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    Every site needs optimization

    Can you find your business on Google – from your Smart phone, Tablet, iPad, laptop, or home desktop computer? This is very important; every website needs to be mobile friendly and easily accessed on smart phones, tablets, and other mobile devices.

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    More consumers do this

    More and more people today including yourself are looking up and finding information on these mobile devices while on the run. Consumers are becoming more and more tech savvy.

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    This is how we can help

    We are here to help you make your website mobile friendly, easy to view, and simple to navigate. This is necessary today for all website owners if you don’t want to lose customers because your website is too slow, and impossible to navigate on these smart devices.

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    Local Mobile Marketing

    Mobile Phone marketing is the way by which you communicate your promotional, branding or marketing information through a mobile device to your potential or existing customers. You may send your message in the form of SMS or webpages that are accessible by mobile or mobile applications.

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    Local Social Media

    The need of the hour is to have the social media services and the Search Engine Optimization on a level where you don’t have to think about them when it comes to promoting your business.

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    Local SEO Services

    If you want to do business online and you aim to be successful with it, it is of extreme importance for you to be familiar with the best techniques to market your website and reach out to the largest possible audience within the shortest period of time.

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Top 5 Questions to Ask a Social Media Manager before Hiring Them

Are you looking for a local Houston social media manager? Every business owner knows about the importance of social media marketing, but how many really have the time to manage their various social media accounts by themselves? It really does not make sense for you to attempt to do it all yourself. You would be much better off hiring a professional such as a social media manager.

A social media manager does a lot more than just sending a few tweets or posting status updates. Their responsibilities include performing extensive research on your target audience, such as what moves them or motivates them, and can drive them to action.

They engage with your customers and respond quickly to any questions, comments or suggestions. They are also quite adept at managing your online reputation. A good social media manager would respond to any negative feedback and resolves the issue quickly and efficiently to everyone’s satisfaction.

The problem, however, is that there are so many people who claim to be professional social media managers. There are very low barriers to entry in this job; also, most businesses have little idea of how to select the right person to handle their social media accounts.

But this is a job for a true professional. While there are many social media managers in Houston, there are only a few who are truly good at what they are supposed to do. In this article, we list 5 questions you should ask a social media manager before hiring them.

Questions to Ask a Local Houston Social Media Manager…

 #1: Can you talk us through the results that you hope to achieve for us?

Any social media manager, you hire should be able to give you a very good idea of what they bring to the table. This should be based on their earlier experience and results achieved in past campaigns. They should be very clear in their communication with you and explain what they hope to achieve, at various stages of the campaign.

#2: Which social media platforms do you specialize in?

With the exception of Facebook, which has 1.6 billion users and is universal, not all social media platforms have the same audience. This means, not every social media site is appropriate for your business. For example, if you are a fashion retailer, you must be on Instagram, as Instagram is a very visual medium. Similarly, if you have a fast food restaurant, you should be on Twitter, as it gets the message out to your audience quickly and efficiently. Make sure that your social media manager specializes in the social networks that are appropriate for your business.

#3: Can you show us some of the projects that you are working on right now?

Any professional social media manager wouldn’t mind showing their current projects to prospective clients. You should be very wary of those who try to dodge their question or offer excuses for not giving you a glimpse into their current projects. In that case you’ll have every reason to assume that they are hiding something. It’s quite simple, if you cannot see what you’re buying into, don’t buy.

#4: How do you measure ROI in social media marketing?

The social media manager should be able to explain the factors involved in measuring ROI. They should be able to explain the tangible benefits of their campaign to your business in factual terms. Watch out for those who appear too vague with their answers or exaggerate what they can do for you. What you want here is a realistic assessment of your business, the expected budget and the likely results.

#5: Have you had to deal with a critical situation before? If yes, can you tell us more about it?

Every social media campaign has its highs and lows. It is not unheard of for even the best social media managers to make mistakes. The question is what they do next to come out of it. Ask your candidate about the critical situations they have had to deal with. Their answer would tell you a lot about their experience. If they tell you that their biggest crisis was mistyping an URL once in a tweet, well, that’s silly. You’ll know they are not exactly the serious prospects that you are looking for.

Hope you found the information given in this article to be useful. Just remember social media marketing is not as easy as it seems to be, which is why hiring the right local Houston social media manager can be critical to your business.

Seo Houston Local vs. Global or International Seo

This will be one of your first decisions. Will you be listing your website online in the local Houston Market or State wide, or even Global? The main difference is the amount of competition you will be going against. If you are advertising globally, you will be going against millions and in some cases billions of online advertisers! This can be done but it does take more money and usually more time. Don’t despair there are ways we have of attacking this and getting fast results.

On the other hand if you are a local business owner and want to dominate the local Houston market, depending on the amount of the competition we can get you rank fairly fast with great results. The longer we build rank to your website and give your site more authority the easier it gets to get more and more pages and keywords ranks at the top of the search engines. This is why it is wise to get started now and to call us for a FREE visit so we can take a few minutes to show you what we can do for you to be found online and get your phone ringing!!! Contact us today to learn more about our SEO, digital marketing, and graphic design services in Houston.