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Every Houston business owner needs the right internet marketing agency to grow and take their business to the next level. Consider Actual SEO Media, Inc., and what we offer to every one of our clients and future clients. Actual SEO Media, Inc. has been developed and trained in this very competitive market. We use state-of-the-art software to ensure the best results for our clients. They are the reason we strive to provide the best possible SEO available.

Internet Marketing Agency Houston TX
Our Houston internet marketing agency has prospered to the top of our class. We are dominating the search engines in the organic listing like Google, Yahoo, and Bing. Remember, if you are looking for a great online advertising company, it only makes sense that they have an excellent presence online themselves.

An Internet Marketing Agency You Can Trust 

Our experience and very competitive nature help us take our clients to the front of Google’s searches. Here at Actual SEO Media, Inc., digital online marketing is in our blood. We strive to be the best and take our clients to all new heights of advertising. Avoiding pitfalls and setbacks and giving great advice is our pleasure and job. We work hands-on with the clients and also work where you can be hands-off. Actual SEO Media, Inc. has the resources and experts in each field to take care of all your online marketing needs.

There is a good chance you found Actual SEO Media, Inc., with a search engine. You may have searched “internet marketing agency Houston TX” on Google, and found us as a result. The only way that happens is if our SEO is working as intended. We can market ourselves in a way that our clients can find us. That means that we can do the same for you. We do our best to increase the online presence of big and small businesses. Our SEO services include numerous aspects of SEO, and we want to share those with you.

A Fast-Growing Internet Marketing Agency

Being the most prominent digital online marketing firm in Houston, we find the keywords and phrases that drive your Internet business further. By using the keywords that appeal to your target audience, we can help you create a practical path to your new clients. We can keep your content fresh and exciting so that your customers will want to return. Also, we know where your customers are and which words will most effectively bring them to you. For that reason, we can help you move your website to the top of search engines everywhere.

The teams we have at Actual SEO Media, Inc. include SEO specialists, content writers, and web developers. These areas of expertise help you with your business development and excellent SEO scoring. Each of these teams works together to obtain a common goal, but they all do very different work. For example, the SEO specialists will have a completely different day than that of a web developer. However, these two positions work together to create amazing SEO results. Just ask one of our many clients about our work and how we operate.

Why You Need SEO

To ensure that your local business gets the most coverage and exposure possible, we focus on the essential SEO services. Website design, keyword research and selection, and article writing are the most significant aspects of improving a business’s search engine ranking. Once all of that is explored and incorporated, all that remains is to provide quality customer support that keeps the results coming. Regardless of what your business is, it would benefit from having Actual SEO Media, Inc. manage your online presence.

Website Design and Development

Mobile SEO Marketing Packages

Phone Tracking For a product or service to be successful, good marketing tactics

Every team at Actual SEO Media, Inc. is essential, but the web developers certainly have a crucial job because SEO cannot be generated without a website. The website anchors the SEO in one place, which we will then build on to. Now, features like social media are not precisely anchored to your website, but they are used to lead people to your site.

Businesses require a website to be found and to gain customers. It is rare for a company not to have a website. Some people find social media is a good substitute, but a website provides so much more flexibility when it comes to SEO. Sites also give users a better experience then what some social media platforms can.

Our website developers can create a modern and stylish website. They can build it from the ground up or base it on an existing site. It is common for businesses to want to upgrade to a better platform or a different look. That said, there are checkmarks we need to hit when creating your website. For example, sites must have a mobile-friendly version, or Google will penalize it. People are always on their phones, and there is a higher chance of them finding your business on their phone.

If a website does not work comfortably on your phone, then your bounce rate will be high. The bounce rate is the rate in which people click off your website without clicking onto another page. We want to reduce the bounce rate as much as possible. Having a well-designed website, rich content, and a mobile-friendly version will decrease that bounce rate.

Website Content

Content is a massive part of the website development phase. Your pages need to have relevant content to customers and Google. Our web developers work closely with our content writers to fill webpages up with rich and relevant content. Web pages will be developed and added to your company’s site. As they are added, content is added. Web pages include content for things company aspects such as about us, services, location, or even a blog. These webpages are filled with content that is both interesting and relevant to what online consumers are searching for online.

Individual pages may require more information and content. Regardless, our writers can develop content around each page. Furthermore, webpage content is not the only writing our writers create. They can also work on articles, blogs, or even product descriptions. These areas of content need to be full of SEO-friendly text. Our team of writers uses several programs to help them create the best SEO content possible.

Our software allows the content writers to integrate the programs which make the process faster than jumping from tab to tab. Additionally, our content writers will ensure the content have keywords relevant to your business. Every business is different, so the keyword will reflect that, but they have vast experience in developing writing for any subject.

Article Content

Likely the most common form of SEO content marketing, keyword articles are tailored to match Google’s search criteria to maximize efficiency. These articles act as attention-grabbers to capture Google’s gaze and consider your site as a top priority result.

SEO-oriented writers

Professional writers for your SEO-friendly content

SEO Keyword Research

Keywords are the words or phrases people type into the Google search bar to find what they are looking for. Our search engine consultants find these keywords and hand them off to our content writers. They will then develop keyword-rich content to create excellent search engine optimization. Furthermore, SEO specialists can also find keywords that are ranking your competitors higher.

We can analyze these results to develop the best marketing strategies for our clients. Actual SEO Media, Inc. is aggressive when it comes to SEO, but we do it in the right way. We promote local and organic SEO growth, unlike some other marketing companies. Other SEO agencies may practice black hat SEO. Black hat SEO is when companies pay for traffic. That means your web traffic is bots rather than real people. Actual SEO Media, Inc. used organic growth, which means you will gain traffic over time and grow.

We find organic growth to be the best way to bring real people to your company. The more people’s eyes are on your business, the more business you are likely to get. Local SEO is also when we target local areas that your business is located in. Adding geographical tags to keywords can benefit your SEO. It helps potential clients find you.

Of course, this is only a small part of what SEO specialists do. Keywords are only a tiny portion of their daily duties. They also manage many other elements of your website and accounts in general. This team does an excellent job of creating the best SEO possible for any business.

An Internet Marketing Agency with Client Support

Once your keyword has been selected, turned into articles, and your website has been designed, your site is now ready to go live. Your SEO begins once we bring your website online. However, our SEO services don’t end there. We keep track of your website’s progress and results and keep you in the loop. In addition to staying updated on your web traffic, we also contact you regularly to check in on your business’s improvement.

Our Client Support team also manages all of your online services and social media accounts. We create and manage your Google My Business, pay-per-click advertising services, and much more. So whether it’s social media marketing and advertising or email marketing, Actual SEO Media, Inc. provides the best SEO services in the industry. Our monthly content also assists you in keeping your website updated for Google’s search algorithm. Even if you can’t find time to call in and update us on your business’s return on investment, no worries! We’ll call you and save you the trouble.

Internet Marketing Agency

No matter the business, we’ll make SEO work for you

Other SEO Services That Make a Difference

Actual SEO Media, Inc. knows that SEO doesn’t purely revolve around articles and keywords. While they play a significant role in improving your business’s SEO, there are other ways to boost your online reach. Between email marketing or inbound marketing, we bring in new customers so that your business doesn’t go dull. Once you get a look at the rest of our services, you’ll see why we take SEO so seriously.

Email Marketing

As an internet marketing agency, we know all too well that emails are incredibly important in any business. Not even just business, but everyday life often revolves around the email we receive. Even though we live in a social media age, target email is still an incredibly effective method for relaying information to your contacts. Newsletters and promotional emails for local businesses always bring in results. Studies have shown that advertisements and valuable offers via email have brought in thousands of inquiries for local companies.

When it comes to grabbing the attention of customers, it’s essential to grab it wherever you can. For example, clients who check their email regularly will come across your email. As long as some of them view and call in regarding a particular service, email marketing is doing what it’s intended for. When your clients opt-in for your business’s emails, they are showing interest in your business and its services. They are deciding to stay in the loop regarding your future offers and services. Additionally, Actual SEO Media, Inc.’s email services are not spam, so you know that the recipients of your emails are genuinely subscribed to your business.

Social Media Marketing

Today is undoubtedly the age of Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn. Social media has become a massive aspect of everyone’s life. Whether you are a start-up business or have been in it for decades, social media advertising is a vast market waiting to be utilized. As an internet marketing agency, it would be strange if we didn’t include social media as a part of our expertise. We can create your social media accounts for you and manage them so that you can focus on your business.

Additionally, we link your blog posts to your social media accounts so that your audience online gets updated on all of your content. It’s vital to keep your social media accounts active. Otherwise, it drops in search engine rankings due to not being updated. Of course, you don’t have to update it daily to remain in Google’s good graces. Actual SEO Media, Inc. creates at least two blog posts a month to keep your accounts updated.

Houston TX SEO Company

What are the best types of content marketing for SEO? Time to find out!

Incredibly Cost-Effective

To provide the most bang for your buck, you must consider these services for your local business. The World Wide Web can be long and rocky, but shortcuts and detours you should be taken with caution. It is proven that the best results come with hard work and fully understanding each client’s unique needs. And this is why each of our clients will get a custom experience built around their product, their business size, and their goals. Above all, when you employ professionals like Actual SEO Media, Inc., you will quickly learn that we will have the customer’s best interests in mind.

Choose Us as Your Internet Marketing Agency

Actual SEO Media, Inc. brings the best results for search engines in the market. When it comes to choosing the best SEO agency in Houston, it’s vital to select one with the right mix of employees. For example, newer SEO companies are often unequipped and unprepared for implementing proper SEO. It takes a certain level of experience to know what you’re doing and anticipate potential roadblocks you may face along the way. Actual SEO Media, Inc. has the expertise to tackle any issue that may occur.

On the other hand, older marketing agencies may have advertising experience, but don’t stay updated on modern strategies. As a result, many experienced marketing companies only operate with an outdated mentality. They focus their efforts on expensive TV, radio, and newspaper ads. These methods, while still relevant, are not as effective or cost-effective as they used to be. Today’s markets and consumers have moved online for maximum convenience. For a market like this, you need marketers who understand how the industry has altered and how to navigate it. Only Actual SEO Media, Inc. has the perfect blend of seasoned veterans and young-minded talent to generate innovative and fresh new solutions to modern marketing problems.

Contact Actual SEO Media, Inc. for Your Internet Marketing

Actual SEO Media, Inc. dedicates its efforts to provide your local business with the most exceptional SEO services in the market. When you decide on an SEO company, you need the most reliable and effective one you can find. Houston and the rest of Harris County can count themselves lucky that we’re located right in the heart of Houston. So no matter where in Texas you’re operating in, Actual SEO Media, Inc. has got you covered. Our offices are always looking for new ways to aid our clients with their online presence.

Let our premier SEO company optimize your website for the best SEO performance possible. Give us a call at (832) 834-0661 to learn more about our internet and online marketing services in the Houston area. Learn more about our company and our strategies by visiting our Houston Main Office or our Williams Tower locations.


Actual SEO Media, Inc. will expand your

REACH and build your BRAND


What is SEO?

SEO (search engine optimization) is needed in every business’s online website to rank organically in the major search engines. Working on SEO by yourself is time-consuming and takes away from the time you spend on your actual business. When you hire us, you get an expert firm that can handle everything for you. Because we have so many clients, we know what works and what does not, as today’s search engines evolve.

We incorporate that experience and knowhow to provide your business with optimized search results that reel in potential customers. The future of marketing requires innovation and out-of-the-box thinking. If you have never considered an internet marketing agency before because you think the Internet is a waste of time, you may have a large number of opportunities passing you by. Actual SEO Media, Inc. integrates premier SEO strategies and practices to boost your online visibility for those looking for your services.




Branding is needed to bring familiarity to your future clients. SEO branding and marketing help you gain new clients or customers that you couldn’t reach before. In today’s digital age, your online reputation is everything. Consumers today rely on online presence and reviews for everything, so the best option is to build an online reputation. Actual SEO Media, Inc. can get you started on a better marketing path than any other marketer in the game.




The first thing about online marketing is providing a dynamic website for your viewers. Your site should be engaging and user-friendly so that your visitors stay on your business for longer. The longer someone is on your site, the better it ranks on Google. We have web design experts working right here in Houston, Texas that can make visits, work over the phone, and even help with remote access to your computer. Our website designers are leaps and bounds above your typical web designer. We built entirely custom websites that are tailored for the search engines. Because of this, all of our custom sites are made for easy use and made precisely to the customer’s request. You can learn all about our website development when you call in for a free consultation.




Have you ever heard, “Content is King?” Simply put, the content you include on your website determines the reputation your site gets. Also, the content of your website helps Google decide whether or not your site is safe and reliable for searchers. We generate original content for your websites, blogs, marketing campaigns, and social media platforms. Actual SEO Media, Inc.’s writing department extensively researches your business and uses that knowledge to produce accurate content for your Google to notice. When your content is well written and tailored to the search engine requirements, your content will soar and be shared all over the Internet. Therefore, when content is utilized correctly, your website will reap the benefits.




No matter what your opinion is of it, social media is a force to reckon with. Depending on your business and your niche, social media can make the difference between profit and a dead business. Our social media marketing can deliver tremendous results when used correctly. Targeting new clients, getting new connections, and business branding are all ways we use this tool to push you above your competitors. With the future of advertising revolving around short and concise messages and campaigns, it’s essential to utilize social media platforms to its fullest extent.




When it comes to premier content creation, Actual SEO Media, Inc. relies on the industry’s most reliable programs. Our sophisticated software programs are crucial tools in our arsenal that help us generate the content you need for your business. With these programs on each of our websites, we ensure that mistakes are at the most minimum and that everything looks professional when we finish. Our services assist you by improving your site’s hosting, speeds, responsiveness, and progress tracking. All of this benefits you by making website management intuitive and accessible to even non-tech savvy clients. These features and services are what make us the best search engine optimization company in Houston, Texas.



What people see regarding your company online dramatically affects your business. Bad reviews and vocal consumers who feel burned by you can decrease your Google search engine ranking by just using your business’s name in a negative context. Actual SEO Media, Inc. provides damage control and review vetting. We help push down any negative reviews or comments you have under your business. With only your best reviews and positive feedback showing on the first page, your business can put its best foot forward online and get the best results for it. Most search engine users don’t go beyond the first two pages for any search. This means that if you are not on those first two pages, your business isn’t getting the results it needs. Actual SEO Media, Inc. focuses on improving your reputation, and therefore your search engine ranking.



Local businesses need the most exposure possible to survive and prosper. For proper exposure, it’s imperative to get an SEO agency that provides you with the most exceptional services. We help with your local SEO by correctly setting up and optimizing your Google Maps and Google My Business pages. Actual SEO Media, Inc. will help put you in hundreds of thousands of directories and citations. We have an expert team of SEO specialists to promote your local business efficiently and effectively.

When you trust our internet marketing agency with your company name, we focus on making sure that no stone is unturned. To keep your business on top of Google, we keep it relevant and updated with reoccurring monthly content. Our analysts, writers, and web designers understand the most significant aspects of SEO. As a result, we use our knowledge and experience to bring clients into the future of marketing, one business at a time. Find out more about us by checking out our other services and reading about the various locations we serve.

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