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How to find a Reliable Houston SEO Company?

Houston SEO company (713)737-5529  Because SEO is such a vast field and that there are many fraudulent companies selling their services, it can be difficult for businesses to find a reliable Houston SEO company.  However, with a little effort anyone can decipher whether a company is legit.  Consider the following questions when you search for a Houston SEO company:

How long will it take to get ranked number 1#?

This line is often in an SEO company’s pitch and they will be glad that you asked it.  However, a reliable company will not make blanket promises.  They will need to have a good amount of information about your business before even beginning to give you a timeline.

Houston SEO Company

What is your SEO process?

Good Houston SEO companies will explain their process to you in whole.  If the business that you are soliciting is secretive about its techniques, step aware.  They may use outdated processes.  Sometime you may come across firms that use “black hat SEO” strategies that can get your site banned.

Here is a list of common, unethical black hat tactics:

  • Overuse of keywords – stuffing a webpage with keywords or numbers to increase its rank in search engine results pages (SERPs). This creates a negative user experience and violates Google’s Webmaster Guidelines. Irrelevant keywords like a celebrity’s name may also bring additional hits but are not appropriate for quality content.
  • Disguised text or links – is writing text in a very small font size or blended with the background color. Human readers may easily miss it, but a search engine may detect it. Hidden text is appropriate when a site is using technology that is not easily accessible like JavaScript or Flash files.
  • Link schemes – involve paying other entities for permission to plant back links on their websites. Selling webpage space for links is also a violation. This is an artificial interest in the eyes of search engines. Formulating partnerships with other organizations to exchange massive amounts of links is unapproved.
  • Gateway/doorway pages – redirect a user to another unintended page that is irrelevant. Keywords fill the landing page for the search engine to detect and not the guest. The search results may show several pages that are very similar and lead to the same location.
  • Spammy content – computer software can automatically generate more material on a daily basis. This is an attempt to impress a search engine with supposedly new and up-to-date information. User-enabled access, blog, and forum pages are environments for this activity to take place.

Proper white hat, ethical SEO practices include:

  • Keyword research – entails identifying keywords that users are more or less prone to use when searching for your business. Placing these keywords in strategic locations throughout the website optimizes their function. Target market trends and competitor comparison are other useful results when researching keywords.
  • Quality content – is more obtainable when analyzing current internet search results. Visitors will return to your website to benefit from the useful information. Popular search engines will raise the rankings resulting in a more competitive stance.
  • Website organization – should be in a manner that makes navigation easier especially as it accommodates the current demand. For example, a barbecue site should list their pages as beef, chicken, or pork rather than sushi, popcorn, and lollipops.
  • Proper titles and meta data – should contain accurate descriptions of the following content with sufficient keyword usage. Today’s search engines pay less attention to them due to the abuse over the years, but it is still important.
  • Link building – to critically acclaimed websites will increase quality traffic to your business. Referencing back links to those sources is a form of “returning the favor” as well.

3 self-help tips while considering SEO:

#1: Beautify your website a sufficient amount of quality graphics and videos. Include keywords in their captions or descriptions.

#2: Increase your marketing and advertising by offering promotions or donations for your ideal customer to participate.

#3: Take advantage of social media to encourage like-minded individuals to attend future networking events.

How often do you report your progress?

Some companies rarely report, others report monthly when they get around to it.  Never go for late reporting or check online for yourself talk.  A reputable search engine company agency will furnish weekly reports to you—at no additional cost. There are a number of other ways that you can further your search for a reliable Houston SEO company, but this will get you in the right direction.

Houston SEO Company

The ActualSEOMedia.com advantage

  • Free consultation with technical reports that compare your online status to your competition. Find out several factors including the amount of keywords and back links that will bring you up-to-speed and beyond.
  • Dedicated services within your area of expertise in order to avoid any conflict of interest. Your Houston, Texas barbecue restaurant will rank above many others in the SERPs.
  • Website preparation and high-speed hosting will enable and maintain a smooth transition into SEO. Many steps undergo verification before the “actual” SEO begins.
  • Please feel free to contact our client references to gain insight into how their business has greatly expanded. Ask questions pertaining to what reasons convinced them to partner with this reliable Houston SEO company.
  • Many organizations appreciate the no contractual obligation aspect of this alliance. Fair yet competitive rates are standard according to the pay-as-you-go monthly plan. Our rewards reflect your success.

Actual Media SEO welcomes questions and would love to discuss with you options for your next SEO project. We are readily accessible at 713-737-5529.  Houston SEO Firms offer a free SEO analysis to every client and free one-on-one in Houston, TX.

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