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Red Flags to Watch Out For After Hiring an SEO Houston 

Here’s a warning – not every SEO Houston company can be trusted. In fact, there are some online marketing firms that use Black Hat techniques which can potentially destroy your site. There are a number of startups and small businesses that spend tens of thousands of dollars on firms that promise to help them shoot up to the top of Google’s SERPs in just 4 weeks or so, often with disastrous consequences.

 So how to make sure that your SEO Houston agency is not hurting you?

In this article, we look at the red flags that indicate that the agency might be causing more harm than good. The purpose of the article is to make aware of the fact that there are many unscrupulous firms out there, which is why choosing the right SEO Houston Firm for your business will be one of the most important decisions you will make.

SEO Houston

 Red flags to watch out for when selecting an search engine optimization specialist in Houston

 Red Flag #1: They have no track record to speak of.

In other words, the agency has nothing to show you. They have no way to show you the actual search engine optimization practices being followed by them. Everything they say is just a lot of hot air.

It’s been two months, or even three months after signing the contract. While you shouldn’t expect to see any extraordinary results at this stage, you have every right to ask the company as to what they have been doing with your money.

A reputable SEO Houston Agency such as ours does the following within the first few weeks of signing the contract and provides all clients with proof of the same. We provide:

#1: A comprehensive search engine optimization audit of your site

#2: Optimize content quickly and efficiently

#3: Perform an analysis of your website’s link profile

#4: Will have articles with links to your site published on other sites

This is just to give you an idea of what we generally accomplish within just a few weeks of getting started. That’s why it’s so important to hire the right SEO Houston company that fits your business.

 Red Flag #2: The SEO Houston firm does not ask you for anything

Any online marketing firm should ask you for the following, once they decide to take up your work.

  • Access to your Google Webmaster Tools
  • Admin access to your CMS
  • A list of keywords targeted by you
  • Access to your Google Analytics
  • Connection to the social media accounts related to the business
  • Access to search optimization audits or work done in the past
  • Information about the penalties that you were hit with

If the agency does not ask for any of the above, you should be very worried. It’s possible that they are providing you with backlinks from a number of sites with low repute. This allows them to create a temporary spike in your ranking on Google, but don’t be fooled.

Red Flag #3: They have no ideas, no suggestions; offer no information on how they are going to improve your site.

This is a major red flag. If the company does not tell you anything at all about the things that need to be done and how you can improve your site, you can be sure that they are going to do nothing more than arranging for a number of backlinks from low-quality sites.

Or, maybe they are only interested in your money and don’t plan to do anything whatsoever. They are just wasting your time and money. They are not even interested in interacting with you, as that would give their game away.

A reputable search engine agency would view their relationship with their clients as a partnership. We are not here to make a quick buck; Our team is here for the long haul. They offer great recommendations and suggestions which can certainly help improve your site’s position on Google’s SERPs.

 Red Flag #4: They are secretive and don’t give you any idea about what they are going to do.

This is another obvious red flag. The company should be able to tell you what they are going to do. They should have no problem sharing their strategies, without going into too many technical details.

However, if the agency says that they cannot share anything with you as their information has to remain confidential, you can be sure that there’s something fishy going on.

If they put you off or condescending towards you by saying, “Oh, we do a lot of things, it would take us too long to explain everything to you. Maybe some other time…”- well, fire them immediately and walk out f the contract when you can.

A trustworthy SEO Houston business that follows only White Hat practices would certainly explain their strategies to you. There are no real secrets in search engine optimization – it’s about hard work, following the right practices as clearly stated by Google and staying in tune with the latest developments in search.

If your agency suddenly starts acting as though they are CIA, well, you can be sure that you have invested in a scam. Just get out of there at the earliest opportunity.

 Red Flag #5: You’re hit with a manual penalty

The worst thing that can happen to any website is a manual penalty from Google. You will be sent the manual penalty by email or by a notification on your Google Webmaster Tools account.

Now, did you receive this manual penalty within weeks or months after the agency started work on your site? Okay, this is a definite red flag. You have every right to be concerned.

But that doesn’t mean you should fire them straight away. You should find out the reason for the manual penalty and if that’s because of something the firm has done to your site.

It may not be their fault, so don’t jump to a conclusion. Do your investigations, and only then make a decision.


The best way to avoid any of the problems stated above is to choose the right agency. Ask questions, do your research and hire a reliable, reputable search engine firm.

SEO Houston

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