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Houston local SEO company

Houston local SEO company can help a company gain new clients using the best search engine optimization tactics. It’s vital to realize, however, that some steps which lead to high ranking on search engine results pages (SERPs) can take time. Legitimate companies achieve that goal without the website suffering from disapproved tactics. Many websites have found quick results using various tricks that send strong signals to search engine algorithms. This style is considered black hat search engine optimization. Black hat strategies will lead to a ban or severe restriction of a company’s website, and this may last for an uncertain period of time. Here a few of the black hat methods:

  • Keyword stuffing – loading a webpage with keywords that makes it hard to read. An example would be “Monster trucks monster trucks monster monster trucks trucks.”
  • Invisible text – is text that is colored as the page background or hidden links.
  • Doorway pages – filling a homepage with keywords and then sending the visitor to another page that is possibly unrelated.
  • Unrelated keywords – popular keywords that are unrelated to the page content may result in extra search engine hits.
  • Duplicate content – copying a large amount of material from another source with or without permission (plagiarize).
  • Spam blogs – using computer software to automatically generate text with keywords to attract visitors.

The Proper SEO Process

Successful SEO is not achieved via short cuts. There is an ongoing process involved with consistently placing a website at top-ranking positions on SERPs. The savvy Houston local SEO company must constantly stay abreast of the latest information regarding the ever-changing algorithms of search engines. The objective is to get clients’ websites found by their target customers without breaking online protocol. What the search engines were looking for last year may be obsolete now. Outdated techniques do not work.

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Actual SEO Media, a proven Houston local SEO company, will only use industry approved white hat strategies:

  • Keyword usage – limit the use of keywords and use appropriately.
  • Legible text – keep all content visible and coherent with obvious links.
  • Content-rich landing pages – a visitor will actually benefit from the first page that appears that has relevant information.
  • Appropriate keywords – maintain focus on the webpage’s content rather than inserting unrelated keywords to draw extra internet search hits.
  • Reference source material – paraphrase and cite sources of the material that is in addition to the original message.
  • Blog intelligently – include backlinks to the useful content that you post online.

Patience Required

Actual SEO Media quickly provides feedback to clients that proves SEO is on the right track. Current website standings are immediately visible as well as those of the competition. Tools are available to display the amount of actual keywords. Additionally, demographics and technical specifications of the online visitors can be identified to assist in targeting the ideal customer.

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However, patience is crucial when a Houston local SEO company is moving a website up in search engine rankings. The search engines are looking for evidence of websites that are authoritative and relevant, which obviously cannot be achieved overnight. However, quick results may be achieved very quickly as well. Several factors determine this which we will discuss with you.

No Guarantees

If a Houston local SEO company provides a sure promise that your website will rank number one in a major search engine, then look elsewhere for SEO help. No one can guarantee rankings on search engines for numerous reasons. For example, other websites are constantly in the same battle, trying to place at the top. Also, there are many different components to what a search engine is looking for. While experienced companies know how to get solid results, it is unwise and misleading to promise the very top rank in SERPs.

Original Content

The number one component of a website that can give it tremendous favor with search engines is providing fresh, high-quality content. It is very hard to rank high in search engines without good content. Articles receive bonus points when they are lengthy and garner a lot of engagement among readers. When articles are short, unoriginal, or complete duplicates of information on other websites, the host sites may drop in rank for lacking originality and substance. An experienced online marketing firm knows that covering the same topic repeatedly makes the site look like a spammy content farm.

Original Writers

The most basic piece of advice regarding content is to make sure it is written for humans and not for search engines. To really bring content to life, it helps a great deal if the clients can share their expertise as well as helpful tips and advice for site users. Our writers at Actual SEO Media, are pros in developing the best original content for your website. They strive to create content that evokes an emotional response from readers. Whether the emotion is surprise, joy, empathy, or even sadness, as long as it’s authentic, it’s a great thing.

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Original Writers

It is only when a reader connects emotionally with content that it becomes memorable and can contribute to significant branding. When this happens, customers are more likely to come back time and time again to your virtual doorstep. If you are looking for a team that can create the best original content for you, contact Actual SEO Media today. We can work with your site to increase local traffic and boost your bottom line. Contact our expert team today to schedule a free consultation by calling 713-737-5529 or visiting https://www.actualseomedia.com. Take a look at a few of the reasons why you should hire a professional, then contact Actual SEO Media.

Keywords: A Real Key

One of the main services offered by a proven Houston local SEO company is keyword research. The keywords used in context help to ensure that target customers find exactly what they are looking for. Search engines largely operate based on keywords to know how to rank pages. Not only should there be the most effective keywords, but they should be in key places for best results.

At Actual SEO Media, we employ only the best SEO professionals that understand the importance of keywords. Our professionals will complete the keyword research (free of charge) and find the keywords that will bring the most business to you. It is important to remember that your keywords need to be related to your business. You do not want keywords that are misguided because it will lead to a higher and higher bounce rate. An example of a misguided keyword would be if you are a business that sells equipment for laboratories. And you had a keyword “labs for sale”. People searching for this are most likely searching for dogs and you have misguided them to your site. This is something you want to avoid. We take keyword research very seriously here at Actual SEO Media.

Not only do we offer free keyword research. But we also offer free keyword tracking to all our clients. Which can put you ahead of the game of the competition. Book a free consultation by calling 713-737-5529 today. You can also find out more about the services offered by Actual SEO Media online at https://www.actualseomedia.com.

Why Actual SEO Media

Here are a few of the benefits when collaborating with us:

  • No binding contract. You decide to continue the service based on your success.
  • Strictly ethical methods will keep your business safe from violating search engine guidelines.
  • Practical and current techniques are standard to maintain high rankings in SERPs for your organization
  • Technical and comprehensive reports are always available to keep you informed of position including the competition.
  • Your website will be ready before any procedures begin.
  • Your organization will be distinctive within your service area to refrain from any conflict of interest.

Don’t waste time with or pay exorbitant fees to a company that uses black hat methods for online marketing. Trust an SEO company that strictly abides by industry approved strategies and techniques. Contact Actual SEO Media at (713) 737 – 5529 to get real, long-term results. Your company will be in good hands and well taken care of. We are a proven and successful Houston local SEO company.

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Fun Facts About Houston Texas

  • From 1837 to 1839, Houston was the capital of Texas.
  • Despite rough waters early on, today Houston is one of the busiest port cities in the nation. Its 25-mile long system of commercial docks is one of the largest in the country, and brings in more foreign tonnage per year than any other port.
  • During the Texas oil boom, Houston was home to a group of tycoons who had quickly (and quietly) become the richest men in the country.
  • In 1935, local businessman Will Horwitz built an underground tunnel that connected three of his downtown movie theaters. Inspired by the passageways beneath Rockefeller Center in New York, the tunnels included a penny arcade, shops, and a wine tavern. Over the next few decades, private companies added to the tunnels, creating a system that today spans six miles and connects 95 city blocks.
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