Houston SEO Consultant

Houston SEO Consultant

As a Houston SEO consultant, we realized quite early on that our clients weren’t really interested in beautifully designed websites. What they wanted more than anything else, was customers or buyers. Yes, it is important that your website should be user-friendly and professional looking. But if you don’t take care of the search engine optimization, you won’t really get too many customers. And they needed the help of Houston SEO experts to help not only with website design but also with SEO tactics and digital marketing.

What can you expect from a Houston SEO consultant? Before discussing what you can reasonably expect from a Houston SEO consultant, let’s have a quick understanding of the term search engine optimization and SEO service and what it means for you.

What is SEO – Search Engine Optimization

There’s a lot of mystery surrounding the search engine optimization, but it’s really quite simple. It’s is about earning Google’s trust. It is also about earning Yahoo’s and Bing’s trust, but since Google is the predominant search engine by far, we link to search engine optimization with Google search. It is about building your authority in the online world in order to increase your online visibility and rank highly on the search engine pages.

This depends on the following factors…

#1: Authority, which is measured in terms of the quality and number of incoming links to your site.

#2: The number of years your site has been in operation.

#3: Quality and uniqueness of the content.

#4: Relevance, which is a combination of the three factors mentioned above.

As any Houston SEO consultant would tell you, search optimization and local SEO is something that takes time and patience to build, but once you’re established, it pays amazing dividends over many years to your business, in terms of incoming traffic, leads, return on investment and conversions.

Set Realistic Expectations  

It’s very important that you are realistic about your expectations from the Houston SEO consultant.

Here’s what you should understand…

  • This process takes time
  • It is not 100% guaranteed to work
  • You must remain patience
  • You must follow Google’s Webmaster Guidelines to the letter

A qualified online marketing firm will have a better grasp of the market and the technicalities involved and would set realistic expectations. They don’t over-promise what they can do for you.

Optimization is NOT Always Guaranteed to Work

One of the hardest things for a Houston SEO consultant is to make clients understand that their search engine marketing campaign may not always work. There’s no 100% guarantee that your site will be on top of Google’s SERPs (search engine results pages) for your niche.

No SEO Firm can promise you that, as none of us are privy to Google’s secrets. Any marketing firm that makes such a promise to you is lying. Be very careful when such a company offers such a guarantee, as it could mean that they might resort to Black Hat tactics that are in violation of Google’s Webmaster Guidelines.

A reasonable Houston SEO consultant would promise you is that they would follow the best Google practices and do everything possible to get your site on top of Google’s SERPs – but they cannot possibly promise an outcome. They can explain how they can help rank your website higher and about the practices being followed by them.

We Are Not A Product

SEO, please understand, is marketing, it’s not a product. A lot of effort goes into the work done by such professionals. Even if it does not achieve the desired result, as long as the effort has been there, it wouldn’t be fair to ask them for a refund.

Understand – there’s no guarantee that any form of advertising or marketing is going to achieve the desired outcome. It can work, or it may not, as there are many factors involved. The important thing here is to see whether an effort has been made in earnest and if the best practices have been followed.

The Houston SEO consultant Must Always Use Acceptable Practices

Google takes the validity of its search results very seriously. The company knows what’s at stake. Most people don’t click beyond the first couple of pages of Google’s SERPs.

For a long time, Black Hats tried to game the system. They used tricks such as keyword stuffing, paid links, cloaking, doorway pages, content duplication, and other tricks to get their sites rank higher on Google.

We Avoid Penalties Black Hat Techniques

Google changed all that with updates to its algorithm. Suddenly, these updates made Google a lot smarter and capable of quickly identifying web spam, and penalizing those who used Black Hat tactics. Google puts a price on honesty – White Hats, those who followed Google’s rules and guidelines, were rewarded and found their websites ranked higher. Black Hats were ruined, for all practical purposes.

That’s why it is so important that you should insist upon your Houston SEO consultant to always use White Hat tactics and to stay within Google’s Webmaster Guidelines at all times. Any violation could do you irreversible harm – it could get your website banished from Google.

The Firm Should Excel at Keyword Research

One of the principal tasks before the online marketing agency is keyword research. They must have all the tools necessary to perform keyword analysis in order to identify the best converting keywords. There are some keyword phrases that perform better than others. This is something the agency should be able to find out. They should take your keyword suggestions, do their research and come out with a comprehensive list of keyword phrases – both short-tailed and long-tailed – that convert searchers to buyers.

The Online Marketing Company Should Focus on Both On Page and Off Page Optimization

Off-page optimization is about obtaining inbound links from authority sites or relevant sites within your niche.

On-page optimization is about placing the right keyword phrases within your title, headings, and content so that you can rank for them. It’s also about writing great content, which may involve hiring professional copywriters.

Content marketing is an integral part of search optimization and has been so since the Penguin and Panda updates made the quality and uniqueness of the content one of the most important ranking factors on Google.


We have touched upon some of the things that any such company hired by you should focus on. Ultimately, as we said at the start, search engine optimization is about earning Google’s trust. That’s why it is so important that you should hire a Houston SEO consultant who you can trust.


Houston SEO Consultant

Houston SEO Consultant can launch your business into cyberspace with a marketing vision that is out of this world.  In today’s fast-paced economy of electronic communications and ever-changing markets, you need a solid business ally who will stay close to you and quickly provide the information and other tools necessary to navigate the asteroid fields of cyberspace and to maintain your charted course to a successful destination.  Houston SEO Consultant is that ally.

 SEO Services In San Antonio TX

SEO Services Houston

Whatever your business may be, in order to successfully market your products or services, you must first market your business.  Before you can sell anything to anyone, you must get them to your business. Whether they are at your physical location or your Internet website.  When an individual or another business becomes familiar with your business, then you have marketed your business to them. Now you have the opportunity to market your products or services to them, as well.  Houston SEO Consultant will help you market both your business and your products or services.

Our Beliefs And Our Mission

Houston SEO Consultant strongly believes in personal service.  First, Houston Website Marketing Company will meet with you to learn about your business, discuss your business goals, and talk about our business of helping your business.  During this meeting, Houston SEO Company will also discuss possible marketing techniques as well as our costs. Together we will map out some guidelines which we will then use to design a marketing strategy suited to your individual needs.

Guiding Customers to You

Search engine optimization (Seo) entails the utilization of varied statistical data from Internet search engines, such as Google and Bing, as well as from social media, like Facebook and Twitter. These are to determine most-often used words and phrases that individuals use in searching for a particular product or service.

Houston SEO Consultant continually collects and analyzes this statistical data. With this data, our professional writers use to create essays containing those most-often used words and phrases.  Once written, those essays are posted with search engines throughout the Internet. At this time it will link those most-often used words and phrases to your company website.

Your Just A Call Away

At Actual Seo Media, we use many methods of search engine optimization that are used to market your business.  Call us at 713-737-5529, and let’s talk about luring customers to you. Even more, you can visit our Houston Location,  Houston Main Location, and our Williams Tower Main location to learn more about our services.

At Houston SEO Consultant, serving you is our pride and joy.  You will never be just a number to us.  Our business is helping your business thrive, and our personal service is second to none.  Actual Seo Media guarantees courteous, professional, and high-quality services at reasonable prices. So call us today, and let’s work together for a common goal.

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Fun Facts About Houston Texas

  • At 655 square miles, the City of Houston could contain the cities of New York, Washington, Boston, San Francisco, Seattle, Minneapolis, and Miami.
  • Houston rates first in total park acreage among U.S. cities with more than one million residents.
  • The City of Houston offers a 300-mile interconnected bikeway network spread over 500 square miles.
  • Houston is one of only a few U.S. cities with resident professional companies in the four disciplines of the performing arts: ballet, opera, symphony, and theater.
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