What are Edu backlinks? How do they help with backlinks? When educational institutions such as colleges, universities, and research facilities register their website, they are assigned a .edu extension. This identifies its website as an educational resource and extension of their schools or facilities. Only these types of institutions can have a .edu extension.

These (.edu)  links are beneficial both in the short-term and in the long-term. They instantly create more traffic to your website. It is a rarity that a school disappears. Edu links are among the most powerful back-links one can have for their website and for SEO purposes. Google considers .edu backlinks at a higher rank than normal links. Therefore these links are more influential in terms of Page Rank.

Having more Edu backlinks with higher rankings will greatly benefit your rankings!EDU Backlinks

What We Do For You

In the end, Actual SEO Media, Inc. is a digital marketing agency. Our goal is to get your business in front of the eyes of your potential customers. This could include drawing up your website from the ground up. Or, this could just entail working with your existing website.

Either way, our main role in your company’s success is making your site more viable. The algorithms mandating which websites get seen and which do not are increasingly complicated. It takes professionals to design and know the practices it takes to know how to make the algorithm work for you.

Search Engine Optimization

The “SEO” in “Actual SEO Media, Inc.” stands for “Search Engine Optimization.” And search engine optimization refers to practices that help a website work alongside a search bar like Google and Yahoo.

When somebody pulls out there phone or types something into Google on their computer and hit ENTER, Google has to decide what to show them first. This decision becomes rather complicated. After all, there are a lot of options. There is a lot out there on the Internet.


Our company typically works on optimizing your site for one specific search engine: Google. Granted, this will help your site reach the tops of other sites as well, but we go off of Google’s rules specifically. Is this smart? Absolutely. Google processes well over 40,000 searches a second, 3.5 billion a day, or 1.2 trillion a year worldwide. All this amounts to 81.5% of the global market share of searches.

In fact, the world’s second-largest search engine is YouTube, Google’s subsidiary. So, those two search engines are exchanging search query data back and forth with one another. It is quite obvious that Google is the priority when getting your website in front of the eyes of hungry customers. The first thing the Google algorithm will consider is the location: the geographical location of the user and the geographical location of the website’s creation.

If you are looking for toilet paper while in Houston, you do not want to be shown where to find toilet paper in Miami. Especially, when you really have to go. So, Google gets down the basics. But the key is also the keyword: “toilet paper.” The search engine, of course, only wants to show you content on websites about the topic you are looking for. Therefore, you need to make it abundantly clear to the algorithm what your website is providing.

If you are training dogs or you build pools, then you need plenty of signifiers on your website telling Google just that. That way, when somebody needs a pool built or has a rascal of a pup, your business will come up.

EDU Backlinks

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Your SEO Team

There is a lot that goes into making an optimized website. And to accomplish it, you have an entire team behind your company fulfilling many roles. You have your web programmers and developers, IT, SEO specialists, and content writers. All of them perform important indispensable roles. Your SEO specialists are in charge of intimately understanding the Google algorithm.

They perform the schema and give us the tools to push your website through the algorithm and beat out the competition. It is their business to get your business trending. They do the keyword research, informing your website and content creators on what topics to cover that would help you get customers.

On the other hand, you have your website designers and programmers. They are in charge of designing your company website from the ground-up. Not only will they program it to be optimized for Google but also just as a regular website. They have backgrounds in both computer science and graphic design, so they can build you a website that comes off as appealing to the eye and professional.

Finally, your writers will be who fill your website with its content. You tell them what needs to be on your website and what your customers need to know about your business, and they will put it up there. You tell them to your exact specifications what you need from them. Your site’s content will come in the form of your front webpages, blop posts, and keyword articles.

Your Content

Of course, your webpages are what is going to be in front of your customer’s eyes most often. This includes your Home Page, About Us, Contact, and Location pages, along with describing your Services to them. Because these are on the front of your website, you can be sure they will take top priority. We will assign a single writer to these that you can work closely with and communicate what you want to convey about your business.

In addition to that, we write blog posts for your company website. Choosing to add a blog portion to your company website is a good way to keep your clientele’s attention. These posts come out on a regular basis, maybe twice a month, maybe twice a week. It is up to you. The major advantage of having a blog though is connecting it to your company’s social media accounts. Not many people are going to return to any company’s website regularly. But most people check Facebook and Twitter daily. Spreading your blog posts about topics relating to your field will remind your customers about your services.

Lastly and less obvious, you have our keyword articles. These are on the backend and relate more directly to SEO. They are not accessible from the front pages, but they are an excellent way for potential customers to find your through after searching the keyword in Google. These keywords that our SEO specialists research to find the best picks, typically have a “geotag” attached to them. This means that your Houston TX business can direct people from Katy TX, Sugar Land TX, and Spring TX, all to your website. Our clients order bulk packages of these of anywhere from 20 to 500 articles. And many continue to have us add a few each month.Houston TX google ads

What are Backlinks?

Keywords are where we are going to put your backlinks. This way, they do not obstruct the view of your most viewer-friendly content on the front-end. These consist of hyperlinked text to websites other than yours. And on the backend of that website, they have a link from them to you. Google picks up on these.

And these connections are good to them. It signals to them that it is an active website that participates with others and should, therefore, get traffic. An EDU backlink refers to a backlink with a website ending in a “.edu” domain, i.e. universities. Google’s algorithm values these far more than backlinks with “.com” domains. They are much more difficult to get and seen as far more legitimate. So, those that have the means to get them are highly sought after. We promise white-hat methods in getting your website EDU backlinks.

Contact Our Team Of Professionals

Actual SEO Media only hires professionals in their field. These experts ensure that your website garners as much traffic as possible. We make sure they know all the tricks of the trade. First, we start by building your website from the ground up. It is only from there that we build the SEO friendly nature into the site. This way, the content your potential customers make is of high quality, and they will be glad they found it.

We do not sacrifice the quality of your company’s site for its SEO effectiveness. Your website and company’s validity remains a priority while we ready it for search engine optimization. You can reach our main office by calling (281) 962-6166 or email us through info@actualseomedia.com. Over the phone, we can set up an appointment with your company. What we really need is to see you in our office. This way, we can understand each other on what your company needs out of your website.

Additionally, only by meeting in-person can we sufficiently explain to you our services. Clearly, SEO is a complicated process, and we want you to feel comfortable knowing what we are doing for your business. Actual SEO has put in the effort to set up all the precautions to make our office a safe environment for our clients. All of our employees and everyone in the building is social distancing. Everyone is required to wear masks and has to regularly disinfect. We also have a hydroxyl generator in the office to sanitize the air. Our priority is our customers’ safety and running a safe and ethical business.

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