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Actual SEO Media is comprised of many different roles. Each role is vital in the development of our business and our clients. Our clients will feel at ease knowing our team is dedicated to providing the best SEO services available in the Houston area.

SEO is not easy to do with only one person. There are many moving parts in search engine optimization, and a lot of those parts are constantly changing. SEO is a growing industry, and it can be hard to find the right fit for your business. Once you read more about Actual SEO Media’s team, you will understand why we are the best choice.

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Actual SEO Media works with our clients closely to create a better online presence. Small businesses will have a tough time finding the right solution. They may try to hire a single person for the job or try to handle it themselves. Both of these options are not optimal because SEO is extremely complicated.

If search engine optimization is not handled correctly, then it could hurt your search engine ranking rather than help it. That is why you need to hire experts at Actual SEO Media. Our team will make sure you have looked after. We will also give you the results you want through several services.

About Our Team at Actual SEO Media

Our team at Actual SEO Media is comprised of many different teams. All of their roles are very different from the last, but they all work together to create great SEO for your business. This team Actual SEO Media has comprised will give your business an improved search engine ranking and increase your web presence as a whole. The following roles all help with that goal and do so much more:

  • SEO Specialists
  • Content Writers
  • Website Developers
  • Client Support

Each of these roles will be discussed in further detail. Broadly, all of these roles have specific tasks that give our clients the results they are wanting. Whether that is customer experience or well-written content, our team of experts can help you with your mission. Actual SEO Media is excited to work with you to develop better search engine optimization for your business. We know how hard it can be to develop great SEO. That is why these roles have a home at Actual SEO Media. We would not be able to do it if we were missing one.

SEO Specialists

SEO specialists need to thoroughly understand many different aspects, which some may only know a few. The list below shows the features they need to know to do their job properly:

  • Product/Service
  • Content
  • Culture
  • Business Models
  • Web Analytics
  • Social Media
  • Web Design and Development
  • Marketing
  • People

These are a lot of areas of expertise that SEO specialists need to understand to complete their job. You may be wondering why some of these areas are needed to increase your web presence. Well, it plays into the job of an SEO specialist and the many job duties they have.

Product & Services

An SEO specialist needs to have a sturdy grasp on products and services. When working with clients, they need to have an understanding of how products and services work at the business level. It will help them implement the best SEO techniques for that business. What works well with our specific service or product?

These areas need to be analyzed for the SEO specialist to make the right decision on how to optimize your website or web presence in general. They also need to know how to show off your product or service to get people to buy it. That is the ultimate goal of SEO.


You may think the content writers are the ones who should understand the content. Well, they do, but the SEO specialists need to know the content as well to implement keyword research. They will perform keyword research to find the most relevant words and phrases for your business.

Keywords are used in the content, so their understanding of both helps them decide what will work best. Furthermore, content also includes links, images, blogs, and meta descriptions. These are all areas that SEO specialists need to have in mind when selecting keywords.


How To Do SEO For Website in Katy

We provide monthly site audits and analysis.

What is trending? What are people reading? Are people still interested in what was popular last week? These are all questions the SEO specialist needs to have a grasp on to keep their techniques relevant. SEO culture is ever-changing, so they have to keep a close eye on the landscape.

SEO specialists who are unable to keep up with the changing landscape will lose search engine rankings. Popular culture can greatly affect that landscape. It can significantly affect how people decide to click on links in search results or decided if your content is relevant or not.

Business Models

There is a lot of similarities between a website’s design and a business model. You want your business to run as smoothly as possible, and you want your website to be the same way. To achieve those smooth rides, you need to have a grasp of business models.

SEO specialists must also know business models to increase an overall business’s ranking in a search engine. The reason for ranking hiring in social media is to obtain more customers or clients, which then leads to revenue. Those mechanics need to be burnt into the mind of an SEO specialist.

Web Analytics

This concept that needs understanding is very much on the nose of an SEO specialist. They must absolutely understand how to read web analytics and how to improve upon the results of those. Web analytics will give the behavior of visitors to your website.

How long were they on your website? Did they contribute to the bounce rate? Did they interact with any links, products, or forms while on the site? These are all pieces of data that will help the SEO specialist improve the website.

Social Media

Social media plays a large role in search engine optimization. Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and other platforms are free ways to market your business. However, each of these platforms has its own SEO techniques that need to be implemented.

For example, Facebook does not take advantage of hashtags, while Twitter and Instagram revolve around them. These differences are needed for an SEO specialist in increasing the follower account of different accounts, which subsequently increases web presence.

Web Design & Development

An SEO specialist will play a pivotal role in website design and development. They will take the results of their web analytics and implement them into the development of the site. For search engines to determine whether a website is optimized well or not is by looking at itself.

If a search engine has trouble maneuvering your website, then it assumes people will also have an issue. That said, SEO specialists will ensure that the website structure is easy to maneuver, so the search engine will index the website content.


Search engine optimization is a type of marketing, so it important for a specialist who knows the reigns of standard marketing. SEO is used to get people to buy your products or services, so it is an important form of marketing. SEO agencies have popped up all over the place for various-sized businesses.

Even the basic marketing fundamentals apply to newer forms. SEO is no different. Knowing those basic marketing techniques will give SEO specialists the information they need to implement the best SEO techniques.


People are, well, interesting. Each being on the planet has a different preference than the last, which makes it hard to target people. However, there are general pools of people SEO specialists can market toward. Knowing how people scroll through websites, read content, and click on links can greatly affect your web traffic.

For example, 68% of people will only click on the first five search results on Google. That means if your website is not within those results, then you are most likely not maximizing your web traffic; this a great example of needing to know how people interact with websites and their psychology toward technology.

Content Writers

Our team of content writers works closely with SEO specialists and web developers to create compelling and informative content. They can perform research about the industry that your business focuses on. They excel in writing all kinds of content that range in technical skills. Content writers also write in many different mediums, depending on business needs. The list below shows off the most common forms of content.

  • Web pages
  • Blogs
  • Articles
  • Product Descriptions
  • Miscellaneous

These forms of writing are used in many different ways. You may not know why your lawn mowing business needs articles, but we will explain further what these forms of writing providers. They all work in their own special way.

Web Pages

The most obvious aspect of your website that requires content is your web pages. These pages will need to be filled with content that is relevant to your business and the customer. Our content writers will work closely with our web developers to develop compelling copy for each page. This type of content greatly helps your SEO because search engines will see the content as important to the visitor’s search.

Web pages will also feature images, buttons, links, and forms where applicable. Our web developers will usually create elements like forms and buttons, but they may task the content writers in developing written content for such elements. Furthermore, the content writers will take care of images and links that may appear on web pages.


Blogs increase SEO in many ways: first, they are essentially always adding content to your website, which is seen as an update in the mind of a search engine. Updates are good for search engines because they see the content as being updated and staying relevant to people searching for it. Blogs can feature any kind of content, but of course, we will keep it relevant to your business.

Blogs are typically about the business or the industry it competes with. For example, a blog featuring the best riding lawn mowers could potentially be a blog topic for a lawn care business. You may be wondering why a blog would feature that content when you want visitors to purchase your services. Well, a blog that is considered evergreen content means that the blog is always relevant.

Our content writers can develop great blog topics every month for you, or you can give us ideas. Our writers call clients at the beginning of each month to collect any topics they want to cover for the month specifically. If they do not have any, then our content writers get creative.


Sugar Land Blogging Service For Local BusinessYou may be thinking that articles do not fit a lawn care business or several other types of businesses. Well, you are correct. Actual SEO Media uses articles in a different way than what they are traditionally used for. Our SEO specialists collect keywords for your business, which they then pass on to our writers. The number of keywords varies depending on what each business needs.

Once the content writers have the keywords, they will begin writing keyword articles. These articles are focused on the keywords our specialists researched for you. The articles are sprinkled with these keywords and similar terms. Articles typically focus on the keyword before persuading the reader to buy the products or services of the business.

Now, these articles are not posted on the front end of the website. That means a visitor will not be able to find these articles if they are just clicking around on your website. Instead, the keyword articles are posted on the back-end of the website. There is a low chance these articles are found, but they boost your overall SEO significantly.

Product Descriptions

For businesses without services, you have products. Products need descriptions and details. Our content writers can develop content around these products. We can obtain this information from you or research the manufactured products. Regardless, our content writers will certainly be able to develop product descriptions that feature different elements.

Details about the product, the company, its purpose, and a call to action statement are just a few examples. These details will greatly affect how your products look on the page and if they persuade people to purchase them. Keywords will also be used to write these product descriptions, which contributes to the website’s search engine optimization.


There is a handful of other writing types that our content writers contribute to. One small yet important feature they write is meta descriptions. These descriptions are the black text that shows up below a linked search result. The meta description should include a brief description of the page. The meta description can decide if a person clicks on your page or not so the way they are constructed matters. Other written content includes:

  • Titles
  • Subheadings
  • Image Titles
  • Alt Tags
  • Captions
  • Social Media Posts

Website Developers

Our website developers play a big role in the development of great SEO. Without a website, you have no search engine optimization. That’s why your business must have a website. An online presence is necessary in today’s world. If you do not have a website, then our web developers can create a user-friendly and modern-looking site for your business.

If you already have a business, then our SEO specialist will determine if it will need a complete revamp. They will determine if the SEO is passable on the website. If the SEO isn’t passable, then it will be easier to start from scratch. The way a website is built and laid out greatly affects how its search engine optimization. As we mentioned before, SEO specialists need to understand web design.

Two ways can greatly affect your website’s SEO, and our web developers focus on these ways extensively. Websites should be mobile-friendly with a constant increase in smartphones. Additionally, the way your website’s code looks can affect how a search engine indexes the pages.

Mobile-Friendly Websites

Everyone has a smartphone, and Google knows that. So, with the massive presence of mobile devices, websites should work on those platforms. A website that does not work on a mobile device will not obtain as much web traffic. Google will not rank it as high, but visitors will also not have the patience to click around on your poorly designed site.

Our web developers use premium programs to develop our clients’ websites. One-third of websites on the internet are made using WordPress, which makes it a popular platform for web development. WordPress allows our developers to create the most optimized websites. WordPress also allows easy mobile creation alongside the desktop version.

HTML Design

Google scans through your web pages to index the content. The way it does that is by the code of each page. The code needs to be up to a certain standard to rank higher. Sloppy code will lead to Google indexing your content at a lower level. There are many SEO-friendly practices that our web developers take to ensure a good ranking.

One way our web developers follow code conduct is by following W3C standards. These standards set the example of what good code is. Search engines can penalize websites with poor code, so it is recommended your site follows these rules. If your current website does not follow such guidelines, then we recommend starting from the ground up.

Client Support

Our client support team is comprised of professional experts who have an understanding of our agency, the SEO market, and the techniques each team uses. They can help clients with some other services not mentioned by our other teams. This team is available via a simple phone call or email. They provide timely and informative responses to your questions, concerns, or criticisms. The list below features a small number of tasks they can help you with.

  • Google My Business Setup
  • Social Media Profiles
  • Client Support/Requests

Again, these are only a few of the actions our client support team performs every day. Actual SEO Media has many clients, and we are dedicated to providing the best services possible to each of them. Our client support team is the best way to obtain that objective.

Google My Business Setup

Have you ever looked up a business on Google and found their address, phone number, a link to their website, and their hours of operation? Google My Business is essential in local SEO because you are giving as many details to potential customers as possible. Optimizing your Google My Business account is crucial in getting the most relevant information out to visitors.

Our client support team can help you set up this account and manage it. They can reply to customer reviews and questions, add pictures, and learn how people are searching for your business. These are all important details for your search engine optimization.

Social Media Profiles

Tips on Hiring SEO Consultants

Teamwork Makes the Dream Work!

Social media is an excellent way to improve your SEO and web presence. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Instagram, and Reddit are common places businesses can find large followings. These social networks also give your business more chances to be discovered by potential customers. If you have no idea what any of these platforms are, then our client support team will assist.

They will know the best techniques to provide top-notch SEO on each platform. There are also important methods to follow when trying to reach a certain follower account. The support team will enable these techniques to ensure you get the best possible coverage on all networks.

There are many features our client support team needs to know about each social platform. Twitter and Facebook are significantly different from each other. However, each platform has some overlap in what can be achieved. Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and LinkedIn feature hashtags, while Reddit and Facebook do not take advantage of them.

Client Support & Requests

Here at Actual SEO Media, we take care of our clients. Our client support team is available via phone or email throughout the day. They can assist with any questions or concerns you may have. They can assist you in what you may be having trouble with or get in touch with one of our other teams to fix an issue.

Issues could include a website flaw like a broken button or link. Regardless, our team is quick and responsive. They can make quick edits using WordPress, which cements our decision with the platform. The client response team will make sure you are taken care of through expertise.

Actual SEO Media is Dedicated

There are several SEO agencies in the Houston area and even more in the United States. Actual SEO Media takes pride in the clients it works with and the results it provides. If there is an agency that is promising you the number one spot on Google, then they are lying to you. Google even says you cannot reach number one. Content is always being added to search engines, and it all varies on what keywords people are typing into search bars.

Actual SEO Media provides results rather than that number one spot. We want to improve your search engine ranking organically and locally. Our experienced teams, our services, and the techniques we’ve outlined are the way we create organic growth. There are many ways to reach near the top of Google overnight, but none of them generate business.

Actual SEO Media will take care of you and your business. We will work closely with you to complete a common goal. You will get to meet our specialized teams, like SEO Specialists and web developers. They will work closely with you to generate quality SEO.

Actual SEO Media’s Team is Here For You

Actual SEO Media is the best option when it comes to picking an SEO agency. There are several options to choose from, but you will not find a better one than us. We provide services at an affordable price for varying size businesses. These services are carried out by our excellent team of professionals.

Our SEO Specialists will develop the best online marketing strategy for your business. They can perform keyword research, located where your competitors rank, and develop a plan to place you in the top five search results. They use ethically correct techniques, which will not hurt your SEO ranking. Instead, they will generate great SEO, which will give you grow over time.

The content writers are eager to get new clients because they love to write. New clients mean new content. Content is what drives visitors to your website, where they will hopefully provide you with business. A website is nothing without content, so the writing team is an essential part of our company.

Web development can be a stressful period for some, but our web developers pride themselves on their work. They practice the best HTML coding techniques and use state-of-the-art technology to create gorgeous websites. They can develop mobile-friendly sites alongside a desktop version so Google doesn’t penalize you.

Finally, our client support team will help you set up a My Google Business account and various other social platform accounts. These accounts are crucial in developing a larger online presence. Our clients are crucial to what we do, so we want to establish a friendly relationship. SEO is never a one-and-done investment. It requires numerous iterations to grow organically and stay near the top of search engine results.

Give Actual SEO Media a Call Today

If you are interested in the services our teams can provide, then give us a call at (832) 834-0661. We look forward to hearing from you. If you want to learn more information about our company, then be sure to click around to find out more. We hope you enjoyed hearing about our team and the services each of them gracefully provides. For more information about us, visit our Main Office and Williams Tower location pages. Find out why we are the best SEO agency for any business. Also, check out more about our SEO services.

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