Houston SEO Experts

Houston SEO Experts

Many can claim to be Houston SEO experts but few can prove it.  Actual Media SEO (713)737-5529 goes beyond competing internet marketing firms by providing sound and innovative SEO strategies.  Search engines like Google, Yahoo!, and Bing are constantly improving the way they rank websites.  We pride ourselves on being able to keep up-to-date with changes and anticipate others for our partnering clients.

Our extensive knowledge and experience differentiates us from the pack.  With that in mind, we are equally respected for our ethical approach to the industry.  As Houston SEO experts, we believe that we have the responsibility of being transparent with our customer base.  Therefore, when you call about your SEO project we will give you a free SEO analysis and assist you with determining the best course of action.  Here are a couple of tips to consider before contacting us.

Houston SEO Expert Tip 1

SEO methods have changed dramatically over the past year.  We recommend that website owners assess if their site needs updating.  One of the first areas you can look at is your local search engine optimization.  A good SEO provider will be able to help you improve your local presence to increase sales.


Houston SEO Expert Tip 2


Get with a reputable firm that can implement structured markup throughout your website.  This tactic alone can vesting improve the visibility on the SERPs. For more tips on SEO please contact Houston SEO Experts  with  Actual Media SEO (713) 737-5529. We have been rated number one by our clients all across Houston and all of Texas. Just call and you will see.