Houston Search Engine Marketing

Houston Search Engine Marketing

Houston Search Engine Marketing will get your company noticed and many more clients on the internet.  There are millions of websites on the internet, and the fact that yours is an outstanding business with a stellar reputation doesn’t mean that it will automatically stand out on the internet.  The internet doesn’t work quite that way. It also makes little to no difference if you built a large 500-page website or a small 11-page website as long as you follow Google’s guidelines.

The internet is a vast expanse filled with platforms, paths, turns, and detours, but it also offers limitless marketing potential.  Actual SEO Media has the knowledge and experience to help you harness that marketing potential. We work to make it easy for potential clients to find you.

Every day, millions of people use social media (Facebook and Instagram) and search engines (Google and Bing) to find information on the internet. Then there are, and use them systematically in order to lead potential customers to you and your website.

Houston search engine marketing

Houston search engine marketing


Houston Search Engine Marketing – Success Breeds Success

There’s an old proverb that says, “Nothing succeeds like success.”  Basically, those words mean that success breeds further success.  The successful past experiences, which Houston Search Engine Marketing has enjoyed over the years, has led us to more successful endeavors, and that can bring even more success for you and your business. Call us to check our references and see what we have done in your local area.

Whether it is a proprietorship, partnership, or corporation, a goal of every business is to be successful, and, in order to be successful, every business must attract customers.  There are multiple methods, which might be utilized to attract customers.  You might install a sign in front of your business, advertise in the yellow pages of the local telephone directory or in a newspaper, but more and more, in this today’s world of electronic communication, people are using internet searches to locate sources that fill their needs and desires.  More and more, internet search engines are used to find businesses.  Houston Search Engine Marketing specializes in guiding targeted internet searchers to our clients.

Internet marketing for beginners

Online marketing is the process of advertising any kind of good or service for your website.

Your success is our success, and we don’t lose.  Using proven methods of statistical data analysis, our SEO Houston Agency will  determine the most-often used words and phrases used by internet searchers to locate your particular type of business, and our professional writers then use those words and phrases to create essays, which are posted within the various search engines that will link top search results to your website.

Good Versus Evil When Optimizing

The old Western movies usually dressed the good guys in white and the bad guys in black. Hence the terms “white hat” and “black hat” in regards to proper practices.

Here are two of the most common “white hat” strategies:

Researched keywords – oftentimes a person will “Google it” to find more information on any given topic. Of course, that means typing a few words into the search box to see what comes up. Adding the right keywords at prime locations to your website will greatly increase the rankings in search engine results pages (SERPs). Some keywords are stronger than others, so partner with an expert SEO company to help you determine this.

Link building – sharing knowledge with your peer group will build your network and provide opportunities to share backlinks. These will lead new and returning visitors to your content that should contain related and useful material. All search engines desire to list the most useful websites first, so increased traffic strengthens your chances of staying there.

A few low-down, dirty tricks also known as “black hat” tactics:

Keyword stuffing – an unethical SEO practice that involves filling a website’s pages with an overabundance of keywords. This can be to the extent that the content is illegible and useless. Houston Search Engine Marketing search engines will flag this behavior and severely downgrade or ban the site entirely. Unscrupulous organizations that have a get-rich-quick business plan may consider as minimize any negative consequences. Additionally, unrelated keywords add to this tactic. For example, injecting a celebrity’s name that is not endorsing that information.

Hidden text – a webpage with very small text or that blends with the background color. A reader is not able to detect it, but the search engine does. Images with captions may also contain this text or hyperlinks. All Houston Search Engine Marketing content should be legible and useful to the reader and fall within the guidelines of proper SEO practices.

Bait-and-switch – a website may have a landing page that contains an obscene amount of keywords. This may trick the search engine into increasing the site’s rankings. However, a user sees another page that may result in a bounce-back.

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Best SEO Companies in Houston

We will provide information regarding your current situation including the competition. Our focus and hard work will fit your future goals in the best manner. Almost every industry is highly competitive, so we believe in building strong, long-lasting relationships that are mutually beneficial. Learn more about how Houston Search Engine Marketing can lead potential customers by means of professional and effective search engine optimization.

How Can I Stand Out?

Do you feel the need to separate your business from the competition? Actual SEO Media, a Houston Search Engine Marketing company will help you stand out among the others in your industry. With recent Google updates, it is harder to find a trustworthy SEO company to handle your online marketing. There are benefits of working with Actual SEO Media. For example, your company needs come first with our experts. Secondly, you are sure of positive and reliable results. Lastly, the services Actual SEO Media will provide you are affordable.

Do you find yourself struggling with whether to invest in online marketing? Trust is a major factor in the decision-making process. At Actual SEO Media we put our knowledge and expertise to good use. Houston Search Engine Marketing is the industry leader when it comes to creating functional websites for local Austin businesses. We do SEO work to your websites to virtually revitalize your online web presence.

Rank your website on Top search engines

tips to get your website to the top of Google search.

Actual SEO Media incorporates search engine optimization to rank you higher on Google searches. Social Media integration is important to help you socialize with potential customers and peers within your industry. With the strategies we have in place, we unleash your brick and mortar business into the world of web-based entrepreneur-ism. Our mission is to build a package around your budget. Because of this, we customize packages for every individual client. That is how vital online marketing has become.

Our company can optimize your website and Houston Search Engine Marketing services. We will give you the best services for your website. Because of this, you will see a domino effect happen. A better website with high rankings means new customers and a larger profit. Actual SEO Media has a department that will apply SEO (search engine optimization) for your website plus every page, post, and media asset.

Are You Resistant To Change?

Are you resistant to change? That is understandable because we live in a fast-paced world where technology is taking over. There is good news for you if you are not quick to embrace change. Actual SEO Media will handle your technology needs. This is not something a business owner should take on. For instance, a business owner that adds online marketing to their job description would be like a professional from Actual SEO Media taking over your company. That would not be beneficial to your bottom line at all. This is why it is important to trust our Houston Search Engine Marketing team.

Online Reputation Management Services

The best business and personal reputation management agency in Houston.


Online reputation and management are deal breakers in the 21st century. Managing your online reputation by definition is the operation to control and manage the information that appears when someone searches your company or even you personally. There were days when the world was not this digitized. When people were able to handle managing their brands, companies, and personal profile through a gate-keeper with little to no technical knowledge. This was possible at that time because the only way to gain knowledge was through references or reviews. Now with Houston Search Engine Marketing, you can feel comfortable delegating these crucial must-have’s to Actual SEO Media.

Understanding how to manage information that travels through cyberspace is important. While some positive statements can boost your likeability, there are always going to be haters that lurk behind a keyboard. Houston Search Engine Marketing such as Actual SEO Media will push and promote positive content to the top of the results page, thereby making the negative information hard to find.


Online information about your company or you as a business owner is open to the public because it falls under the Freedom of Information Act. Many believe that this act is only in place for information about our federal government or your state government. For example, if you have ever had a case in the court system whether it is criminal, civil, family or probate, the information is available for anyone to read.

Because of this, it would be a good idea to hire Actual SEO Media to protect you from any repercussions that might stem from negative information on the web. You will not find this kind of intimate service from anyone other than Actual SEO media. We keep our clients and their companies safe from negative publicity. This is critical to attracting new clients. However, if potential clients come across negative energy that includes you personally or your business then that might slow your traffic down.


The experts at Houston Search Engine Marketing are proficient in reconstructing the online presence of an individual or brand. They achieve this by concealing negative reviews and pushing positive information forward. Most likely your reputation began with:

Ø  Mass Emails to clients

Ø  Cold Calling Prospects

Ø  Mail outs like brochures

Ø  Flyers

If you have engaged in any of the above, then you can’t deny the fact that it is not working as strong as it once did. This is because as soon as a potential client hears about you or your business this is what tends to happen:

ü  A complete search online will be done

ü  The hunt for reviews will begin

ü  A decision is made from the homework that is done before they even meet you


The backlink services from Houston Search Engine Marketing is vital to our SEO strategy. Google and other search engines rank your website by searching how many sites link back to your website. The more sites that link to your business website, the better off you are. Actual SEO Media will help you face the task of building backlinks. This is a process that many business owners are unaware of. Another reason to trust Actual SEO Media with your online marketing campaign.

Authentic content is a must for getting people to link to your website. Content is king. Because of this, you want to fill your website with the types of articles that readers will want to share on their social media. Word of mouth might be old school to you, but it still is a strong force in the world of marketing. Building great content and updating the information takes time and expertise that business owners just don’t have.

Web-ready content takes time and skill which is why Actual SEO Media only hires the best. Our team of writers does this every day for all Houston Search Engine Marketing clients. Articles are around 1,000 words written by our writing department, throughout these articles are keywords. When a potential consumer clicks on a search engine if what they type in has one of your keywords the search results will show that article and they will click on it. These articles give the reader an in-depth look at your goods or services. These articles will include backlinks to your site and can be published to appropriate websites.


There are specific types of content that are helpful. Surfers are looking for information that will help them accomplish something for themselves. Informative tutorials have the charm that makes people want to share with others. This type of content is perfect for social media. Real-life illustrations as content add value to your website. Valuable content can be useful and rewarding to your site for years to come as more people find it and talk about it.

Content should be relevant and timeless if possible. If your website has content that can expire quickly and forgotten about, that will only slow traffic down to your website. Articles can go the distance if they are written professionally. Houston Search Engine Marketing will carefully monitor your content to make sure that anything that is written won’t hinder your bottom line.

There are penalties that exist if any of your online marketing include backlinks from sites that turn out to be spam. Google and other search engines at one time paid little attention to these spam sites. There are some business owners that are not familiar with the SEO industry and they would include links to sites that were nothing but spam so they could get there link out there. Changes to Google’s algorithm have made this strategy a quick way to land on the radar of search engines.

Things to Look for in an SEO Expert

Here are the top qualities to look for in an SEO expert. An Understanding of All Three SEO Levels.

Who Do I Call For SEO Services?

Just trust in us to handle your writing. Writing for Google is nothing like you have ever seen before. Our team of writers is proficient in this custom type of writing. The way online marketing rolls, you will be able to rest at night knowing that Actual SEO Media is handling your internet marketing. Sit down with Jamin Mootz or Benjamin Thompson, the two owners of Actual SEO Media. Meet the team of writers and explore the endless opportunities that a partnership with our company will offer you. Check out our website by clicking here or set up an appointment to meet with us by calling 713-737-5528. Even more, information can be found the sites to our Houston LocationHouston Main Office Location, or our Williams Tower Location

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