Mobile Phone Marketing for Local Houston

 Mobile Phone Marketing for Local Houston

If you’re looking to drive more customers to your business, contacting a Houston Internet Marketing Agency is a must. Over the last several years, consumers and business owners alike grew accustomed to the role of search engine optimization. However, many locally owned businesses still fail to use the full power of this tool to boost their commercial profile.

With Google’s recent announcement of a new mobile search index localized services are more important than ever. Just be aware that it is separate from its existing desktop index. If your business isn’t equipped to take advantage of these benefits, Actual SEO Media is here to help.

Why is Houston search engine optimization so important for your business?

Comparatively speaking, search engine optimization is far more complex at the regional level. In addition to all of the traditional methods, there exists another layer to ensure that your company benefits fully from local indexing.

When considering rationalized optimization, the first step seems obvious, yet many businesses still don’t follow it. Few things are as important to this process as name, address and phone number (or NAP, for short). Failure to keep this information consistent and accurate across online listings is a crippling negative ranking factor.

 Mobile Phone Marketing for Local Houston Texas

Every single web citation – from Yelp and Facebook, to your company’s own website – needs this information to correspond. This may sound easy, but many small business owners can’t keep up. To make sure every citation is the same, it’s necessary to track down each listing and directory.

This is where Actual SEO Media comes in. With the expertise and experience necessary to ensure that your NAP information is consistent across all corners of the web, we give you the peace of mind that your company’s info is complete and uniformly listed.

Mobile Marketing

Recent developments in mobile phone marketing make local search engine optimization more important than ever.

The importance of Google’s mobile search index development is significant for any commercial entity. While Google will still maintain a separate desktop index, the mobile version is now the company’s focus. Today’s consumers conduct more than half of their web searches via mobile devices, shifting priorities for companies looking to master regional indexing.

Far beyond the relative simplicity of NAP consistency, optimizing your company’s web presence for mobile searches is a complex issue. Incorrectly aligning your information between mobile and desktop sites is all too easy to do, and can damage your rankings. For the best results, businesses need to stay up to date with optimization strategies, to prevent being left behind by the competition.

If you own a restaurant, for example, Google’s increased mobile focus can greatly enhance your brand awareness with searchers. With properly executed regional search engine optimization, your restaurant’s visibility will increase dramatically across many platforms.

The Customers Options

Whenever a prospective customer types “Houston restaurant” into the search engine – or does a restaurant search through Google Maps’ built-in index – they’re not likely to scroll through dozens of options. Most people will be satisfied with the first appetizing option they see, and if your restaurant is at the top of the search-result heap, it’s easy to see why these steps are so crucial to the growth of your business.

Of course, restaurants are just one of a great many business types which need proper optimization strategies. From general contractors to florists, from major companies to mom-and-pop operations, Actual SEO Media is here to help ensure that your commercial entity stays on top of the ever-changing trends of search engine optimization.

Google My Business

Another new development from Google is their My Business platform, which makes it easier than ever for companies to refine their web presence. My Business helps business owners fill out their information and keep it consistent, thanks to the Progress Bar, which gives companies specific instructions on what information needs to go where.

With Google My Business leveling the playing field by providing businesses with this shortcut, the assistance of trained experts helps keep your business at the front of an increasingly well-optimized pack.

Furthermore, the future refinement of Google’s “neighborhood algorithm” will provide challenges – and opportunities – for area businesses. To align with specific regions within major cities, Google is attempting to develop indexing for individual neighborhoods. For example, if your company is based in Midtown, this developing neighborhood algorithm may enhance results for businesses. We would then include the word “Midtown” in your websites algorithms to boost your rankings.

The Importance Of Social Media Is Increasing Rapidly.

The emergence of Facebook and Twitter – along with more specialized sites like Yelp – drastically changed the landscape of local web-search practices. This is where it becomes critical to include as much information as possible within your company’s social-media presence. With properly integrated strategies, consumers gain access to reviews, pricing, location and hours of operation, with just one simple search.


Many businesses fail to realize that most customers now use the company’s Facebook or Yelp page as a primary point of contact. Many customers no longer visit the company website directly. Instead of simply cultivating a quality website – which is obviously still important – business owners now need to constantly update an ever-growing variety of web presences.

Not only does this enhance your search-engine performance, but it is also a crucial practice in order to maintain NAP consistency. Many business owners simply do not have the time required to balance these tasks with their day-to-day commercial operations. Thankfully, Actual SEO Media can take this hassle off your mind, and place it into the hands of trained professionals.

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Call (713) 737-5529 today, to schedule your free consultation with Actual SEO Media. Owners Benjamin Thompson and Jamin Mootz are trusted experts in the field. There quality of services provided are second to none. A Houston SEO company might be just what your business needs to stay current with trends, and remain competitive in today’s increasingly digital marketplace.

Mobile phone marketing is a way to communicate your promotional, branding or marketing information through a mobile device.  You may send your message in the form of SMS or webpages that are accessible by mobile or mobile applications.  With increasing users of smartphones, mobile marketing has become a major growth area for marketing initiatives.  Mobile phone marketing has become critical to the success of businesses.  It is the best local SEO tool to build your company’s internet marketing and brand campaign. Actual Seo Media does the best mobile phone marketing. We are sure you will see a difference with our professionals here at Acual SEO Media.

The Benefits of Mobile Phone MarketingMobile Phone Marketing for Local Houston

There are many benefits of mobile marketing service, which can help you in building good reputation in local SEO. Research has shown that the percentage of smartphone users in the market is increasing.  More than ninety percent of these users use the internet for searching information.  What is more notable, most people search local business information from their phones.  Having a good local SEO rating can help you to get prominence in the market.  Studies have shown that most searches performed regarding local businesses, are done right before making a decision. Tapping into the mobile user markets with the help of mobile phone marketing is the best way to capture additional potential customers.

Why Is Mobile Marketing Your Best Investment?

Mobile marketing is a smart way to change the way you connect to your customers.  It can provide fast results for your marketing campaigns. Not only does this raise your local SEO rankings, but it also helps in the building of your company’s brand. The cost of mobile marketing is also quite low when compared to other marketing techniques. When you compare that with the benefit of the gains, you realize that mobile phone marketing is actually cheap. Mobile phone marketing services provide by local web marketing Houston in cheap price.