Mobile Web Services

Make your website mobile device compatible.

Generally websites seem to be clumsy and very uneasy to use when accessed through a mobile web Services device. Even though you use high quality smartphones, the experience of web-browsing and surfing is always better on a larger screen.

So it is very essential for the owners of different websites to create mobile versions or mobile phone compatible versions, looking at the tremendous increase of mobile phone users accessing internet on their mobile phones.

Mobile Web Services

Mobile Web Services



Houston SEO Services are here to help you get Mobile Web Services.

We provide services like top-class mobile webdesign, at Magnon International, so that you can reach your distributed target audience with ease. We develop mobile-versions of your web sites which have the following features:

  • Easily accessed on any browser – whether it’s a smartphone like the Blackberry, Android, iPhone and Nokia or a normal mobile.
  • Will be able to accessed on different browsers having both small and large dimensions of screens ranging  from 128 x 160 pixels to 320 x 480.
  • Will be able to use as an information dissemination platform for the users of your website using a mobile phone.
  • Designed with programs which can extract information from different databases.

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