YouTube favorites can help your website and online presence. It is always good to get as many views as possible on your videos on YouTube; the most popular videos always receive good ratings with likes (there are two options, like and dislike) on YouTube. They are also identified as favorites on YouTube. Always know the content of your videos is taken into account for more views, but, with a good rating, the popularity of your video will increase for sure. A good rating is achieved when your video gets selected as a favorite for a long time.

People think that the video, which most people have watched, should be the best one and they watch that only. Positive ratings on YouTube, including a huge number of favorites, will definitely guarantee that your video will get a lot of views as it’s human tendency to get associated more with the winner.

YouTube Favorites

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How Actual SEO Media, Inc. Benefits You

At the end of the day, Actual SEO Media amounts to a digital marketing agency. We help companies navigate their personal brands in the day where the majority of commerce is done online. And, still, the majority of services are found through the Internet, search engines specifically. It is absolutely necessary to hold an online presence in today’s business world. In order to have a fighting chance against the competition, you have to be just as easy to find. That is where your Actual SEO team comes in.

With how large the Internet has gotten, with so many websites around, search engine algorithms have become rather complicated. It takes professionals dedicated to understanding them to be able to design a website with them in mind. All this expertise can also work towards your YouTube channel and videos. By employing these SEO tools we can make it more likely that your videos will end up in somebody’s YouTube favorites.

YouTube Favorites

Research-backed methods, great results.

Enhancing Search Engine Visibility

The “SEO” in Actual SEO Media, Inc. is an acronym for “search engine optimization.” It refers to practices we can employ to help your website come up sooner in Google’s search results. This is how you get your company out there in the 21st century. As soon as someone is looking for anything, a doctor, a restaurant, a YouTuber, they go to their computers. They will use it to look for one in the area, comparison shop, and then get directions. So, you need to be among their search results just to get considered.

While there are many search engines out there, such as AskJeeves, Yahoo, and Bing, Actual SEO Media focuses on Google. Some might think it is crazy to narrow in on one like that. However, when you look into it, it makes sense.

First of all, most search engines operate under very similar algorithms. This makes sense too once you think about it for a bit. They all want the same thing: to be useful to their users. People want to have something they are looking for to come up, not anything that had nothing to do with what they are searching for. Because of this, optimizing a site for Google will typically help its ranking among other search engines’ algorithms.

YouTube Favorites

On top of that, though, Google is, by far, the largest search engine. It holds 81.5% of all search engine queries worldwide: 40,000 a second, 3.5 billion a day, or 1.2 trillion a year. With that many people searching the Internet through Google, of course, you want yours to be included among those results.

Additionally, YouTube is the world’s second-largest search engine, and it is owned by Google. Their algorithms exchange information and data back and forth and wind up being more similar themselves. So, helping your website rank among Google search results will help them rank among users YouTube Favorites.

Your Dedicated SEO Experts

Creating a viable and optimized website takes a lot of effort from people performing many different roles. You have your SEO specialists, IT crowd, web developers and programmers, and your content writers. Each of them performs a vital role in the search engine optimization process.

The SEO specialists team is the group doing the keyword research. They provide us with the tools that direct us. Keywords are what your potential customers are typing into the search bar when they are looking for your services. If we can find these, as our SEO specialists do, we can put your site in the right search results to get seen by the right people.

On the other end of the table, we have our web designers and programmers. We only hire those with backgrounds in both computer science and graphic design. With their expertise, they can design and code a website for efficiency and the optimization you need. Additionally, it will be both appealing to the eye and stay professional.

Last but not least, you have your content creators and writers. Your website needs to eventually be filled with what your customers need. Your only job is to tell our writers what that info is. They will put it up there in a succinct and easy to read way. They will make three types of content for your site: keyword articles, blog posts, and webpages.

YouTube favorites

In our guide to YouTube marketing, we cover everything from setting up your channel

Content on Your Website

Much of what your writers are going to produce for you is your keyword articles. Our customers purchase these in packages of anywhere from 20 to 500. And we also do  “reoccurring” articles or monthly ones. These are on the back-end and contribute the most to the SEO of your website. The way they work is our SEO specialists use their tools to find out what keywords best fit for your customers, which ones they will type into Google when they are looking for your services. From there, your writers will write keyword articles based on these terms

Today, the best way to get your business seen is through our blog posts. Nobody goes returns again and again to any company’s website. However, people return every day, usually multiple times a day to their social media accounts, whether it is Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, or LinkedIn. What we do is write something over a topical subject in your company’s industry or field, a short and interesting piece to the layperson. We then share it with your business’ social media. There, everyone can see your company’s name again and be reminded of your services, cementing you in their minds. This is vastly important as a content creator wanting to get in people’s YouTube Favorites list too: being on people’s minds by being seen.

Finally, you have your webpages. These are the frontend content, your “Home” page, “About Us” and “Contact Us” pages. Perhaps the most important, it is where your customers or clients get the most pertinent information about your business. Obviously, you are going to want the content on these pages to be top-notch. On these, we assign one writer. This way, the tone remains consistent throughout your website, from explaining your services to explaining your background. You can work closely with this writer, and they will inform the rest of their team of any of your specifications.

Contact Us

Here, we only hire those that are experts in the field. Whether they are coders or writers, you can trust the work they will put into your site. From experience, over time, they have learned all the tricks of the trade it takes to create an optimized site in current year. We assure you that we can give you the best possible product when it comes to marketing websites.

If you are interested in how Actual SEO Media, Inc. can get your YouTube videos on people’s Favorites list, then contact us today. Call our office at (832) 834-0661 or reach us by sending an email to On the phone, we will set up an appointment in our conference room with you. We definitely need an in-person meeting where we can adequately explain how our services help your company. And you, yourself, are going to want to specify to us how we should formulate your site.

We have taken more than the necessary precautions to make you feel safe in our office. We know we are going through unprecedented times, but we are putting forth our best effort to carry on. Our entire staff is, of course, wearing masks throughout the workday. And all clients coming in are doing so as well. We are maintaining a safe social distance so as not to spread any type of disease. We even have a hydroxyl generator running to sterilize all the air circulating through the office. Running a safe and ethical business is of top priority to everyone at Actual SEO Media.

YouTube Favorites

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