Article Writing

Let’s say you have a great-looking website. It has a beautiful design that’s nice to look at, no matter how long you stare at it. There are images to break up the blocks of text, links that connect the menu pages to each other, and buttons you can click on that do cool things or send you to cool places. So, what are you missing? Is there anything worth visiting on your website? If all you have are images, free-roaming links, and cool things with nothing to ground them, what you have isn’t a website. It’s a paper castle or a solid foundation with very little built on it. For your website to flourish, you want to build flying buttresses, spires, ramparts, excellent infrastructure, or whatever the website equivalent of a fancy building would be. What you’re really missing is a solid, quality content strategy. Of course, images and videos are also content, but your website won’t hold up with only this form of media to attract your target audience. No matter what age, written content can never go wrong. Not only can written words attract visitors, but they can also retain their interest and keep them on your website for longer. Actual SEO Media, Inc. has a team of in-house writers who can create content for your website so that it can reach its full potential. Our writers can create content in the following types of article writing formats:
  • Articles
  • Blog Posts
  • Web Pages
  • Press Releases
Not only can a high-quality article bring more traffic to your website, but it can also allow it to rank higher on search engine result pages (SERP). Let our SEO experts show you why and how when you contact our team today to learn more.

Article Writing: The Optimal Content For Expansion & Reach

One of the aspects of SEO that we focus on is article writing. We have a great team of professional writers with the skills to write engaging content, no matter what industry your business is in. Our writing professionals collaborate with our SEO experts to ensure each article is SEO-ready and optimized for search engines. Not only will each article be informative and interesting and meet a certain word count, but they’ll also be keyword-rich, so search engines will index them properly and rank them highly. Our SEO team spends a lot of time researching the best phrases and words to target. Why is this keyword research important? Search engines index pages and sites with specific keywords and match them with relevant searches. If you want your website to show up when a potential customer searches for something related to your business, you want your written content to have that keyword attached. A relevant meta description and title tag are also included to increase visibility. The writers here are trained to do so without treading across the search engines’ bottom line. We aim to write content to increase organic traffic visiting your website. With our professional writers, you’ll have content driving your products and services. They can write any piece of content with relevant keywords and internal links that will capture the attention of your target audience. Our team avoids keyword stuffing so that search engines won’t penalize our articles. Good content is key to attracting more organic traffic to your site. So, having a company that prides itself on producing great content is key to getting your website the highest online ranks possible. With Actual SEO Media, Inc., you’ll have a dedicated team working diligently to help your company’s site get the most online traffic. We can infer your ideal customers’ search intent and target them with the perfect content.
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Do These Articles Appear On the Front End or the Back End?

The answer is they show up on the back end of your website, away from the hustle and bustle of your home page. Now, larger websites tend to bolster their arsenal of articles with regular updates and new additions. After a few months or even a few years, you could have a few hundred written pages to a few thousand, depending on how many articles are published. If they all show up on the front end of your website, they will end up cluttering the interface and scaring away visitors with the sheer amount of them. Backend articles are content pages that do not normally appear on your website when customers surf the main pages. There are two ways a normal user can access these pages. Either one of your main pages is linked to them, allowing them to naturally navigate their way to the article, or they found the article through a search engine like Google or Yahoo. As mentioned, a well-optimized page is linked with a specific keyword or phrase. When a user types in a keyword related to one of the backend articles, that article may naturally appear. These keywords can target niche topics of your business or attract a wide range of attention, becoming gateways to your main website. These pages are among the most effective ways to drive organic traffic to your website.

Keeping Your Content SEO-Friendly

When we start writing content for any of our clients, we do so while adhering to the SEO guidelines set by Google. Our sophisticated software allows us to maintain the quality of our content. As a result, all the content we write for our clients aims to reach higher rankings on Google and attract more visitors to your site. Our article writing services are especially excellent for business owners who don’t have the time to work on content for their online platforms. In addition to excellent SEO software, we also use some great programs to ensure that our content is unique in grammar and readability. These programs ensure that everything we provide our clients appears professional and well-written. So, you can rest easy knowing that your company will be well-represented online. Instead of freelance writers, you can use our team of professionals to tailor your content to your targeted audience.

Let Us Become a Blogger in Your Place

Well-written articles aren’t the only type of content our writers can write. Our team can also create and write blogs for your business, providing your website with regularly updated posts. These posts could include a wide range of topics, including tips and tricks of the trade, how-to tutorials, additional information about your products or services, or anything related to your business or industry. Unlike the backend articles we discussed, these blogs would show up on the front end of your website, allowing visitors to peruse them at any time. Although there is a laundry list of reasons why blogs are great and can boost your website’s search results rankings, we’ll spare you the mundane details and only tell you the two main reasons.
  1. It’s another great way to attract visitors to your website and boost your organic traffic.
  2. It will allow search engines to hold your website in better regard.
Like backend articles, these blogs can be connected to certain buzzwords and keywords, allowing them to appear on relevant searches. You can also use blogs to target specific niches or answer your customer base’s questions. Aside from social media posts, they’re another great way to correspond with your audience. You can also post your blogs on social media, attracting more visitors from different directions. Google might be super secretive about exactly which factors it uses to rank our websites, but SEO experts have gleaned a lot of information over the years. One of those many factors is constantly updating your website. By regularly adding content, you’re showing search engines that you’re putting in the effort to keep your content up-to-date and fresh for your visitors.
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A well-written blog is another outlet for visitors to reach your website and brand.

Create Your Place on the Web with Intricate Web Pages

We discussed that your website would be like an empty building if you didn’t have written content to hold everything together. Each type of written content has its purpose within this “building.” Blogs are like your front entrance or foyer, where you can interact with guests via comments, while articles are the backend rooms that keep the building running out of sight of the visitors. Finally, web pages are the decor and items meant to attract guests’ attention and leave an impression on them. So, what is a web page? The very article you’re reading is a web page! It’s clearly labeled as one of the drop-down menus, allowing visitors to click on it and read more about the topic: article writing. No matter where you are on the website, you can access this page without digging through drawers or navigating your way back down the path you took. Web pages are meant to be informative, providing visitors with more information on a topic related to your business. They could elaborate on your services (giving potential customers enough tidbits to be interested enough to contact you for more information), highlight your main products, or even provide additional information about your business, such as your message or mission. Our professional writers can write blogs and articles and create new written content for your web pages, decorating your website with content that thoroughly represents your business.

Give Your Business a Voice Through Press Releases

Okay, now you have an entrance, guest accommodations, and all the content that transforms your website from a paper castle into one worth visiting. Is there anything else our amazing writing team can pull off? Yes – our writers can give your business a clear voice even among competitors. If you ever have any news, announcements, or something amazing you want to share with the wider world, Actual SEO Media, Inc. has a dedicated team of writers who can create and publish a press release. Houston press releases usually reach a wider audience than normal articles, blogs, and web pages will reach. Unlike the latter, press releases are published on various news sites, so anyone in the industry can read what’s happening in your neck of the woods. This will allow your business to gain more exposure in different areas, attracting more traffic to your site. In some cases, it can connect with other authorities impressed with your business, creating potential backlinks and raising your website’s ranking. Of course, not everything can be published as a press release. It needs to be “newsworthy”; otherwise, major news platforms won’t bother picking it up and posting it on their own websites. Press releases often broadcast achievements, milestones, advancements, major changes, reports, or great happenings. For example, a newsworthy topic our press release writers could write for you is an anniversary, such as your business’s 5th or 10th year anniversary. If you want to say something about your business that you want to send out to the world, contact Actual SEO Media, Inc. We’ll get our press release writers on the case. Pair our press release writing with your social media outlets, and you can be sure your news will reach your target audience and others in your industry or niche.

The Benefits of In-House Professional Writers

You need to have great writers to create great content. Unlike other SEO or Internet marketing agencies that hire remote writers or freelancers, Actual SEO Media, Inc. opted to form a team of in-house professional writers. Rather than relying on a hit or miss when finding freelancers, we managed everything with our hands. With our own team, we can control the quality of content we and our clients get. When creating our team of writers, we hire only those who pass our strict writing test, ensuring that each of our writers matches our criteria. Each of our writers has professional writing skills and great creativity under pressure. These writers are great at getting readers interested in various topics and ensuring that your business’s voice and tone are conveyed to your audience. The hiring process is pervasive, but with time and perseverance, we created a great team. Not to mention, all of our writers undergo additional training to ensure that our content is high quality and meets SEO guidelines. Our writers are trained to write easy-to-read content that will grab your audience’s attention and reach a wider group of readers. Although our writers can write amazing content by themselves, they’re also aided with the help of AI writing programs. We’ve integrated these programs into the writing process to ensure speedy, quality writing.

Avoiding Duplicate Content Can Save Your Website

Another reason having an in-house writing team is so essential is that we can avoid providing duplicate content. The Internet is vast, and there’s enough content to comb through for decades. When ranking pages for users’ convenience, Google and other search engines ensure that none of their results have duplicate content. After all, it’s a waste of your time if you’re trying to find an answer, service, or product only to find that five different websites all have the same exact answers with no single-letter difference. Even in the academic and pop culture world, plagiarism and duplicate content are heavily criticized and looked down on. If search engines find duplicate content on a website, whether taken from another website or copied from your own, it will negatively rank those pages. They’ll penalize those pages and give your website a warning, which means your site and those pages may sink into the mire of the result pages until you fix the issue. Our writing team can help you avoid that conundrum by ensuring that every page they create provides fresh spins on your content, even if it’s a topic they’ve already gone over previously.

The Wonders of Working with a Responsive Writing Department

No matter what industry you’re from or what topic you want our writers to tackle, they can write any content. The first step to writing excellent content is effective communication. Whether they’re writing your monthly blogs or a new set of keyword articles, our great communication system makes it easy for any of our clients to reach us. If we’re notified of an information update from your end, our writing team will address the update or issue as soon as possible. We believe in being transparent with all of our clients. If you find any content that doesn’t match your client, you are welcome to contact us so that our writing team can fix the issues. Our focus on excellent customer service stems from the belief that communicating is key to attaining high customer satisfaction rates. Knowing any content issues are addressed promptly and efficiently should put you at ease.
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SEO Companies can help you ensure your site is fully optimized for the highest chance of success.

Constantly Improving Content

One thing we like to emphasize is our aim always to improve and grow in as many ways as possible. As the Google landscape, trends, and guidelines change, so does our approach to writing for SEO. Our SEO and writing teams continuously research the best SEO practices and integrate them into our writing and work process to ensure the best quality for our clients. We aim to stay updated with the constant changes Google makes to its SEO algorithm and guidelines. When you choose Actual SEO Media, Inc., you can expect services to improve consistently, including our writing services. Your online presence will always grow as long as you partner with us. We put our clients first, and that is a principle that we will never change. Above all, we are committed to providing the highest quality SEO services to our clients. Contact us today when you need to add high-quality content to raise your website’s ranking.
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