Benjamin Thompson Houston SEO

Benjamin Thompson Houston SEO


Benjamin Thompson is the CFO for Actual SEO Media, Inc., a leading Houston SEO company. Since 2013, Benjamin has been heading the financial department and customer support, ensuring success for his clients. Over the years, he has helped this company get off the ground and reach new heights.

Actual SEO Media, Inc. at Its Core

With Benjamin’s expertise, not only has he had a hand in helping this company take off, but he has pushed this company beyond Houston’s borders. Actual SEO Media, Inc. has reached all around Texas, nationally, and now across the ocean into new territory. Every day, Benjamin Thompson continues to expand Actual SEO Media, Inc.’s name out into the business world by assisting other businesses to become just as successful. With his expertise and passion, this company has grown with multiple locations around Houston and surrounding areas and a full team of experts, including SEO specialists, professional article writers, creative web designers, and helpful client support. Together, this team contributes their own style, expertise, and creativity to make Actual SEO Media, Inc. what it is today.

Actual SEO Media, Inc. was built on the idea of helping other companies grow. Benjamin and his partner, Jamin Mootz, both believed in the same values when it came to serving their clients. They put honesty, integrity, and respect at the forefront of their business. Because of these values, this company has grown exponentially over the years. When the idea of Actual SEO Media, Inc. started, Benjamin was working in retail management. He spent years helping customers and providing solutions to company problems. It was because of these years in retail management that Ben is able to provide incredible service today. He takes pride in ensuring his clients feel welcome and comfortable working with his team. When he takes on a client, his team gets to work immediately, bringing nothing but solutions to the table. The Actual SEO Media, Inc. team knows exactly what is expected of them, which helps separate this company from other digital marketing companies.

Every month, Benjamin gives classes for each client the company takes on and teaches them about SEO strategies. He goes over aspects such as:

  • Analytics

  • Google Search Console

  • ASM reports

  • Search engine results page (SERP) positions

  • Google Business Profile

Many other digital marketing companies don’t share this type of information for fear of losing clients who want to do the work themselves. However, Benjamin has a completely different approach. He believes that trust is a two-way street and wants his clients to be fully aware of what is going on with their marketing campaign. He believes in ensuring that his clients can trust him and his company and that their money is well spent. He works hard to make his SEO services customer-specific for even the smallest of businesses.

Keeping the Peace

Benjamin goes above and beyond what is expected of him for not only his clients but his employees by providing a safe and comfortable work environment for all to flourish in their own careers. He rewards his team in many ways, which keeps them in good spirits and motivated. Benjamin Thompson believes that a healthy and respectful atmosphere brings out the best work. Because of this and the hard work of so many people, Actual SEO Media, Inc. has become one of the most trusted companies to hire for marketing and advertising.  

When clients hire Actual SEO Media, Inc. for digital marketing, they can be confident in who they are working with. Ben and his colleagues understand that there are far too many companies out there that don’t deliver what they say they will. He wants Actual SEO Media, Inc. to not just stand out from the competition, but continue to raise the bar of what is expected. When clients walk into his office, Ben wants them to feel relaxed and reassured that their brand will be marketed the way it deserves to be.

Along with strong values, Actual SEO Media, Inc. also uses some incredible technology to produce better results for the customer. Benjamin wants his clients to start seeing results as quickly as possible without jeopardizing ethics or quality. For instance, Actual SEO Media, Inc. integrates A.I. technology with professional writers to produce high-quality content. Using A.I. provides a research-centric approach to developing the best content for our clients, ensuring that we stay ahead of the curve and deliver results-driven solutions. We also use Google Analytics and tracking tools to ensure that clients get the best and most accurate results. All the while, Ben is educating clients through the process of SEO and advertising.

This company has an incredible testimony of how it started with its fast start-up and accelerated growth to what it is today, all while remaining true to its core values. Where most companies choose to cut corners at the expense of the client, Actual SEO Media, Inc. continues to provide more than what is expected. Businesses that work with us can expect long-term growth and success.

Actual SEO Media, Inc. is made up of numerous roles. Each role is critical to the growth of our company and our clients. Our clients will feel at ease knowing that our team is committed to providing the best SEO services in Houston. We are a proud affiliate of the Houston Chamber of Commerce as well as officially accredited by the Better Business Bureau. For more information on how Actual SEO Media, Inc. can help your company grow, be sure to call for a free marketing consultation.       

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