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One of the aspects of SEO that we focus on is article writing. We have a great team of professional writers with the skills necessary to write engaging content. Additionally, we spend a large chunk of time researching the best phrases and words to target with our original content. Above all, we aim to write content that will give your website the most organic traffic possible. With our professional writers, you’ll have content that will drive your products and services.

The key in our article writing is how we focus all of our content on specific words or phrases. Our research department finds phrases or keywords commonly searched online by potential customers. Additionally, we have sophisticated software to guide our writing to make it SEO-friendly. Good content is key to attracting more organic traffic to your site. So, having a company that prides itself on producing great content is key to getting your website the highest online ranks possible. With Actual SEO Media, Inc., you’ll have a dedicated team working diligently to help your company’s site get the most online traffic.

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To learn how to optimize your business for local SEO and reach the majority of consumers who use local search to find products or services.

Backend Article Writing

Our content writers focus on many types of online platforms. From web pages to articles and blog posts, we do it all. One of the more significant parts is the backend articles that we write for our clients. Although we can’t go into the coding details that are involved in this process due to time restrictions, we can go over it briefly. Backend articles are content pages that may not show up on your website when customers are surfing the web. The way that these articles work is by appearing when people search for certain things on the internet. These articles are focused on certain words or phrases that our research team has determined to be adequate ways of marketing the client’s company.

When people type in phrases articles are focused on, they’ll be able to find backend articles. This technique is an effective way of targeting specific topics our clients have determined to be adequate representations of their company. Moreover, the articles work as a gateway to the main website. This starting point is one of our most effective ways of attracting organic traffic to our clients. Word count is also a factor as too many, or too few words can make a potential customer lose interest.

SEO Friendly Content Writing

When we start writing content for any of our clients, we do so while adhering to the SEO guidelines set by Google. We have sophisticated software that allows us to grade our content in terms of how SEO-friendly it is. As a result, all the content that we write for our clients is aimed to attract higher rankings on Google. Our writing services are especially excellent for business owners who don’t have the time to work on content for their online platforms. Instead of using freelance writers, you can use our team of professionals to tailor your content to your targeted audience.

In addition to excellent SEO software, we also use some great programs to ensure that our content is unique in terms of grammar and readability. These programs assure that everything we provide for our clients appears professional and well-written. So, you can rest easy knowing that your company will be well-represented online. Also, if your client has a question about a particular topic, our articles are revolved around answering that question.

In-House Professional Writers

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Our team works hard to give you the best online marketing you can get!

There have to be great writers available to create great content. Instead of opting for remote writers, we formed a team of in-house professional writers. In the process of building this team, we made sure to hire writers with the best SEO writing skills. The hiring process is pervasive, but with time and perseverance, we managed to create a great team. These writers are great at getting readers interested in a wide range of articles.

Furthermore, we’ve trained our writers to focus on writing quality content in high quantity. A writer here at Actual SEO Media, Inc. can average approximately 6,000 words a day! Additionally, our writers are trained to write easy-to-read content that will get the reader’s attention and reach lots of people thanks to the SEO guidelines we follow. As a result, the content that we write is of the highest quality in the industry.

Responsive Writing Department

We can write any type of article. Writing excellent content also requires communication. We have a great system of communication that makes it easy for clients to reach us. So when we get notified of a potential mistake, we address the issue as soon as possible. Our focus on excellent customer service stems from the belief that communicating is key to attaining high-rates of customer satisfaction. You can be at ease, knowing any content issues are addressed in a timely and efficient manner. Writing a good article can be difficult for inexperienced writers.

Constantly-Improving Content

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Actual SEO Media. Here to help grow your online presence from day one.

One thing we like to emphasize is our aim always to improve and grow in as many ways as possible. As the Google landscape and guidelines change over time, so does our writing approach. We continuously research the best SEO practices and find the right ones to fit with our clients. The aim here is to always stay up to date with the constant changes Google makes to its SEO algorithm and guidelines.

When you choose Actual SEO Media, Inc., you can expect services are consistently improving, including our writing services. Your online presence will always grow as long as you partner with us. We put our clients first, and that is a principle that we will never change. Above all, we are committed to providing the highest quality of SEO services to all of our clients. When it comes to earning top rankings on search engines, there isn’t a better option than Actual SEO Media, Inc. Contact us at (832) 834-0661 today for your article writing!

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