relate to and engage with on your page. Our writers create content for your site each month to make it relevant and current.

Custom WordPress PHP Development and Its Benefits

One of the great features that come with our services is our custom WordPress theme development. You may be asking yourself, what’s the use of custom theme development when I can just use an existing template? Well, there are various benefits that come from using a custom WordPress theme. Here are a few of the great features you’ll find in our custom theme development.

  • Faster Speeds – The custom WordPress themes are great as they avoid all the bloat the is included in ready-to-go themes. Theme development companies create themes that they’ll sell at a high volume. To do so, they’ll attempt to add every feature that they think users will want. Consequently, this adds bloat and will slow a website down.
  • Attraction – Custom theme designs are a great way of distinguishing your company and building value in terms of attraction. Simply put, the design of a site is still very important. When using a ready-to-use theme, you’re essentially boxing yourself into what that theme offers, with little room to experiment. Instead of determining how you want a site to look, you’ll be stuck thinking about what you can fit into the purchased theme. Actual SEO Media, Inc doesn’t do theme limitations. Instead, we’ll build whatever our clients want.
  • Better Scalability – When using purchased themes, all the unnecessary features that come with them can affect the scaling of your website. Simply put, unnecessary code and features terrible enemies to website scalability. With our custom themes, your site will scale better as it’ll only have the features you need. Even more, we’re able to create custom interfaces for your content, such as staff profiles, case studies, and services. The easier it is to manage your WordPress website, the better it will scale.
  • Staying Focused – Managing your own website can sometimes make you lose focus on your overall goal. Just think about it. When managing your own website, you’ll have to worry about things such as layout frustration, WordPress of PHP bugs, the website going down, and the constant distraction of making sure everything is working the way it should be. With Actual SEO Media, you’ll be able to focus on what you do best.
  • Exceptional Customer Support – Think about this for a second. Who do you think will give you better support, a theme development company you paid 50 dollars to, or a WordPress agency that is more of a partner to you and your business? When you choose Actual SEO Media, you can expect friendly, knowledgable, and responsive support.
  • Additional Considerations for Scalability:

More Plugins: Using purchased themes may require you to rely on plugins that have unneeded functionality.

-Fewer Features: Even though premium themes normally have a wide array of features, some can actually lack the ones you need

-Limited Support: If your premium theme lacks good support, you could have problems in scaling

User-friendly web design

Easy-to-use web design

Website Design

The look of your site is also essential in terms of measuring how long people stay on. If your numbers are low, either someone didn’t find what they were looking for, or your site isn’t aesthetically appealing. Google Analytics can help gauge your audience’s activity. Our designers look at every detail down to the letter when it comes to your content. Sharp pictures, relevant topics, the feasibility of navigation, and other areas all contribute to a person’s interest in the site.

If there is an area that’s lacking, our web team addresses it and improves upon it. Our team also makes sure the coding, programming, and other criteria are up to par to create a user’s experience as smooth as possible. Therefore, if you’re an owner and you haven’t made your website yet, then it’s a service we’re able to do for you. After you have completed your site, you will notice a significant improvement. Plus, potentially, more customers will be attracted to it and want to browse. Website design is a necessity.

The more site traffic you have, the more popular and credible your brand will become. Additionally, the longer someone visits your site, the more engaged they are with your content. Analytics is a tool for you to survey how many customers are interested in what you do and what type of people you are getting. Factors such as age, ethnicity, physical attributes, and others contribute to a person’s interest in your products or service.

Bad Practices

Most SEO companies don’t perform the in-depth work we do when it comes to your business. The processes mentioned before are a legitimate way to do business when it comes to your SEO content. However, there are those SEO companies that can get you penalized if you don’t ask the right questions beforehand. For example, SEO representatives may use “black hat” techniques to get ahead. What are black hat techniques? They are underhanded tactics used to manipulate the search engine.

Keyword stuffing is a prime example of this as it is an unethical practice of filling your content with irrelevant keywords to get a higher rank. These keywords places into the metatags, your content, or backlinks. As we said before, the more keywords your content has, the greater your chances to rank higher. However, due to Google’s policies, it will see through this tactic. Any company practicing this technique will be penalized and lose the trust of search engines such as Bing and Google.

As for website development, a common bad practice is using too many plugins. As we mentioned above, having unnecessary plugins on your website can drastically slow down your web speeds. And as you know, site speeds are extremely important for your SEO rankings. By choosing Actual SEO Media, you’ll have a professional agency working specifically to avoid bad practices that could affect your company negatively.

Optimizing Your Site the Right Way

Effective Internet Marketing

Internet Marketing Services

When it comes to your SEO services, Actual SEO Media, Inc. will increase your online presence the right way. Unlike some of our competitors, we don’t practice “black hat” techniques. It may seem to work initially, but you’ll get penalized in the long run and will have to build yourself back up from the bottom. So why restart your bottom line when you can make it up the right way from the very beginning? Our ethical methods speak for themselves and stand above any SEO company’s underhanded tactic.

Our owners Jamin Mootz and Benjamin Thompson, came into the world of digital marketing to help businesses succeed. There are so many start-up companies that fail simply due to a lack of online presence and advertising. We’ve come across plenty of businesses that have good ideas and have helped them succeed due to our online persistence. A combination of keyword research, web content, web design, and perseverance is needed to keep your site afloat.

Once put into place, SEO strategy is a beneficial tool that will take you to new heights you haven’t imagined before. We’re a business, too, and implement the same practices to stay relevant as we do to your site. A company that practices what it preaches is always an excellent way to start a foundation of trust. Throughout our partnership with your business, transparency and trust are the qualities you’ll get from us when we do business.

What to Ask for From Your Local SEO

Moreover, if you’re already using an SEO company or haven’t used one, they should be transparent as possible. Any SEO company that hesitates to answer your questions or avoids them may not be an excellent company to commit to in your venture. For instance, ask what strategies they will implement toward driving web traffic or their track record for increasing other businesses’ ranking. If they aren’t able to answer those questions, you’ll know they aren’t the right SEO company for you.

An SEO company in control of your online presence shouldn’t be afraid to answer any question you may ask. After all, it is your business. You have every right to ask questions about how your company is represented. Actual SEO Media, Inc. understands the concern you may have for all of your content. Therefore, we work with you to get you what you want. We’re your partner and maintain that relationship through every aspect of the business.

We are a company that will do our best in every aspect we do. Actual SEO Media, Inc. doesn’t let up when it comes to generating more people to your site nor developing content. Our persistence is second to none. Plus, we have affordable prices for our clients and will never try to take advantage of your financial resources. We implement strategies tailored to your specific business needs. No package is the same for any client when you do business with us. Our prices customize your interests.

Social Media and Digital Marketing

Social media services have become a prevalent concept embedded in our very culture. It’s hard to imagine how far we’ve come just in a century. Now, some people can’t live without connecting to people on social media. Because of this interest, it’s advantageous for businesses to use online services to reach their audience. Actual SEO Media, Inc. capitalizes on the opportunity for you and leads traffic to your site. Digital marketing has become the lead source for recognition for businesses.

Interacting and engaging with your audience has never been easier. People want to feel like their relevant and making a difference in the quality of your business. Blog posts we create is a gateway to that. People can comment on blog posts while you can respond to the feedback. Think about it. No business became successful without constructive criticism and feedback. Customers can voice their opinions to you for you to improve on areas you never gave thought to before.

This constructive exchange can lead to positive change, such as popularity through social networking. Additionally, online media has made it easier to send messages, videos, photos, and share information. You can use all of these avenues to connect with your audience and make your brand stand out. Another concept boosted through technology is mobile devices, which are also gateways to the world of online.

Finding SEO Services in Houston

We are one of the best and result-oriented SEO companies for Houston.

Mobile-Friendly Devices

If your site isn’t mobile-friendly for devices, your business is missing out on a big market. Almost everywhere you go, you can see a person with their phone. Sites, apps, and other content can be addictive to the average viewer. Therefore, a lot of businesses do conversions for their website for compatibility with mobile devices. Social apps such as Facebook and Twitter give a great platform to companies like you. You can be where all of the news filters through and get your name out there.

Video game industries, production companies, waste management, and other companies all use social media to their advantage to connect with the public. Why be the odd man out? The internet is now a prime source of publicizing all of your content. Since people tend to stay active on their phones, making your site mobile-friendly allows users to engage with your site on any device they may come across. More accessibility means more views for your website.

The more accessible your site is to everyone, the more likely it is to succeed. When it comes down to it, the probability is key to your notoriety. The more keywords you have in your content, the more likely you’ll increase in ranking. The higher your ranking, the better the chance you will appear on the first page. And if you’re on the first page, the more likely consumers can spot you on their PC or mobile devices. The idea is to increase your chances through every aspect of SEO. Therefore, you can get ahead of the game.


Backlinks are also a viable resource to rely on to generate more traffic. They are web pages that link to other pages. For example, if you made an article about biking content, you may have links that refer back to the original business site. This technique will help you attract more attention to your original site as well as promote the content you’ve created. Backlinks can be a very effective marketing technique if implemented correctly.

However, some companies don’t use this technique properly. Like cloaking and keyword stuffing, some people will abuse the strategy and link it to already established sites. Also, the linking sites won’t be relevant to the content. These types of companies will only be using the locations for their ranking. The last thing you want is a penalization for trying to manipulate the system. We can’t stress enough how important it is to stay within the guidelines of major search engines.

When you employ Actual SEO Media, Inc., you’ll never have to worry about us using shortcuts to get your website in good standing. We don’t need to use such practices to get you ahead of your industry. We do everything in our power to make sure you are experiencing the best search engine optimization we can provide. Therefore, you can rest assured that we’ll handle your online requirements efficiently and professionally.

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Our SEO and internet marketing company improves your market share and helps your business achieve its goals. Get real-world digital marketing solutions.

We Provide Online Reputation and Management

When it comes to your online reputation, you’ll find that Actual SEO Media, Inc. will improve your status. All of the factors mentioned previously deal with managing your online business profile. As an owner, you don’t want such an important task delegated to an inexperienced party. We specialize in getting you the tools you need to be successful. All of the components that go into search engine optimization are crucial for your online campaign. Without a competent business behind your social media, the results you’ll get will most likely be sub-par at best.

We don’t do things halfway. Most of our clients are satisfied with our services because we give thoroughly go through all the work we do to make sure it is presentable to clientele. Though we do a large quantity of work for businesses, we don’t sacrifice our quality. Moreover, your online management should be something you shouldn’t have to worry about once partnering with us. Actual SEO Media, Inc. ensures your place at the top of the industry. Our influence and reach will change your profile in the market. SEO optimizes your views and notoriety online, which is what we want to do for your company.

Online reputation and management should be an involved process conducted by a reliable SEO company. Let us show you why search engine optimization is the new way to connect to your targeted audience. With your increase in views, you’ll find that our services are the way to go. However, we know actions speak louder than words. Let us direct your presence on the web and show everyone why they need to click on your website. We don’t condone trying to take on the world yourself. Everyone needs a shoulder to lean on when pursuing their goals. We are capable of some of the most spectacular feats when we work together.

Contact Actual SEO Media, Inc. To Revolutionize Your Business

Increasing your bottom line should be your primary focus as a business owner. Actual SEO Media, Inc. is not here to pitch you something too good to be true. We know it will take work, time, and effort. These are attributes you already put toward establishing your business. You shouldn’t have to work double as hard to get things done for your site and company at the same time.

Moreover, trying to juggle more things on your plate will cause everything to fall. Before potentially stumbling into a downward spiral, give us a try. We’re here for the long-term and will incorporate your concerns with our own. You are our primary focus because, without you, we wouldn’t have an online presence either. Start your mutual partnership with us today by acquiring our SEO services.

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